South Beach Yacht Club St Martin Sailing Risks and Newsletters by alicejenny


									      The Wave Length
December 2007                                                                                        The Official Newsletter of
Volume XIX Number 12
                                                   Vivete lente, navigate celeriter              South Beach Yacht Club

                   St. Martin Sailing – Risks and Rewards in Hurricane Season

A dark and stormy afternoon greeted us in St. Martin, Oct 27,           we did the calculations, let out all the anchor chain, and checked
2007. Circling the Princess Juliana Airport, the plane waited 20        frequently to make sure the anchor held through the night.
minutes for rain and winds to subside, then landed. A taxi driver       Sleeping that night felt sort of like a Disneyland ride – rolling
sent by Sunsail waited for us to clear customs. On the way to           from one side to another, tossing and turning, but no problems.
home base (Oyster Pond), we stopped at le Grande Marché, a              The next morning the sun greeted us; we dinghied in to register
grocery store, for a few provisions. At the checkout stand, a lady      with the port.
in front of us looked at our 6 liters of water and noted “It’s a good
idea to stock up on water. The hurricane’s coming.” We laughed          From then on it was sunny, cumulus clouds, with the typical
and thought it was more important to have a case of beer and a          Caribbean rain storm lasting about 1-2 minutes every so often.
liter of rum.                                                           Temps were in the 80’s, no humidity, breezy, wind and swells.
                                                                        Evenings were also as pleasant. We opted to charter near the end
                                                                        of hurricane season, mostly to get a break on the charter rate. In
                                                                        retrospect, it was a good idea. Sailing was terrific, but snorkeling
                                                                        poor (water stirred up). We missed seeing a lot of the mega-yacht
                                                                        crowd, but had a terrific time touring St. Martin, St. Barts, and
                                                                        Anguilla. The sandy anchorages held well (better than the BVI),
                                                                        and we really enjoyed touring the picturesque, European-style
                                                                        towns, eating in the gourmet restaurants the area is known for.

                                                                        Our complete report is online –

             Pondering Inclement Weather
The weather at Oyster Pond was still tentative, rainy and windy
(see photos) We
found Big Foot (a Beneteau 393 monohull) – the perfect size for
us and our friend Ray Jelesky a member of OCSC in Berkeley.
The next morning, Sunsail briefed us on the sailing conditions,
the weather, and informed us that the “tropical depression” was
heading west. Although it had rained for the past 3-4 days, the
weather could be clearing up. We headed east and south to St.
Barts, which we could see through the mists on the horizon.
With 4-feet seas, it was an exhilerating sail over to St. Barts.
The winds weren’t from the “usual” directions (are they ever?),
so we couldn’t do a beam reach as expected. We anchored for                              A Great Caribbean Day
the evening at Anse de Corossol – a cove within dinghy distance
of Gustavia, capital of St. Barts. It was pretty scary because the
                                                                                                            Marilyn and Brian Smith
winds were blowing directly toward the rocky cliffs. However,

