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					                Benjamin Franklin’s
                  Developed by Sandra Marrazzo

                     Teacher Overview
 Students will research a number of websites on Benjamin Franklin’s
  inventions. Students will work in pairs to research about two of Franklin’s
  inventions. Students are to find out what the item is (including the name, use
  for the item, and a picture of it), why he invented the item, and what
  importance the item has to society. They must also find out whether or not
  the inventions they chose are still being used today. Students will present
  their finding to the class by answering the questions that was assigned to
  them. Finally, students will provide at least one visual aid and hand in a
  paper (at least half a page, no more than a page and a half) on each of the
  two inventions by answering the questions.

 United States History, middle school, 6th grade

 Academic Standards for Social Studies
8.1 A Understands chronological thinking. Distinguish between past/present
events. (Inventions)
8.1 B Explain and analyze historical sources (data, graphs, and tables)
8.1 D Utilize primary sources
8.2 A, 8.3A Identify individuals who contributed to PA and US history (Ben
8.2 C Identify and explain how change has influenced PA history
 Students will be given class time to go to the library or computer lab to
   conduct research, collaborate answers to the questions, and write their paper.
   Students will also need to print out at least one visual aid and time to prepare
   for their presentation.
 Benjamin Franklin is one of the most remarkable and influential Americans
  in any generation. He was a scientist, inventor, diplomat, philanthropist, and
  entrepreneur. Franklin was well known for his inventions that were
  extremely useful in his time period. He even invented objects that are still in
  use today. Why was it necessary for Benjamin Franklin to create these
  inventions? Why did Franklin feel that it was his responsibility to invent
  these inventions? How could these inventions help the people in the society
  back in Franklin’s time period? How do these inventions help people in his
  time period? What would today be like without Franklin’s inventions? Could
  we function today without his inventions? What would be the pros and cons
  to some of Franklin’s inventions?

 Students are put into pairs to research two inventions of Benjamin Franklin.
  In these pairs, students are to answer questions about the inventions.

 Once the research is over, students will present their findings to the class and
  explain each invention. A visual will be presented to the class on each

 Using this information, students will write a half a page to page (for each
  invention) on what they learned about each invention. One student will write
  about one invention and the other student will write about the other

 With these websites, students can start to look up information on each of
  Benjamin Franklin’s inventions. Additional research should be done if all
  information is not found.

 This site talks about Franklin’s
  inventions and why he invented them.
 This explains
  about the invention of the bifocal.

 Explains about electricity.

 Information
  about the Franklin stove.

 This explains about the Glass Armonica,
  Franklin’s musical invention.

 Talks
  about the odometer.

 Explains about
  Franklin’s invention of the catheter.

 This is a website of all of
  the ideas and discoveries that Benjamin Franklin has come up with and

                  Gathering & Sorting
 Students must be organized while gathering information. Print out or write
  down all needed information. The more information a student has, the easier
  it is to present and to write about each invention. Students should keep all of
  their information together in a folder or some kind.

 Students should be looking up information on:

      o what the invention is

              including the name

              use for the item

              a picture of it

      o why he invented the item
      o what importance the item has to society

      o whether or not the invention they chose is still being used today

      o any other useful information students feel should be mentioned

 With these answers, students should be able to have enough information for
  their presentation and the written paper.

                         The Portfolio
 Students will have class time to go to the library. While at the library, there
  are many books that can help them with the information they need on their
  inventions. The pair of students should be working together to find all of the
  information. Students will also have access to the Internet so that they can
  look up information online.

 In the pairs, students should come up with what they want to say and present
  their information to the class.

 The presentation should provide enough background so that the classmates
  will gain an understanding of the topic.

 Also in the pairs, students should come up with what they want to put in
  their paper and make sure that all of the questions are answered.

 The paper should provide enough background so that the students have the
  understanding of the topic.

 Each member will be evaluated.

 Each student will be graded by a rubric. The rubric will be based on the
  presentation and the paper.
Rubric for assignment
                      5 Points                3 Points                    1 Point

Content               Has an understanding    Somewhat conveys            No evidence of
                      of the content. All     understanding of            understanding the
                      five questions are      content. At least three     content. At least one
                      answered.               of the questions are        question is answered.

Grammar               All work is free from   Few grammar errors.         Multiple grammar
                      any errors.             (2-4).                      errors. (5 or More).

Presentation          All questions were      At least three              At least one question
                      answered and            questions were              was answered and
                      presented well to the   answered and                presented poorly to
                      class.                  presented somewhat          the class.
                                              well to the class (the
                                              class did not get a full

Overall               Presentation and        Presentation and            Presentation was
                      paper was well          paper was not done          poorly done and not
                      thought out and         completely and fully.       thought out at all.
                      presented well.         Students worked             Students did not work
                      Students worked well    somewhat well               well together.
                      together.               together.

Grade __________/20 Points

Name of Student         Content    Grammar     Presentation     Overall      Total Grade

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