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Ferocious Vikings Andrew


									Ferocious Vikings

     Andrew M.
                Early History
• The early Vikings originated in the countries Norway,
  Denmark, and Sweden .These three countries are
  commonly called Scandinavia.
• The name Viking comes from the word Vikingr, which
  meant “pirate.”
• During the 9th and 10th centuries A.D.the Vikings
  invaded countries throughout western Europe.
• The Vikings were also known as the greatest seafarers
  of their age.
  How did the Vikings live?

• Farmers grew barely and oats for bread.
• Farmers also grew corn ,peas, onions, garlic, and cabbages.
• Vikings drank a lot of beer at both
  everyday meals and feasts with friends.
• The women brewed the beer from malted barely.
                  Daily Viking Lives
• Most Viking men were farmers or fishermen.
• Vikings lived with their families in structures called
• The longhouses were usually built near water.
• The living room was the most important room of the Viking
Viking Boys
              • Until Viking boys were five years old
                their parents raised and cared for
              • By working side by side Viking boys
                learned how ton raise and grow
              • Boys were taught to be skilled
              Viking Women
• Viking woman were
  expected to do all the
• Girls were taught to
  spin wool and flax to
  make cloth.
• Most girls didn’t go
  on raids.
  Short History Of The Viking Longship

• The average length of the   • The Drakkar was very
  Drakkar was 28 meters.        sturdy and flexible.
• The Drakkar was             • The drakkar is also
  constructed using the         known as the
  clinker design.               Longship.
• The prow ornament was       • At night the sail was
  removed at sea.               removed.
Early Vikings
                     The Knarr
• The Knarr was not long, sleek and built for speed like the
• Under full sail the Knarr could travel at 10 knots.
• The Knarr was constructed in the clinker method.
• The Knarr was used to haul cargo long distances.
             Viking facts
• The height of Viking culture lasted just
  about 400 years.
• Viking warriors believed that fighting
  brought glory to their families.
• The Vikings enjoyed playing games and
• From A.D 800-900 Vikings raided
  Spain, Italy, North Africa, Germany, and
                       Viking Gods
• Tiu is the god of war and battles and was missing one
  hand.Tuesday is named for this god.
• Thor is the god of thunder and was the eldest son of Odin
  and he protected humans against the dangerous giants.
• Hela is the goddess of death and the underworld.Hela’s body
  was half flesh-colored and half blackish blue.
             More Viking Gods
• Fernis is the Vicious wolf and was another of Loki’s children.
• Balderis was the most beloved God and was the handsome
  and wise son of Odin and Frigga. The first day of the week,
  Sunday, is named after him.
• Odin was the God of death, war, and wisdom. He lived in
  his castle, Valhalla.
• Loki was the trickster God.

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