                                                                                                                                    Page 1
Commodore Report:                                               Membership News:
Happy Holidays! 2007 is ending fast. My vision for 2007         WELCOME ABOARD
included establishing a Volunteer Coordinator to help staff     Joining in the Family category as of November 1st, Lynn Magnet and
the many functions that the Club and its Officers provide       Sue Fandel are owners of Island Time, a Cal -2-29, berthed in South
for all the members. As the year progressed Paul Janofsky       Beach Harbor. They are sponsored by Lynn Norris, Ray Hall and
organized the staffing for almost all of our events. Our        Neil Ransick, crewed in a few Friday night races and intend to race in
database is fully developed. We need someone like you           our mid-winter regatta. Lynn, an instructor for Club Nautique since
to step forward and take the reins from Paul who retires in     1997, is also a certified instructor for basic keelboat and basic cruising
January. The hard work is done. All that is needed now          with US Sailing and holds OUPV Coast Guard license.
is to contact a few people every week or so to staff our
events. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your fellow     NEW APPLICANT
members. Your Club needs you!                                   Jaad Ajlouny, a retired fire captain, is an applicant in the Individual
                                                                category. His sponsors are Dan and Lorraine Lawson and Jean
During the past year I had the opportunity to work with         Ninos. A former member of Benicia Yacht Club and owner of Blue
many members as we learned to operate the new Clubhouse.        Highways, a Sea Ray, Jaad has several years of power boat experience.
I especially want to recognize several members that helped      His volunteer interests include Ship’s Store, Bartending, Carpentry and
to get us up and keep us running. Lisa Gidley organized         Painting.
and trained/retrained 100 OODs, Paul Janofsky kept us
staffed with volunteers during the year, Ken and Jean Ayer      AN HONOR TO SERVE: This is my last month as Membership
and Ray Irvine revamped The Wave Length to include many         Controller. Big thanks go to former Membership Controllers (Greg
interesting articles from our membership, Tad Sheldon           Sherwood, Dan Sullivan, Lorianna Kastrop) who provided much
stepped up to work with Ray and keep the momentum               sought-after advice which helped smooth my way. And a thank you to
going through the end of the year, Greg Sherwood kept our       the membership for the support you gave to me and to the Membership
website running and fought our battles with the ISP as we       Committee, Lola Ford, Alyce Long, Virginia Golden, David Hague,
struggled with the Club’s web-based programs, Gary Van          and Gerard Sheridan. Our quarterly meetings were a ball – we got
Giersbergen stepped up to become Vice Commodore and             lots done but had a good time in the doing. I am proud to have had such
run the show for us, Lori Wilkinson was the Chair of the        a stellar group who did fine work over the last three years putting into
Surfin’ USA Auction while Bonnie and Pete Sorenson did          practice what the members have overwhelmingly asked for - to be sure
all of the artwork and decorations for that event. It raised    applicants for membership really are boaters! I think the committee
over $30,000 for our Club. Julie Wicklund organized the         with your help as sponsors achieved this goal.
Nominating Committee and they provided us with the most         And, we wouldn’t have membership directories if it weren’t for the
professional and thorough election process the Club has         fabulous data base Ray Irvine developed, his layout skills, and – well,
ever had. Thank you, wonderful people, for making all of        let’s say – he’s pretty effective at getting me to meet deadlines. And,
this possible.                                                  Tom Hawkins was not only fun to work with but he knows how to get
Rear Commodore Nancy DeMauro once again outdid                  reasonable bids and negotiate effective printing contracts. We never
herself with the Racing Program during 2007. She                did mention the firm that printed our directories upside down, did we?
passes along a professional program to our new Rear             Well, not until now.
Commodore, Wendy Richards. In addition to being                 I know I leave this position in good hands because you wisely elected
crew in the races, Pat and I were fortunate to participate in   Gerard Sheridan for 2008. He played a strategic role in developing
many fine cruise-outs that were organized by Nancy and          our interview process and will, without doubt, continue to work to meet
her volunteers.                                                 SBYC’s mission. And besides that…he’s a great sailor!

                                             Richard Frost                                                                 Chris Joyce

                                                                      Ask Nancy DeMauro, Chris Joyce, or Emmanuel Uren

         Richard            Wellington Securities
         Bullock                                                                      Xpress Cleaning Service
                               PMB 187
                               3288 21st Street
         Securities            San Francisco                                                  Offices - Apartments - Houses
         Representative        CA 94110-2423                                                                      Sonia Santos
                               Private Office:                          * Reliable
                                                                                                                   (415) 517 3091
                               143 Second St., Suite 200                * Thorough
          Member of BAADS      Phone: 415-495-7735                      * Professional                             (415) 806 8665
                                                                        * Responsible     
                               FAX: 415-723-7459
                                                                        * Great References

Page 2
Secretary Report on Election Results:
Dear Members: Thank you for voting. With 193 ballots, this has been the biggest election turnout in our history. The votes for the
candidates, including write-in candidates, are listed in the table below.

Next year’s officers will be Gary, Nancy, Wendy, Bob, Libbie and Gerard and new directors starting a three year term will be Paul and
Tom. Congratulations to our new officers and directors, whose terms will start on January 1, 2008.

