Goodnight Little Moon by chenboying


									Goodnight Little Moon High up above in the blue starry sky, The moon read two birds a soft lullaby. Soon one by one they drifted to sleep, „Til there wasn‟t a chirp or one little cheep. When the moon saw they both were at rest, He took his big book and covered their nest. The moon tiptoed back into the dark night, To keep his sweet chicks safely in sight. But later that eve, the little moon heard, The twitter and chirp of a new baby bird. And as he crept to the nest for a peak, The little moon saw a third chirping beak! Why, they weren‟t asleep. Not a single, sole one! They were laughing and playing and having such fun. Now the little moon was so glad that he came, And climbed in the nest for a little bird game. But soon the moon had a very great thirst, And wanted to have a little drink first. The three baby birds found a bottle to spare, And filled it with milk for the four to share. But the moon was so thirsty he took a big sip, And as he leaned back, he started to slip! He stumbled and tumbled right over the brink, Before he could grab on, before he could blink! And before his new friends could count up to three, The moon fell right back, right out of the tree! He dropped like a stone through the dark starry sky, And the little birds hoped he knew how to fly.

But the moon hit the hard earth right on his back, And the three little birds heard a great “Craaaack!” One piece flew left and the other flew right, „Til the poor little moon was nowhere in sight. The three little birds flew down to the ground, And saw him all shattered and scattered around. Why the poor little moon couldn‟t whimper or yelp, So the three little birds called out for some help! And soon from the sky came all their fine friends, To piece him together and help make amends. Together they found each little moon part, And mended him up with love and with heart. Gently they held him and lifted with care, And carried him high up, high up in the air. the three little birds flew back to their nest, And lay the moon down to get some good rest.

And as the moon drifted so softly to sleep, He heard a sweet chirping, a soft little cheep. For the three little birds read a sweet lullaby, High up above, in the blue starry sky.

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