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Clean_Construction.Sign-on_letter_to_Rep_Johnson__TX__supporting_CC_in_Transportation_bill._FINAL.6.27.12 by xiaopangnv


									June 27, 2012

The Honorable Eddie Bernice Johnson
2468 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Congresswoman Johnson,

As organizations across the country who share your dedication to protecting public health and
the environment, we want to thank you for your past leadership and support for Clean
Construction, and strongly request your continued support through the final MAP-21 conference
committee agreement. The threats posed by diesel pollution are severe, and we appreciate that
you are working to ensure that communities with the worst air pollution do not suffer additional
pollution burdens from the construction of government-funded transportation projects.
Providing communities an opportunity to clean up diesel construction pollution is a win for
health, a win for climate, and a win for jobs.

States and localities are working to improve the cleanliness of construction equipment operating
in communities. The Clean Construction provision and funding in MAP-21 sends a strong
signal that once again there is a shared understanding and partnership between local, state and
the federal government on issues concerning transportation and public health. In short, do no
harm to the health of a community or to its air quality during the construction process. We
believe the Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill, which currently is being considered by
the Committee of Conference, provides an important opportunity to address diesel emissions
reductions from construction equipment, and we appreciate your work to maintain the Clean
Construction provision through the conference committee process.

        High pollution without filter                 Low pollution with filter

As you know, in addition to a litany of adverse health impacts such as lung cancer, asthma
attacks, heart attacks and stroke, diesel particulate matter causes an estimated 21,000 premature
deaths in the United States each year. We applaud your work to limit exposure to this toxic
pollution, especially for vulnerable populations such as children. Also of great concern is the
black carbon soot in diesel exhaust, a global warming agent approximately 2000 times more
potent than the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide over a 20-year period. The potency of
diesel pollution is alarming, but its impacts are preventable with available technology, and you
are leading the way. Reducing diesel pollution not only saves lives, but is one of the few
actions that can be taken that can achieve immediate climate benefits, complementing the
necessary reductions in carbon dioxide we must achieve.

Cleaning up construction equipment makes sense. According to the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency, over 37 percent of land-based particulate matter comes from construction
and mining equipment. Prior to 1996, non-road construction equipment was entirely
unregulated, and because diesels last so long most of the two million pieces of construction
equipment lack modern particulate pollution controls today. Although new diesel engines will
include diesel particulate filters cutting PM pollution by at least 85 percent, without focused
initiatives it will take many years for the older fleet to be retired and replaced by the new,
cleaner engines. Given this, we strongly support the actions you have taken to clean up the
existing construction fleet.

Because diesel engines power nearly all of the heavy-duty vehicles and equipment that are
required to build and repair our roads and bridges, cleaning up the diesels used in federally-
funded transportation bill projects represents a streamlined, responsible approach to cleaning up
this equipment. The Diesel Emissions Reductions Act (DERA) has provided an important
starting point for cleaning up the old, dirty diesel fleet, but DERA works to address all the
diesel fleets (buses, locomotives, trucks, etc.), and constrained funding has limited its reach into
the construction sector. In order to protect public health and the environment, the construction
sector requires focused clean-up initiatives, such as the Clean Construction provisions you have

Continuing to include the Clean Construction provision in MAP-21 will provide state
transportation officials the authority and funding to use clean construction equipment on
federally-funded transportation projects in PM2.5 nonattainment and maintenance areas. This
integrated approach will directly help reduce harmful particulate matter for over 74 million
Americans who live in counties that violate federal health standards for fine particulate
pollution, and will also benefit others as the cleaner equipment is then used on future projects
elsewhere. Estimates show that for every federal dollar spent on reducing particulate matter
pollution from diesel engines, $13 would be avoided in health damages. Keybridge Associates
has estimated that every $1billion investment in clean diesel technology yields 19,000 jobs.
Clean Construction is a cost effective win for health, climate and jobs.

We thank you for your leadership, commitment and vision in ensuring that the air we breathe
and the projects we build are simultaneously strong and healthy for the communities in which
they are built. We appreciate your leadership in including Clean Construction in the final MAP-
21 conference committee agreement.


