Pioneer India Electronics introduces its 2013 line up for the In-car entertainment products

					            Pioneer India Electronics introduces its 2013 line up for the In-car entertainment products

                                 Shahid Kapoor unveiled the new innovative range

                          “The new range includes Smart Receivers & Powerful speakers”

Mumbai, 16 October, 2012 – To enhance the In-car entertainment and take the user experience to a different
level all together Pioneer India Electronics unveiled its new range of In-car entertainment products for 2013 at
Taj Lands End. These new models of In-car entertainment products featuring Pioneer’s latest technologies were
unveiled by actor and brand ambassador, Shahid Kapoor. The new models are designed to take consumer’s
experience up a notch with a plethora of new and improved functions, delivering an ultimate in-car
entertainment experience.

The new array of In-car audio-video receivers features significant improvements from their predecessors, offering
a diverse range of functions to suit the unique needs of consumers. Last year Pioneer introduced its proprietary
DJ technology “MIXTRAX” to the Indian consumers. This year Pioneer extended this technology to a number of
models across the line-up of audio & video receivers. MIXTRAX is an innovative technology which creates a
nonstop mix of an entire music library with DJ effects, to create a club-like atmosphere in ones car.

Models such as DEH-X8550BT, DEH-X7590SD, DEH-X6590BT, DEH-X3590UI, FH-X759BT, FH-X559UI, and all
models of AV receivers feature this DJ technology.

The penetration of smart phones in the Indian market is growing. With the 2013 line-up, Pioneer brought in the
smart solutions for this generation’s smart consumer. The complete 2013 AV receiver line-up features “Advanced
App Mode”. Advanced App Mode is the technology that lets one control the applications from their compatible
iPhone through the head-unit touch-screen. Applications related to Travel & Navigation such as Navfree, Google

Maps, Extramile etc. could be operated using Advanced App Mode. A plethora of recommended Music & utility
related applications could also be enjoyed with the advanced app mode on VGA display of the headunits.
Also observing the changing trend in consumer preference towards double din headunits & easy media-carrying
devices, Pioneer introduced “More Affordable Double din CD receivers - FH-X759BT & FH-X559UI & Digital
Media Recievers – MVH-159UI & MVH-355BT”. This year headunit line-up also features more Bluetooth models
with new & appealing displays.

The new in-car audio video receivers also feature Advanced Sound Retriever technology which restores the high
frequency sounds lost in the digital compression process ensuring enhanced sound quality. Apart from sound
quality and convenience in usage, Pioneer stressed its commitment to create reliable products by introducing an
Anti-Dust Design in all newly launched head-units with CD-mechanism. Anti-Dust Design prevents dust
accumulation inside the system via an efficient heat dissipation system to optimize the airflow, reduce dust entry
and thereby ensure a long life for the product.

Pioneer introduced a stronger, refreshed & revolutionary line-up of Speakers. Especially for Indian consumers,
Speakers concentrating on very High output with Extreme RMS & SPL have been introduced, creating an
altogether new class of sound in car. The series name itself personifies the sound character – “The Bullet”. The
key unique features of bullet speakers are – High Sensitivity & high power handling. The design features a light
weight & rigid titanium diaphragm, Large Magnet, high power motor assembly & Aluminum die cast chassis. The
series consists of tweeters, mid bass speakers & subwoofer. Pioneer also introduced a “Reinvented A-series”
speakers. With this A-series, Pioneer introduced a new type of speaker cone in India, “Multilayer Matrix Mica
Cone”. The cone helps to give more clarity & loudness to the sound. The new A-series speakers come with major
power boost to match the Indian Sound taste. The speaker design also is more aggressive.

“India‘s in-car entertainment market has evolved with time to its optimum state. The new range of products that
Pioneer has to offer is another step forward in aligning the Indian market with our success in global market. India
is one of our key focus areas in our current business plan along with Brazil and China” said Mr. Tatsuo Takeuchi,
Managing Director, Pioneer Corporation.

As the product range for 2013 was unveiled, Mr. Shahid Kapoor, Brand Ambassador, Pioneer India Electronics
said, “I believe that music can touch the soul and even more so when you hear it right…I am extremely pleased to
be associated with Pioneer as they launch their next innovative line of products equipped with the best
technology. I am sure the new portfolio of products will provide a wonderful and dynamic listening experience to
all music lovers especially with the MIXTRAX software.”

At the launch of the new products, Mr. Toshiyuki Shindo, Managing Director, Pioneer India Electronics Pvt. Ltd,
said, “Pioneer has always been the frontrunner when it comes to technology and quality, and is renowned for its
innovative products. Our aim at Pioneer is to innovate and design our products so as to cater to the changing and
evolving needs of the Indian customers. The 2013 line up with technological advancements such as MIXTRAX,
spread across wide options to choose from will add to the variety and diversity of the existing product portfolio”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Gaurav Kulshrestha, Manager –Marketing & Product, said, “We at Pioneer always
tried to offer technologically enhanced best products to our customers. Our 2013 new product line has all those
features and technological advancement which a real connoisseur of music lovers will want to have in their car. I
hope it will enhance the overall in-car entertainment experience of the end users.”

                          Head units                        Model no.

                          Audio-Video receivers             AVH-X4590DVD
                          Single Din CD receivers           DEH-4590BT
                          Double Din CD Receivers           FH-X759BT
                          Digital Media Receiver            MVH-159UI
                          Bullet Series Speakers,           TS-B400PRO
                          Tweeters & Subwoofer              TS-M650PRO
                          A-series Speakers                 TS-A635

About Pioneer:
Pioneer’s Car Electronics Division is known for offering the kind of in-car products that make driving more
enjoyable by offering high quality audio and video products, with seamless connectivity and ease-of-use. Its
focus is on the development of new digital technologies including audio video devices, navigation and emerging
media solutions, while maintaining its strong heritage in products for car audio enthusiasts and music lovers.

About Pioneer India Electronics Pvt Ltd:
Pioneer India is the Indian Subsidiary of Pioneer Corporation, Japan. Incorporated in 2008, Pioneer India’s core
business covers the car audio and video segments with a diversified range of products focusing on DVD players,
home entertainment systems, speakers and car audio-visual solutions. Pioneer India aims to continuously
introduce innovative products that will raise entertainment to the level of pure emotion.
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