Let me also extend a heartfelt thanks to this year’s election committee, for their dedication, skill and efficiency – despite a huge vote this
year, we still had the ballots counted and the results available an hour after the polls closed. And no hanging chads.

                    Name/Position                  No. of Name/Position                          No. of
                                                   votes                                         votes
                     Commodore:                           Secretary:
                     Gary Van Giersbergen:          142        Libbie Sheldon:                   178
                     Dean Walles:                   46         Julie Wicklund:                   1
                     Kevin Wilkinson:               1
                     Vice Commodore:                           Membership:
                     Nancy Demauro:                 141        Gerard Sheriden:                  174
                     Lisa Gidley:                   49         Paul Oliva:                       4
                     G. Van Giersbergen:            1          Chris Joyce:                      6
                     Kevin Wilkinson:               1          Alyce Long:                       1
                     Rear Commodore:                           2008-2010 Directors:
                     Wendy Richards:                173
                     Mark Miner:                    1          Paul Oliva:                       117
                     Nancy Demauro:                 2          Tom Enright                       110
                     Tad Sheldon:                   1          Troy Acevedo:                     20
                     Lisa Gidley:                   1          Terry Bohn:                       33
                                                               Roland Medel:                     17
                                                               Greg Sherwood:                    63
                                                               John Tennyson:                    22
                                                               Milt Smith:                       1
                     Bob Hammack:                   162
                     Roland Medel:                  5
                     Richard Forst:                 2

2008 Election Committee:
Chris Joyce, Mike Kastrop, Elissa Rogers, Karen Wheeler, Kevin Wilkinson and Julie Wicklund

                                                                                                               Julie Wicklund - Secretary

                                                                                         Brian’s Boat Cleaning

                                                                              *Hull Cleaning/Zincs * Inspection *Recovery
                                                                                          Brian Moran, Diver
                                                                                        Telephone 415-503-1481

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 Vice Commodore Report:
 December will be a very busy month at our club. Check out for details on all of our events. Here are some
 of them:

 Martin Fay is hosting our eight lighted boat parade on December 1st. See his article for complete details and entrée form. If you
 do not plan to enter a boat be sure to come by the club to view our fleet of lighted boats.

 For our little ones we will have our “Santa by Boat” event on December 9th (11 AM – 2 PM.) The club will have cookies, milk,
 finger food, coloring & carols. The cost is $5 per family at the door. Bring a gift with your child’s name on it and he/she will be
 thrilled when Santa gives them their gift. RSVP by 12/5 to 415-821-4467

 December 14th is our last membership meeting of the year & our gift exchange. Join in the excitement; bring a gift to put under the
 tree. It’s a lot of fun and you do not want to miss it. 6 PM to 10:00 PM.

 December 31st – New Years Party – Enjoy dinner at your favorite restaurant and then come to the club. For your enjoyment we
 have Jeffrey Chin playing his piano from 7 PM -8 PM. And the Jeffrey Chin band kicks in from 8 PM to 12:30 AM. We provide
 Party favors, Finger food, and Champagne! At about 1 AM we will have a light breakfast. The cost is $50 per person & limited to
 the first 110 members that RSVP to

 BOOK CLUB – Mike & Dina Parodi Scholtz are starting a book club that meets every third Saturday of the month, starting
 January 19th 2008 at 3:00 PM. During the meeting the club will discuss the book the “Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini, and also
 choose the February book. Please bring your suggestions. For questions and to RSVP please call 415-661-5720 or parodi@aol.

 Dancing lessons: The “Put your dancing shoes on” program run by Judith Presley, Catherine Orr and Bob Hammack was a
 huge success! Judith & Catherine are planning another class in January. Space is limited to 24 students. You may want to email
 Judith to let her know you are interested

 Our Installation Ball is tentatively scheduled on January 26th 2008. I will send out an email with all of the details in a few days.

 All of our events, meetings, dinners, and parties are run by members that volunteer! I hesitate to list names because it’s impossible
 to remember everyone. I wish to thank each and every one of you because without you this club could not exist! A special Thank
 You to our nominating committee headed by Julie Wicklund for a tremendous job organizing our elections. It’s not easy; it requires
 hours & hours of detailed work, and lots of follow up.