         207 signers – FINAL Clean Construction letters – June 27, 2012

8th Day Center for Justice, Gwen Ferry, Chicago, IL

Air Alliance Houston, Matthew Tejada, PhD, Executive Director, Houston, TX

American Academy of Pediatrics, Illinois Chapter, Scott Allen, Executive Director, Chicago,

American Cancer Society (Illinois), Heather Eagleton, State Advocacy Manager, Springfield,

American Heart Association, Midwest Affiliate, Alex Meixner, Director of Government
Relations, Chicago, IL

American Medical Student Association – University of Illinois, Chicago, Benjamin Carney,
President, Chicago, IL

Active Transportation Alliance, Ron Burke, Executive Director, Chicago, IL

Alivio Medical Center, Carmen Velasquez, Executive Director, Chicago, IL

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 241, Darrell Jefferson, President, Chicago, IL

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308, Robert Kelly, President, Chicago, IL

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 416, Ron Cox, President, Glasford, IL

American Bottom Conservancy, Kathy Andria, President, Fairview Heights, IL

American Lung Association, Paul G. Billings, Vice President, National Policy & Advocacy,
Washington, DC

American Lung Association in California, Bonnie Holmes-Gen, Executive Director, Air
Quality and Health, CA

American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic (DE, NJ, PA, WV), Kevin Stewart,
Environmental Health Director, PA

American Lung Association of the Midland States (KY, MI, OH, TN), Shelly Kiser, Director
of Advocacy, Columbus, OH

American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific (AK, HI, ID, MT, OR, WA WY), Carrie
Nyssen, Regional Director of Advocacy and Air Quality, Vancouver, WA

American Lung Association of the Northeast (CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI, VT), Michael
Seilback, Vice President, Public Policy & Communications, Long Island, NY

American Lung Association of the Southeast (FL, GA, SC) Brenda Olsen, RN, Chief
Operating Officer, Tallahassee, FL

Arise for Social Justice, Michaelann Bewsee, Executive Director, Springfield, MA

Arlington United for Justice with Peace, Thea Paneth, Clerk, Arlington, MA

Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council, Mike McMullin, Program Manager, Chicago, IL

Bay Area Healthy 880 Communities-SL, Wafaa Aborashed, Executive Director, San Leandro,

Bethel New Life, Sara Spoonheim, Senior Director of Resource Develpment, Chicago, IL

Beverly Area Planning Association, Matt Walsh, Executive Director, Chicago, IL

Bike Maryland, Carol Silldorff, Executive Director, Baltimore, MD

Bike Pittsburgh, Scott Bricker, Executive Director, Pittsburgh, PA

Bikes Not Bombs, Jeremy Hanson, Community Engagement and Development Associate,
Boston, MA

Blacks In Green, Naomi Davis, President, Chicago, IL

Boston Children’s Hospital Community Asthma Initiative, Susan Sommer, Clinical
Director, Boston, MA

Boston Climate Action Network, Loie Hayes, Coordinator, Boston, MA

Boston Mobilization, Chris Messinger, Executive Director, Boston, MA

Breathe New Hampshire, Daniel Fortin, President & CEO, Manchester, NH

Breathe California, Andy Katz, Government Relations Director, CA

Breathe California of the Bay Area, Margo Sidener, President & CEO, San Jose, CA

Breathe Clean Air Action Team, Michael Crosby, TN

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, and Trainmen, 131, Charles Lough, Chairman,
Chicago, IL

Building A Sustainable Earth Community, Richard Mabion, Founder/CEO, Kansas City, KS

Campaign2Grow, Mark Victor, CEO, Atlanta, GA

Canary Coalition, Avram Friedman, Executive Director, Sylva, NC

Carolina Green Food Service Supply/Charlotte Energy Solutions/Metrolina Biofuels, Mark
Englander, Owner, Charlotte, NC

CATA - The Farmworker Support Committee, Nelson Carrasquillo, General
Coordinator, Glassboro, NJ

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Stockton, Betsy Reifsnider, Environmental Justice
Director, Stockton, CA

Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice, Penny Newman, Executive
Director, Jurupa Valley, CA

Center for Inquiry–Tampa Bay, Fredrick Rea O’Keefe, Branch Coordinator, Tampa, FL

Center for Neighborhood Technology, Jacky Grimshaw, Vice President, Chicago, IL

Centro Comunitario Juan Diego, Rosa Perea, Assistant Director, Chicago, IL

Charlotte Area Bicycle Alliance, Martin Zimmerman, Executive Director, Charlotte, NC

Chelsea Board of Health, Catherine Maas, Chelsea Board of Health Member, Chelsea, MA

Chelsea Collaborative, Roseann Bongiovanni, Associate Executive Director, Chelsea, MA

Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Tom Carlson, Maryland Campaign Director, Takoma
Park, MD

Chicago Area Runners Association, Wendy Jaeh, Executive Director, Chicago, IL

Chicago Asthma Consortium, Joel Massel, Executive Director, Chicago, IL

Chicago Cycling Club, Justin Sondak, President, Chicago, IL

Chicago Hispanic Health Coalition, Jackie Gonzalez, Program Coordinator, Chicago, IL

