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Custom Vinyl Letters

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					     Sign Lettering To Promote Your Business

Businesses thrive on their recognition and branding. No matter what the scale of the
business is, it needs to create an identity for itself in order to reach out to potential
clients or customers. Most businesses rely on advertising as a way to reach their
audience. In the advertising world there are many options that a business can choose.
There is television, radio, internet, print media, newspapers, magazines and many
other choices. However, these can prove to be a heavy burden on the budget and
supply a limited amount of exposure. Another medium of advertisement is using vinyl
lettering, window signs, truck lettering, boat lettering etc. This is perhaps one of the
most cost effective and potent form of advertising.

Endless numbers of businesses have used custom vinyl lettering successfully to
brand their business. Vinyl lettering has been a success because of its affordability
and long life in comparison to the other types of advertising. In addition, it is very
easy to get vinyl lettering done. You can use vinyl letters for advertising, putting up
“For Sale” signs, putting up the schedule of any operations/event, or even promote a
specific product or service. Vinyl lettering is also used for putting on registration
numbers on boats and vehicles like trucks and cars.

Vinyl car and truck lettering is also a great way to advertise your products or
services. If you have a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles running for your business, you can
always use the blank space on the vehicle for advertising. Not only is this a very
affordable method of advertising but also has a very widespread reach and provide
continuous advertising for the life of the product. The name of your business will be
seen anywhere the vehicle(s) go. You can be even more creative and think outside
the box – for example if you do not own a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles for your
business, you can always contact a taxi company to rent out the space on their

When using sign lettering, you need to carefully choose the color and the font(s) of
the letters that are used. The color of the text should be noticeable and should be in
strong contrast with the background. Whatever color that you use, should not
compromise the visibility of the text. The same goes for the font of the text. Some
fonts look good on paper but when enlarged, they may not have the same effect. The
font and the color used should only enhance the visibility of the text and should be in
coherent and reflective of the nature of the business.

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