 Thank you to everyone that voted last week. I was elected to be at the helm as your Commodore for 2008 and look forward to a
 banner year. Next year is our 20th anniversary! We grew from a parking lot meeting of a few like minded sailors, to a 500 member
 yacht club in 20 years. Amazing!

                                                                                                          Gary Van Giersbergen

                      O UR AIM- AZING ™
                   F IRST C LASS S ERVICES
         Packing • Shipping
         (UPS, FedEx, USPS, International)
 Color and Black & White Copies
   Stamps • Mailbox Rentals
      Fax Services • Notary                                                                                              (415) 661-2205
            221 King Street                                                                                          Fax(415) 495-1150
        San Francisco, CA 94107                                          Pier 40, South Beach Harbor
   (415) 495-6776 • Fax (415) 495-6773                                                                         Toll Free (888) 828-6789
                                                                         The Embarcadero
     email:                                                                            e-mail:
                                                                         San Francisco, CA 94017
                    Independently Operated and Licensed Franchise                                      

Page 4
                   This Year’s Dance Class

       11 A.M. – 2 P.M.

   Face painting, Cookies, Milk,
Finger Food & Coloring & Caroling
    Bring a gift ($25 max value)
   with your child’s name on it so
   Santa has a gift for each child
    $5.00 Per Family at the Door
        Rsvp 415.821.4467 or

                                             Page 5
Thank You Auction Volunteers and Donors:

I would like to thank everyone who either volunteered or donated to the 2007 Auction…or both! For those who volunteered to set up,
support and tear down afterwards, thank you. They are:

Marcia Bever, Toni Bava, Kathy Egan, Pat and Richard Forst, Gary Van Giersbergen, Lisa Gidley, David Hague, Bob
Hammack, Chris Joyce, Lorianna and Mike Kastrop, Brad & Evian Ketchem, Alex Kononoff, Roger Ladwig, Heddi Lindberg,
Bob Mason, Maureen Miller, Rob Moon, Sherry Nash, Judith Presley, John Shoaf, Libby Sheldon, Marilyn Smith, Bonny and
Pete Sorenson, Nancy Stephens, Barbara Warnock, Karen Wheeler, Julie Wicklund, Lori & Andrew Wilkinson, and Larry

I apologize if I left anyone out.

In addition, below is a table of those who donated to our very successful auction; a big thank you to you as well!

         Joseph & Marsha Askins                   Toni Heyneker                              Mark and Renee Reiten
         Ken & Jean Ayer                          Loyal Robert Hibbs                         Wendy Richards
         George E Barantseff                      Eugene C Hu                                Dawn Riley
         Robert C Binetti                         Marcie Hunt                                Philip Roberts
         Bruce Blackie                            Bryan and Denise Ingram                    Kerry Roller
         David Bogdanoff                          Robert Izmirian                            Adrian Rongen
         Michael Boltz                            Simon James                                Mario Rossi
         Charles Bona                             Jundith Clark Janofsky                     Steve Rowe
         Ed Borns                                 Paul Janofsky                              Anthony Sandberg
         Bret Boutet                              Joel Jones                                 James L Schaefer
         Bob Brigante                             Christina Joyce                            Henry Schielein
         Samantha Cederborg                       D Michael Kastrop                          John Schulz, DDS, Inc.
         Howard Churcher                          Clint Kastrop                              Libbie Sheldon
         Letha Dawson                             Lorianna Kastrop                           Carolyn Smith
         Nancy Demauro                            Terry and Renate Kenaston                  Pete Sorenson
         Mike Denmar                              Frances Larose                             Mary and David Sperber
         Liz Diaz                                 Lorraine Lawson                            Kathleen Stergios
         Ben Diaz                                 Heddi Lindberg                             John Sullivan
         Nancy Ellen                              Alyce Long                                 Daniel F Sullivan
         Thomas F Enright                         Steve Lopes                                Bhaskar Welch
         Michael Fitzgerald                       Alice Lopes                                Bob & Tina Wertz
         Lola Ford                                Ed & Mary Mackin                           West Marine SSF
         Patricia Forst                           Robert Mason                               Karen Wheeler
         Richard Forst                            Karsten Mau                                Barrie Wheeler
         Eric Forst                               Maureen Miller & Steve Weick               Julie Wicklund
         Tim Gaughan                              Robert Moon                                Andrew & Patrick Wilkinson
         Vince Gidaro                             Paul Oliva                                 Lori Wilkinson
         Lisa Gidley                              Catherine Orr                              Kevin Wilkinson
         Asta Glass & Kathryn Gooding             Janet Osborne                              Jayne Williams
         Aram Hadjian                             Bill Palmer                                James N Woody
         Wendy Hanrahan                           Synthia Petroka
         Harold Henrich                           Neil and Lynn Ransick