Citizen Action/Illinois, Lynda DeLaforgue, Co-Director, Chicago, IL

Citizens Against Ruining the Environment, Ellen Rendulich, Director, Lockport, IL
Citizens for Healthy Development, MaryLynn Zajdel, Director, Lisle, IL

Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future (PennFuture), George Jugovic, Jr., President &
CEO, Harrisburg, PA

Citizens for Progressive Transit, Ashley Robbins, President, Atlanta, GA

Clean Air Carolina, June Blotnick, Executive Director, Charlotte, NC

Clean Air Council, Joseph Otis Minott, Esq., Executive Director, Philadelphia, PA

Clean Air Task Force, Brooke Suter, National Campaign Director, Washington, DC

Clean and Healthy New York, Kathleen Curtis, Executive Director, Albany, NY

Clean Water Action, Lynn Thorp, National Campaigns Director, Washington, DC

Clean Water Action - Connecticut, Roger Smith, Energy Program Director, Hartford, CT

Clean Water Action - Maryland, Andi Galli, Program Coordinator, Baltimore, MD

Clean Water Action - Massachusetts, Vanessa Green, Regional Diesel Campaign Director,
Boston, MA

Clean Water Action - Michigan, Cyndi Roper, Michigan Director, East Lansing, MI

Clean Water Action- Minnesota, Deanna White, State Director, Minneapolis, MN

Clean Water Action - Rhode Island, Jamie Rhodes, RI State Director, Providence, RI

Clean Water Action - Pennsylvania, Tom Hoffman, W PA Director. Pittsburgh, PA

Clean Water for North Carolina, Hope Taylor, Executive Director, Asheville, NC

Cleveland County Asthma Coalition, Pam Ellwood, Shelby, NC

Coalition of Labor Union Women, Chicago Chapter, Katie Jordan, President Chicago, IL

Coastal Conservation League, Hamilton Davis, Energy & Climate Director, Charleston, SC

COFI POWER-PAC, Ellen Schumer, Executive Director, Chicago, IL

Community Research, Greg Smith, Director, College Park, MD

Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice, Sharon Lewis, Executive
Director, Hartford, CT

The Construction Institute, Mary Vogel, Executive Director, Boston, MA

Crabshell Alliance of Greater Baltimore, Dagmar Fabian, Secretary, Baltimore, MD

Delaware Nature Society, Brian Winslow, Executive Director, Hockessin DE

Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Maya K. van Rossum, the Deleware Riverkeeper, Bristol,

Democratic Socialists of America - Boston Chapter, Mike Pattberg, Chair, Boston, MA

Developing Communities Project, Gwendolyn Mackel Rice, Executive Director, Chicago, IL

Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice, Guy Williams, CEO & President, Detroit, MI

DC Environmental Network, Chris Weiss | Executive Director, Washington, DC

East Michigan Environmental Action Council, Ahmina Maxey, Associate Director, Detroit,

East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice, Angelo Logan- Co-Excutive
Director, Commerce, CA

Eco-Justice Collaborative, Pam Richart, Co-Founder, Chicago, IL

Empire State Consumer Project, Judy Braiman, President, Rochester, NY

Environment Illinois, Max Muller, Director, Chicago, IL

Environment Massachusetts, Ben Wright, Advocate, Boston, MA

Environment Maryland, Tommy Landers, Director, Baltimore, MD

Environment New Jersey, Doug O’Malley, Interim Director, NJ

Environment North Carolina, Elizabeth Ouzts, Director, Raleigh, NC

Environment Northeast, Dan Sosland, Executive Director, Rockland, ME

Environment Rhode Island, Channing Jones, Field Associate, Providence, RI

Environmental Advocates of New York, Ross Gould, Air & Energy Program
Director, Albany, NY

Environmental Defense Fund, Isabelle B. Silverman, Attorney, New York, NY

Environmental Defense Fund - NC, Jane Preyer, Executive Director, Raleigh, NC

Environmental Integrity Project, Leah Kelly, Attorney, Washington, D.C.

Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island, Amelia Rose, Director, Providence, RI

Ecology Center, Rebecca Meuninck, Environmental Health Campaign Director, Ann Arbor,

Faith in Place, Rev. Dr. Claire Butterfield, Executive Director, Chicago, IL

Fresh Energy, Michael Noble, Executive Director, St. Paul, MN

Georgia Conservation Voters, Rob Teilhet, Executive Director, GA

Global Community Monitor, Denny Larson, Executive Director, El Cerrito, CA

God's Gang, Carolyn Thomas, Executive Director, Chicago, IL

Golden Gate Community Association, Phyllis Palmer, Co-Director, Chicago, IL

Greater Lansing Area Clean Cities, Maggie Striz Calnin, Executive Director, Grand Ledge,

GreenDorchester, Joel Wool, Community Advocate, Dorchester, MA

GreenFaith, The Rev. Fletcher Harper, Executive Director, Highland Park, NJ

GreenLaw, Stephanie Stuckey Benfield, Executive Director, Atlanta, GA

Groundwork Somerville, Adam Machson-Carter, Program Coordinator, Somerville, MA

Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP), Rachel Filippini. Executive Director, Pittsburgh,

GTECH, Andrew Butcher, CEO, Pittsburgh, PA

Health Care Without Harm, Eric Lerner, Climate Director, Oakland, CA

Health and Medicine Policy Research Group, Margie Schaps, Executive Director, Chicago,

Health Resources in Action/Boston Healthy Homes & Schools Collaborative, Davida
Andelman, Manager, Dorchester, MA

Healthcare Consortium of Illinois, Michael Dobias, Director of Policy, Advocacy and
Research, Dolton, IL

Healthy Albany Park Coalition, Radhika Sharma Gordon, Coordinator, Chicago, IL

Healthy Schools Campaign, Mark Bishop, Deputy Director, Chicago, IL

Howard Brown Health Center, Beaa Gratzer, Director of Community Health, Chicago, IL

Human Action Community Organization, Eraina Dunn, Executive Director, Harvey, IL

Illinois Environmental Council, Jennifer Walling, Executive Director, Springfield, IL

Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition, Kathy Chan, Policy Director, Chicago, IL

Illinois Nurses Association, Susan Swart, Executive Director, Chicago/Springfield, IL

Illinois Parent Teacher Association, Deb Strauss, President, Springfield, IL

Illinois Public Health Association, Jim Nelson, Executive Director, Springfield, IL

Imagine Englewood if..., Jean Carter-Hill, Executive Director, Chicago, IL

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 705, Joseph Bakes, President, Chicago, IL

Interreligious Eco-Justice Network (IREJN), Teresa Eickel, Director, West Hartford, CT

Ironbound Community Corporation, Carol Johnston, Riverfront Projects Director, Newark,

Keep Rock Island Beautiful, Carolyn Fuller, Executive Director, Rock Island, IL

Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, Kim Wasserman, Executive Director,
Chicago, IL

Lone Tree Council, Terry Miller, Chair, Bay City, MI

Maryland PIRG (Public Interest Research Group), Jenny Levin, Maryland PIRG State
Advocate, Baltimore, MD

Massachusetts Climate Action Network, Rob Garrity, Executive Director, Boston, MA

Massachusetts Jobs with Justice, Jennifer Doe, Workers Rights Organizer, Boston, MA

Medical Advocates for Healthy Air, Dr. Larry Raymond, Chair, Charlotte, NC

The Metropolitan Boston Building and Construction Trades Council (MBBTC), Martin
Walsh, Treasurer, Boston, MA

Michigan Environmental Council, Chris Kolb, President & CEO, Lansing, MI

Michigan League of Conservation Voters, Lisa Wozniak, Executive Director, Ann Arbor and
Grand Rapids, MI

Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, Maureen Taylor, State Chair, Detroit, MI

Missouri Coalition for the Environment, Kathleen Logan Smith, Executive Director, St.
Louis, MO

Mothers & Others for Clean Air, Rebecca Watts Hull, Director, Smyrna, GA

Natural Resources Defense Council, John Walke, Clean Air Director, Washington, DC

NC WARN, Jim Warren, Executive Director, Durham, NC

New Haven Environmental Justice Network, Chris Schweitzer, Chair, New Haven, CT

New Jersey Environmental Federation (NJEF), Amy Goldsmith, Director, NJ

New Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance, Nicky Sheats, Steering Committee member, NJ

New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), Joseph Stelling, Environmental
Campaign Organizer, Albany, NY

New Progressive Alliance (NPA), Ed Griffith, NPA Organizational Outreach, Greenville, NC

North Carolina Conservation Network, Stephanie Schweikert, Organizer, Raleigh, NC

North Carolina Pediatric Society, Steve Shore, Executive Director, Raleigh, NC

North Carolina Wildlife Federation, Tim Gestwicki, Executive Director, Charlotte, NC

Northeastern University Environmental Justice Research Collaborative, Dr. Daniel Faber,
Director, Boston, MA

Nuestras Raices, Inc., Giovanna Di Chiro, Environmental Programs Director, Holyoke, MA

