Checklist for Special Education Teachers

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					To:    Bensalem Township School District Teachers of Special Education
       Bensalem Township School District Principals
       Bensalem Township School District Guidance Counselors

From: Brian Cohen, Director of Special Education
      Cheryl Kaufman, Supervisor of Special Education
      Ed Sczesniak, Supervisor of Special Education
      Ellen Wademeyer, Supervisor of Special Education
      Agnes Romano, Supervisor of Special Education

Date: August 26, 2010

RE:    Getting the school year started checklist and resource guide

Welcome Back! The 2010-2011 school year greets us all with a new beginning of the
school year. In an effort to assist and support your beginning of the year responsibilities
as IEP case manager, the following checklist provides the list of tasks to be completed
and how to complete them.

___ Review your class list and locate the current IEP and progress monitoring binder for
     each student. (Should you need binders please email your request to Diane Litwin)
___ Review ER/RR for each student to become familiar with each student’s strengths
    and needs. (copies can be found in the students confidential folder in the counselor’s
    office for elementary and middle schools and Dr. Barretts office for BHS)
___ Review IEPs:
           o Determine related services – contact the therapists/nurse/personal care
               assistant (PCA) and be sure they have copies of the IEP; note students
               who have curb to curb transportation and be sure it is listed under the
               related service section as SPECIAL TRANSPORTATION.
           o Daily logs will need to be completed for students assigned personal care
               assistants; logs will be sent to you from the special education secretary for
               you to disseminate to the PCA. Logs will be sent to the Dept Chair at
               BHS to be disseminated.
           o Provide copies of and explain accommodations and modifications with
               general education teachers including specials and elective teachers.
           o Note the annual due date – The IEP invitation letter must be received by
               the IEP team a minimum of 10 days prior to the meeting. There are no
               regulations stating the IEP meeting cannot be held weeks prior to the
               expiration date. Always begin setting up the IEP meeting several weeks in
               advance. There is no penalty for holding the IEP meeting early. There
               should NEVER be an IEP out of compliance for dates. IEPs are written
               using IEP Writer.
           o Review goals and specially designed instruction to be implemented.
           o Review explanation of extent of LRE calculation and compare to student’s
               schedule. Address discrepancies with principal and supervisor to adjust
               schedules or revise IEP through the revision process.
___ Inventory your probes making sure you have all appropriate materials.

___ Review your class list in AIMSWeb and….
         o keep any student who remains on your 09-010 class list.
         o file any former student who no longer is on your class list.
         o Add any new student to your AIMSWeb class list.
         o New norms are attached and dated; they can all be downloaded from
            AIMSWeb. Please discard any outdated norms.
         o Fuchs & Fuchs norms are used for the Fuchs & Fuchs math computation
            and application probes.
         o See Progress Monitoring section (AIMSWeb info form) of the Special
            Education Manual for detailed instructions on completing the above.

___ Implement Probes (as per IEP goal) to establish a new baseline; all September
    baseline probes should be administered and add data into AIMSWeb by Friday,
    September 24, 2010; continue to administer probes and data added to AIMSWeb
    weekly/bi-weekly; use intervention points as needed. Use students and /or patterns
    of error to guide decision making toward type of intervention.

___ IEPWriter class lists will be updated as quickly as possible and will be completed
    by the DO special education administrative assistant. Please review the list and
    email any discrepancies to the DO special education administrative assistant. Diane
    Litwin x:4010, Teresa LaPolla x: 4111, & Ronnie Ritter x:4112.

___ As students with IEPs register in your building, documents need to be reviewed and
    services implemented as soon as possible. The following are the procedures for all
        o The building Administrative Assistant should ask each registrant if their
            child has ever received special education services; if yes, special education
            documents are requested; if parents have documentation, the Administrative
            Assistant is to make copies and fax or email them to the special education
            office Administrative Assistant and appropriate special education
            supervisor. If the parent does not have the records, the request for all
            special education records should be added to the release of information. The
            special education records include but are not limited to the original ER, most
            recent RR, IEP and NOREP. The Administrative Assistant will email the
            principal, special education supervisor and counselor notifying them of new
            special education registrants. The registrant building Administrative
            Assistant will follow-up on obtaining the special education documents from
            the sending school district. Once obtained, the building administrative
            assistant will send the records to the special education office. The guidance
            counselor should also retain a copy of the records and share them with the
            special education teacher.

___ Special education teachers and school psychologist will use IEPWriter for all
    special education documentation from invitation letters to re-eval reports.

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