Planning a Wedding

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					                              Planning a Wedding

Name__________                     Date__________                       Period___

Each group will:
_____1. Assign the required elements to group members.
_____2. Give Mrs. Grenz a copy of who was assigned what element.
_____3. Prepare a Power Point that includes your group’s portion
        of the project.
_____4. Print off a copy of your Power Point to turn in.
_____5. Present to the class on the required day.

Group 1:
1. Obtaining the marriage license.
__________What is the ND law about marriage licenses? Where can you go to get
one? How far in advance? How much does it cost?
__________What are the laws in ND about physical and mental qualifications?
What relationships are prohibited?
2. Invitations announcements and thank-you notes. (You may want to consult
etiquette books as well as people who sell stationery of this type.)
__________What types of invitations are available? When should they be ordered?
__________How should they be addressed? When should they be sent?
__________Who makes the guest list? When?
__________How much will they cost, including postage?

Group 2:
1. Photographer:
__________How far in advance should the photographer be notified.
__________Call three photographers to get averages for a low-cost, moderate-cost and
high-cost wedding.
__________For each price range explain what you get.
2. Newspaper announcements.
__________What are the policies for putting engagement and wedding
announcements in the paper?
__________When should the announcements be submitted? What is the cost?
Group 3:
1. Visit a florist and determine the following:
__________What flowers are needed for the church or synagogue and the reception?
__________What flowers are needed for people at the wedding?
__________What is the average cost?
__________Show pictures of flowers.
2. Bachelor party, bridesmaid’s party and rehearsal dinner: Using etiquette books
or other sources to discover:
__________What is the purpose of the bachelor party, who gives the party? What are
the customs of this party? Where is it held?
__________What is the purpose of the bridesmaids’ party, who gives the party? What
are the customs of this party? Where is it held?
__________What is the purpose of the rehearsal dinner and who sponsors the dinner?
What are the customs of this dinner? Where is it held?
3. Research different types of showers.
__________Who should give a shower for the bride? What procedures should be

Group 4:
1. __________ Suggest gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen.
__________When and where should the gifts be presented? (You may want to
consult etiquette books.)
2. __________Show suggestions (pictures) for bridesmaids’ gowns. What is the
__________Who pays for the bridesmaids’ outfits?
3. __________Show suggestions (pictures) for groomsmen’s outfits. What is the
__________Who pays for the groomsmen’s outfits?
Group 5:
1. Research three types of weddings—
__________ Jewish
For each: How far in advance should the weddings be planned? Is counseling
required? What wedding customs have to be followed (music, flower placement,
photographs, etc.)? What costs are involved for use of the church or synagogue?
Describe the religious ceremonies.
2. Use an etiquette book or bridal book to discover:
__________How should a receiving line be organized?
__________What is the proper sequence of events at a reception?
__________What traditions are tied to receptions (throwing the bouquet, throwing
rice, etc.)?

Group 6:
1. The Reception:
__________Investigate places to hold receptions.
__________Select refreshments to be served and decorations to be used.
__________If live entertainment is common at wedding receptions in your area,
investigate the types of entertainment and the costs involved.
2. The Honeymoon:
__________Plan a weekend, low-cost honeymoon.
__________Plan a one-week, moderate-cost honeymoon.
__________Plan a two-week, high-cost honeymoon.
Plan schedules from the time the couples leave until the time they return. Tell how
they will travel, where they will stay, where they will dine, and what sights they
will see each day. Visit a travel agency/website and include pictures on your

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