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									                            Increase Online Business with eCommerce Solutions

If you have a newly developed an online shopping and e-commerce website and have been looking for a
comprehensive solution, then it is essential to know that if implemented efficiently it can do wonders to your
newly launched website. A compact e-commerce solution will add to your ROI manifold.

Today there are several e-commerce solution providers in the market having the expertise to create a wide
portfolio of e-commerce sites that have revolutionized the form of business in the modern day economy
making it easy and quick. However the increased competition and the fast changing market trends have
elevated the requirement of effective shopping cart software that would lead to the following:

·     Guaranteed safe and secure transaction
·     Minimizing operational expenses
·     Simple and smooth functioning of the transaction process
·     Unbeaten promotion of goods
·     High-end communication with the new visitors as well as regular consumers
·     Smooth and easy running of the transaction process

Any effective e-commerce solution must have the capacity to create an impressive e-Commerce website with
well incorporated shopping cart software and use-friendly features that would help consumers to easily
complete their transactions. Today there are esteemed solution providers specializing in open source
software development have come up with innovative eCommerce solutions. These companies have worked
with several BPM workflows modeling tools such as Appian, JBPM, OS Workflow and reporting tools that
comprise Jasper, BIRT, Appian, Kettle, Microstrategy to offer comprehensive eCommerce software product
development solutions that are cost-efficient, reliable and fast. Some of the features of high-end eCommerce
solutions are as follows:

·     There are online storefronts, catalogs and shopping carts
·     There is a web-based administration of products for monitoring inventory, coupon codes and gift
·     There are Point of sales (POS) and payment processing solutions
·     There are Web portals for travel, ticketing and event management
·     The online auction engines based on open source libraries
·     The websites optimized for the user content generation
·    There is a location-based shopping service for mobile phones
·    Presence of robust, scalable platforms for digital content delivery
·    Next-generation ad servers

That is not all. Eminent market players in eCommerce solutions have their in-house engineers having the
expertise in working with leading industry players to establish and assist in innovative retail goods. Their
focus areas mainly comprise of interactive advertising, web portals for specialized services and online, social
and mobile commerce.

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