                                                                                              Please turn to page 7

Page 6
Aution from page 6
Finally, thanks to all the businesses that donated to make us so successful. Please find time to support these to show our appreciation!

         Art of Navigation Pier 38                                     Balboa Bay Club and Resort
         Rosenblum Cellars                                             Town’s End Restaurant
         SF Boatworks                                                  West Marine
         Ramp Restaurant                                               Commodore
         Red Dog Saloon                                                West Marine So SF
         Imaging Consulting                                            UK Halsey
         San Francisco and San Jose Harvest Festival Original          Mozzarella di Buffala restaurant gift certificate
         Art and Craft Show                                            Bucks Restaurant & Margeret Nievas
         Momo’s Restaurant                                             South Beach Café
         Pete’s Tavern                                                 Contemporary Design Landscape Construction and
         The Bay Detail                                                LFG Designs
         OCSC Sailing

                                                                                            Lori Wilkinson – 2007 Auction Chair

  AS I WAS SAYING…                                                     turns out yachters—that is people who have yachted a lot—are
                                                                       folks who like boating: getting out on the Bay, improving their
                             (continued from last month)               skills and hanging around with other sailors like you and me. If
                                                                       you know what I mean.”
                            “Navy-blue blazers do not a yacht
                            club make,” said the sensitive             “Mucho Garcia,’” said the linguistically challenged but
                            sailor, in rebuttal. “I’m not certain      sensitive one.
                            about the white turtleneck sweaters,
                            but I’m pretty sure Topsiders are          “Hmmm; a semester of French and a semester of Spanish
                            optional. I once knew a guy who            can be a dangerous thing. But to continue our conversation;
                            once knew a fellow who belonged            South Beach Harbor is crying out for a yacht club; a hub for
                            to an actual yacht club. Garland           our hobby, a focal point for our fun, a place for our pastime, a
                            was the name; —the fellow, not the         bastion for our boating.”
  club—and he said that wearing of elitist apparel was real cool       “Has anyone ever told you that you talk funny?
  but was the exception to the rule. Usually the uniform of the
  day was comfortable shoes, jeans, sweatshirts, wind-breakers         “Yes, I hear that a lot. Look, if you take away the overhead
  and such.”                                                           freeway, the abandoned cars, the empty bottles of Thunderbird
                                                                       and the trash and debris, what have you got? The nicest harbor
  “Sounds more like a communist kibbutz than a regulation yacht        in San Francisco, that’s all. But it needs kicks in the pants:
  club.”                                                               a bar & grill with Karaoke, perhaps a sail-through boat wash
                                                                       … anything but a bowling alley! We don’t have to be brain
  “Whatever. He said they had dinner/dancing type parties, but         scientists or atomic surgeons to figure this out. There must one
  these were the casual affairs. A couple of black-tie events a        of those DUMMIES books about, you know, ‘How to yacht
  year, tops. Pretty laid back, really.”                               club!’”
  “Well, what the heck do yachters do if they’re not ‘Putting
  on the Ritz?’ Pardon my French but, I thought that was their         (To be continued. Really)
  ‘raison `d’être’, if you know what I mean.                                                        Ray Hall - DANCING BEAR

  “Yes, I took a semester of French. To answer your question, it

                                                                                                                                  Page 7
                                           Race Results -- Emmanuel Uren
            The first race of the Island Fever Series on November 17 was called because of the oil spill

         Rear Commodore Report:
         Well, I didn’t think I’d make it through the last two years but I did But, without the help of the many volunteers on
         the water programs I wouldn’t have made it and the members would not have had such a great couple of years. Please
         take the time to Thank all the volunteers who have helped keep these programs going.

