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					                                      THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS, MALAYSIA
                             Bangunan Ingenieur, Lot 60/62, Jalan 52/4 Peti Surat 223, 46720 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
                              Tel : 03-79684001/2       Fax : 03-79577678      E-mail :       IEM Homepage:

                                         HALF-DAY TALK ON “CCC: Its Impact on Engineers”
                                               (Jointly Organised by BEM/IEM/ACEM)                                                   BEM Approved
                                                                                                                                   CPD/PDP HOURS: 3
          Date : 7th September 2007 (Friday)           Time :         2:30p.m. to 5.30p.m.                                        Ref:IEM07/HQ/251/T
          Venue : Dewan Tan Sri Mahfoz Khalid, Speaker: Ir. Chen Thiam Leong & Ir. Fong Tian Yong
                  JKR Hall, Block C, KL
SYNOPSIS                                                                                                     Registration fees covers one set of
In June 2004 our Prime Minister called for the replacement of the issuance of the Certificate of Fitness for course notes and refreshments. All
Occupation (CFO) by the local authorities with self-certification by the professionals with the intention of fees must be fully paid before
improving the efficiency of the building delivery system and enhance the competitiveness of Malaysia         commencement of the course;
globally.                                                                                                    otherwise participant will not be
                                                                                                                           allowed to enter the Lecture Hall.
                                                                                                                           Reservation/Booking by fax or
The Certificate of Completion & Compliance (CCC) will be issued by the professional architects or
                                                                                                                           email of intending participants are
engineers as the Principal Submitting Person (PSP) to replace the CFO presently issued by the local
                                                                                                                           acceptable with payment being
authorities. The amendments to various Acts & Regulations related to this have been gazetted to take effect                forwarded before the closing date.
from 12th April 2007.                                                                                                      If a place is reserved and the
                                                                                                                           intended participants failed to
The Speakers were involved with Ministry of Housing & Local Government at the onset of formulating the                     attend the course on the date of the
CCC strategy and are hence well versed to brief the industry on the impact that CCC on engineers.                          event the fee is to be settled in full.

PROGRAMME                                                                                                                  Completed      registration  form
 1.30-2.30   p.m.              Registration                                                                                accompanied by cheque/PO/MO
 2.30–2.45   p.m.              Welcoming Address by Chairman of PPC                                                        are to be made payable to “The
                                                                                                                           institution of Engineers, Malaysia
 2.45 – 4.15 p.m.              CCC: Its Impact on Engineers                                                                Account” should reach the IEM
 4.15 – 4.30          p.m.     Tea Break                                                                                   Secretariat not later than 3RD
 4.30 – 5.30          p.m.     Q & A Session                                                                               SEPTEMBER 2007.

                                                                                                                           The fee paid is non refundable.
                                                                                                                           However         substitution        of
Ir. TL Chen has over 28 years experience in the Building Services Industry, and is currently a practising                  participants(s) will be permitted
Consulting Engineer. He is a member of the Ministry of Housing & Local Government’s Working                                with approval by IEM. In view of
Committee on CCC. Chen is also the chairman of both BEM’s and ACEM’s CCC Working Groups. He                                the limited places available,
recently completed a CCC roadshow for ACEM members throughout the country and had also been invited                        intending participants are advised
by BAM, BEM, PAM and MBAM to present talks on “CCC: Its impact on Architects / Engineers /                                 to send their registration as early as
Contractors”.                                                                                                              possible     so    as     to    avoid
Ir. Fong Tian Yong is currently the Advisor to Minister of Housing & Local Government. He is also the                      The      Organising       Committee
drafting committee member of amendment to ‘Uniform Building By- Laws’ on introduction of Certificate of                    reserves the right to alter or change
Completion & Compliance to replace certificate of fitness of occupation. Currently, Ir Fong Tian Yong is                   the programme due to unforeseen
the Editor of Bulletin Ingenieur, Board of Engineers Malaysia and a member of Professional Practice                        circumstances. Every effort will be
Committee of the Board of Engineers, Malaysia.                                                                             made to inform the registered
                                                                                                                           participants of any changes.

  BEM/IEM/ACEM MEMBER : RM40.00                                 NON - MEMBER : RM50.00
                                                                                                            The seats for the talk are limited and
Engr. PE Chong                                                                                                 registration will be on A FIRST COME
Chairman                                                                                                       FIRST SERVED BASIS.
IEM Standing Committee on Professional Practice (PPC)
                                                  REGISTRATION FORM (FAX TO: 03-7957 7678)
                                       HALF-DAY TALK ON “CCC: Its Impact on Engineers” 7th September 2007
Organisation / Com:_______________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________

Tel Off/HP ________________________                Fax:____________________________                    Email __________________________

We wish to enrol the following person(s) to the Talk
   No Name (s)                                                                         M/ship No.           Grade               Fee (RM)

                                                Total Payable

Enclosed herewith a crossed cheque No ______________________for the sum of RM__________ issued in favour of The Institution of Engineers,
Malaysia Account. I/We understand that the fee is not refundable if I/we withdraw after my/our application is/are accepted by the Organising
Committee but substitution of participants will be allowed. If I /we fail to attend the course, I/We will settle the registration in full.
Contact person: _______________________Designation: _____________________Signature: _________________________Date: ___________

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