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   Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest handset to come from the house of the South Korean giant. This
    handset mirrors the rapid development in the smartphone world.

   What makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 so successful? There are a lot of reasons behind its success.

   First, the huge 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen smears the division between a traditional smartphone
    & a slate. It's astonishingly larger than the iPhone 4S's 3.5-inch panel, & this makes this smartphone a
    perfect platform for relishing in latest games, viewing videos, accesssing the internet, or plainly typing
    & utilizing the phablet's everyday attributes. Super AMOLED is an improved technology that
    consequences in displays that are brighter than usual LCD displays, flaunts improved contrast &
    work with less battery power. The display is High Definition as well, churning out a resolution of
    720x1280 pixels, again beating the iPhone's Retina display.

   The next aspect to cherish is the Galaxy S3's quad-core central processing unit. With every core
    working at an incredible 1.4GHz, this handset is a powerhouse that can easily run demanding
    applications & showing super-smooth video & graphics. A huge 1GB of RAM supports this as well.
    The smartphone also arrives with up to 64GB of integrated memory space, thus there will be no
    scarcity of storage for applications, songs and video.

   The Galaxy S3 works on Google's Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS and an update to Jelly Bean (v4.1)
    is anticipated soon. Apart from this, the South Korean mobile phone maker has incorporated their
    own TouchWiz UI. This brings some enthralling enhancements, such as "S Voice", an improved
    speech recognition interface. S Voice is in many manners same to the Apple's Siri, & allows users to
    give voice commands to their smartphone. The Asian giant has also included other attributes into the
    user interface making this phone to be one of the smartest devices in the market. For instance, the
    Galaxy S3 utilizes the snapper to detect when user is working on the smartphone, & use this
    information to halt the display from going dark.
   Battery life is also a strongpoint of the smartphone. Whilst all of the latest phones are
    struggling with battery life, the Galaxy S3 possess a much bigger battery than the
    majority, & will effortlessly make it through an entire day.

   The snapper is astonishing as well. With 8 MPs and a full 1080p HD video recorder, it is
    certainly a match for the most excellent camera phones. Innovative attributes such as
    burst shot automatically clicks eight photographs simultaneously & the snapper picks
    the best one for you.

   Galaxy S3 is outfitted with several superb connectivity attributes as well, with all
    essential features included. It is a 3G-enabled smartphone with HSDPA for swift data
    downloading & uploading, apart from Wi-Fi connectivity. It also comes with USB &
    Bluetooth, a usual headphone connector & the capability to wirelessly connect with a
    HD TV. It also has Near Field Communication, which is the latest wireless technology
    that could allow secure payments with the smartphone in the upcoming few years.

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    the best Samsung Galaxy S3 deals.

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   Samsung contract phones are riding high on the legacy of its predecessor.

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Description: Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest handset to come from the house of the South Korean giant. This handset mirrors the rapid development in the smartphone world.