         So a BIG THANKS goes to the Race Committee, the Protest committee, the T-Shirt Ladies, Jr Sailing, the Cruise-Out
         Directors, all the House volunteers who helped with the Land portions and to all members who continued to support
         these programs. (There are too many to name each one here for all the volunteers)

         Overall, I just want to take a minute to thank all the Members of SBYC for their continued support of all our programs
         over the last two years. I’ve enjoyed working as your Rear Commodore more than you can imagine and I know
         Wendy Richards will carry on and make these programs even bigger than we have now. I am looking forward to
         seeing you all on land (oh, this is new for me!).

                                                                                                                   Nancy Demauro

                      Full details can be found at:

                                                                         Grand Prix Sailing Academy
                                                                         Learn to race with professional coaches on our high performance One
                                                                         Design 35 sailboats or your sailboat. Whether you are a casual or seasoned
                                                                         racer Grand Prix Sailing Academy can help. Our programs will sharpen
                                                                         your tactical sailing skills, teach you advanced maneuvers, and prepare
                                                                         your boat to be successful even in the most competitive fleets. Training is
                                                                         available either on your boat or on one of ours.

                                                                         Grand Prix Sailing Academy
                                                                         Pier 38 at Embarcadero
                                                                         San Francisco, CA 94107
                                                                         (415) 546-SAIL

Page 8
                        South Beach Yacht Club’s
                8th Annual Lighted Boat Parade
                                   Saturday, December 1st, 2005
Here’s how it typically goes....

[1] Go and get all of those tangled strings of lights and attach them to your boat in any way you’d
like. You’ll spend all day Saturday the 1st doing this. Electrical tape, cable ties, extension cords,
bungee cords, etc. should be on your parts list.

[2] While your crew is laboring, you [the Captain] hidee-hos up to the Yacht Club at 1PM for
orientation, information, camaraderie, and a bowl of soup. In general, The Parade will assemble in
Mc Covey Cove at 6 PM and transit the waterfront as weather and conditions allow... in the past,
we have finished by 7:30 - 8 PM. Back at the dock get yee and your crew to the YC for hot vittles.
We’d love to see you leave your vessel lit while you are up at the club.

[3] Yes, it’s usually chilly. So, have everyone dress accordingly. I’ve seen some pretty creative
cockpit heating systems-be careful!

[4] Need a generator to power your lights? A small 750 or 1000 or 1250 watt portable generator
is easily rented at any tool rental place… usually about $25 per day. A small gen set will power
enough lights to get you spotted from Mars.

THE APRES PARADE MEAL will be an offering of clam chowder, a chili and toasted cheese and
garlic bread. As a thank you for the participation each captain and one guest eats for free … the
remaining crew and any other member and their guest will pay $8 for their meal.



                                                                                                  Page 9
                                 South Beach Yacht Club
                                        Lighted Boat Parade
                                    Saturday, December 1st, 2007

                                ENTRY INFORMATION FORM

  Captain’s name: _____________________________________________________

  Your contact info please:


          Phone: ______________________________

  Name of Captain’s vessel:_____________________________________________

  Length of Captain’s vessel:__________________________________________

  How many crew will be aboard? ______________________________________

  Will you be attending the APRES PARADE MEAL? ____________________________

  How many of your crew, including yourself, will be attending THE MEAL?___________


  About judging everyone’s efforts ....

  An as yet unidentified group of “impossible to bribe” members will be the sole arbiters of judging
  boats - boats will be judged using arbitrary criteria that will produce winners in the following
  categories ...

  Best Decorated Powerboat * Best Decorated Sailboat * Best Overall Decorated Boat

  The Perpetual Trophy for the SBYC Lighted Boat Parade was donated by Ken Richards
  and Wendy Franz, owners of “POPPY too”. This years’ parade is sailed in memory of the
  passing of Ken earlier this year.