Ohio Environmental Council, Keith Dimoff, Executive Director, Columbus, OH

Person County People Rising in Defense of Ecology (PC PRIDE), Pat Hill, Co-Chair,
Roxboro, NC

Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization, Dorian Breuer, Co-founder,
Chicago, IL

Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities, Rick Price, Executive Director, Pittsburgh, PA

Physicians for Social Responsibility - Chesapeake Bay Chapter, Gwen L. DuBois MD,
MPH, Steering Committee member, Baltimore, MD

Physicians for Social Responsibility - Florida, Lynn Ringenberg, MD, President, Tampa, FL

Physicians for Social Responsibility - SF Bay Area Chapter, Robert Gould, MD, President,

Physicians for Social Responsibility - Los Angeles, Martha Dina Argüello, Executive
Director, Los Angeles, CA

Physicians for Social Responsibility - Sacramento, Harry Wang, MD, President, Sacramento,

Port of Pittsburgh Commission, James R. McCarville, Executive Director, Pittsburgh, PA

Portland Clean Energy Task Force, Andy Bauer, Chair, Portland, CT

Public Citizen - TX, Tom Smitty Smith, Director, Austin, TX

Public Health Institute, Matthew Marsom, Vice President for Public Health Policy &
Advocacy, Oakland, CA (national)

Quad Cities Transportation Advocacy Group, Chuck Oestreich, Rock Island, IL

RANCH Triangle Community Conservation Association, Anne Phillips, President, Chicago,

Regional Asthma Management & Prevention (RAMP), Joel Ervice, Associate
Director, Oakland, CA

Renewable Energy Long Island, Gordian Raacke, Executive Director, East Hampton, NY

Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago, Brian Urbaszewski, Director of
Environmental Health Programs, Chicago, IL

Richter Foundation, Frank Richter, President/Chairman, Chicago, IL

S.C.A.R.C.E., Kay McKeen, Executive Director, Glen Elyn, IL

Selkirk, Coeymans, Ravena Against Pollution (SCRAP), Jim Travers, Ravena, NY

Sierra Club, Ann Mesnikoff, Director Green Transportation Campaign, Washington, DC

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Congregational Leadership, Joetta Venneman, Director of
Office of Global Ministries, Nazareth, KY

Southeast Environmental Task Force, Peggy Salazar, President, Chicago, IL

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Stephen Smith, Executive Director, TN

Southern Environmental Law Center, Nat Mund, Legislative Director, Washington DC

Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision, Kathy Stott, Executive Director, Detroit, MI

Sugar Law Center, Tova Perlmutter, Executive Director, Detroit, MI

Sustainable Pittsburgh, Court Gould, Executive Director, Pittsburgh, PA

Sustainable Sandhills, Kelly Bah, Executive Director, Fayetteville, NC

Tennessee Environmental Council, Michael Crosby, TN

Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services (t.e.j.a.s.), Juan Parras, Executive
Director, Houston, TX

Toxics Information Project (TIP), Liberty Goodwin, Director, Providence, RI

Umicore Autocat USA Inc., Greg Garr, Director, Market Creation/Technical Center, North

Union of Concerned Scientists, Michelle Robinson, Director, Clean Vehicles Program,
Washington, DC

Union County Health Department Environmental Health Division, James
Eason, Environmental Health Specialist, Monroe, NC

Union of Minority Neighborhoods, Horace Small, Executive Director, Boston, MA

United Transportation Union, IL Legislative Board, Bob Guy, State Director, Springfield, IL

Vidant Medical Center, Lisa C. Johnson, RRT,RCP,BAS, Coordinator, Pediatric Asthma
Program, Greenville, NC

Voices for Earth Justice, Patty Gillis, Executive Director, Southfield, MI

Waukesha County Environmental Action League, Allen Stasiewski, VP, Transportation
Action Representative, Brookfield, WI

West Michigan Environmental Action Council, Nicholas Occhipinti, Policy and Community
Activism Director, Grand Rapids, MI

Western North Carolina Alliance, Julie Mayfield, Executive Director, Asheville, NC

Westfield Concerned Citizens, Mary Ann Babinski, Spokesperson/Lead Organizer, Westfield,

Woodlawn East Community and Neighbors, Mattie Butler, Executive Director, Chicago IL

Women for a Healthy Environment, Michelle Naccarati-Chapkis, Executive
Director, Pittsburgh, PA

Women’s Voices for the Earth, Erin Switalski, Executive Director, Missoula, MT

Youth of Massachusetts Organizing for a Reformed Economy (YMORE), Chris Messinger,
coalition member, Boston, MA


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