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					Research Aarkstore Enterprise Mobile Marketing in
India: Opportunity Analysis and Forecast 2012-2017


Mobile has dramatically changed the way Indians engage in the Internet with profound
changes to day-to-day behavior including networking, shopping, entertainment,
commerce etc. One of the changes poised to represent a rather significant Value-added
Service (VAS) application is mobile marketing. With the world's third-largest Internet
user-base at over 137 million, brands and advertisers can greatly improve their reach by
targeting consumers via the mobile channel. The Indian middle class consumer is
anticipated to grow to 300 million. With its current 930 million cellular phone users, this
represents a considerable addressable market for targeting advertisements, anytime,
anywhere within the Indian subcontinent.

This research evaluates the Indian mobile marketplace including the impacts of 3G and
mobile VAS applications. The report analyzes the unique mobile marketing ecosystem in
India with a focus on the major players and a value chain evaluation. The report assesses
the competitive advantages and challenges of entering the Indian mobile advertising
marketplace. The research also addresses growth drivers and provides case study

The report provides analysis of the potential for marketing within the very important the
rural and less affluent demographic, which is a very important segment due to the large
population of users in that class. The report provides market projections for various key
aspects within mobile marketing including mobile VAS usage and mobile user behaviors.
The report concludes with strategic recommendations critical for anyone within the
Indian mobile marketing ecosystem.

Selected Report Findings:

Mobile Ad Spending will reach INR 1725.64 by 2017
77% of Mobile Internet User are heavily using Apps to ease their daily lives
73% of Mobile Subscriber performing multiple function in mobile while they watching
3G subscriber will grow by 30% CAGR in coming 5 years and continue to be important
to mobile marketing

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