                              COMPLETE AND FAX THIS FORM TO:

                                       MARTIN FAY
                                      [415] 543-8341
                             MY E-MAIL IS:
                             MY CELL PHONE IS: [415] 722-5372

Page 10
                                                                                                                                              The “Wave Brief”

                                                                                               COMMODORE                         Richard Forst....408-264-9559     POWER SqUADRON CAPTAIN          Mark Miner....415-290-1347
                                                                                               VICE COMMODORE             Gary Van Giersbergen....650-307-2927     CRUISE DIRECTOR             Nancy DeMauro....415-409-1071
                                                                                                                           BAADS                            Herb Meyer....415-927-8876
                                                                                               REAR COMMODORE                  Nancy DeMauro....415-409-1071                                  
                                                                                                                           HISTORIAN                    Frank Navarro….415-584-7952
                                                                                               TREASURER                        Bob Hammack....415-348-1764                                              
                                                                                                                               CLUB MANAGER                 David Conely….415-495-2295
                                                                                               MEMBERSHIP                           Chris Joyce....415-821-4467    HOOD                         Lisa Gidley.......... 408-806-4393
Tear this section out and post on your fridge or whiteboard to stay current with club events

                                                                                               SECRETARY                        Julie Wicklund....415-469-9574     NEWSLETTER                      Tad Sheldon….408-736-2728
                                                                                               PORT CAPTAIN                            Ed Borns....408-998-2418    WEBMASTER                   Greg Sherwood....408-910-0095
                                                                                               JUNIOR SAILING                Kevin Wilkinson ....650-333-7873

                                                                                                                                    Event                           Date        Start           End
                                                                                                                Lighted Boat Parade & Dinner                       12/1/2007      4:00 PM     10:00 PM
                                                                                                                Board Meeting                                      12/6/2007      7:00 PM     10:00 PM
                                                                                                                Members Christmas Gift Exchange                    12/7/2007      6:00 PM     11:00 PM
                                                                                                                Santa By Boat - Chris Joyce                        12/9/2007    11:00 AM        2:00 PM
                                                                                                                Member Meeting/Christmas Party                    12/14/2007      6:30 PM     11:00 PM
                                                                                                                Island fever #2                                   12/15/2007    12:00 PM        6:00 PM
                                                                                                                BAADS Meeting and Party                           12/16/2007    12:00 AM      11:59 PM
                                                                                                                Nautical Knots                                    12/21/2007    12:00 AM      11:59 PM
                                                                                                                BAADS Boxing Day Party                            12/26/2007    12:00 AM      11:59 PM
                                                                                                                New Year’s Party                                  12/31/2007      7:00 PM       1:00 AM
                                                                                                                Board Meeting                                       1/3/2008      7:00 PM     10:00 PM
                                                                                                                Installation Ball                                  1/12/2008      7:00 PM     11:00 PM
                                                                                                                Island Fever #3                                    1/19/2008    10:00 AM        6:00 PM

                                                                                                     WINTER CLUB HOURS: FRI 1800-2200, SAT 1400-2000, SUN 1400-1800
                                                                                                           When your address or E-mail changes, email the changes to:
                                                                                                                         The online version of this Wave Length can be found at:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Page 11

St. Martin Sailing                         1
Commodore Report                           2
Membership News                            2
Secretary Report on Election Results       3
Vice Commodore Report:                     4
Thank You Auction Volunteers and Donors    6
As I was saying …                          7
Race Results                               8   Our Mission
Rear Commodore Report                      8
Lighted Boat Parade                        9   …. to form a sociable community of persons having
                                               common interests to promote yachting on San Francisco
Contacts and Calendar                     11   Bay, to provide a common bond for recreational boaters
                                               and their families, to sponsor and encourage yacht racing,
                                               to encourage family participation in boating, and to enjoy
                                               the beauty of San Francisco Bay and its environs.

                                                                 FIRST CLASS MAIL


                                                                       San Francisco CA 94107
                                                                       Pier 40 on the Embarcadero
                                                              South Beach Yacht Club

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