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					         Standards Aligned Systems Portal Training
                        Bensalem Township SD
                            May 18, 2010

Two two-hour sessions (identical):
9:15 – 11:15
11:30 – 1:30

   1. (Lindsey - 10 minutes) Introductions and Access Prior Knowledge
          a. Introduce ourselves
          b. Who’s in the room – elementary, secondary, specialists?
          c. What is your prior knowledge of SAS and the portal?

   2. (Mike - 5 minutes) Purpose of SAS and purpose of the workshop
         a. time to explore, guided exploration
         b. not just about getting the answer to the scenario – getting lost
            is ok!

   3. (Lindsey - 10 minutes) Overview – walk through the tabs, navigation
      of the site

   4. Scenarios for Exploration of the Site (4 rounds of scenarios- 15
      minutes for each scenario, followed by whole group sharing and

         a. As time allows – might have time for 4, might have time for all
         b. We will choose, based on who is in the room, which scenarios
            to utilize with the group.

  1. As a [content _______, grade level _____] teacher, you are curious
     how the standards develop for your students prior to your grade
     level and then following your grade level or course. What
     information is available in the SAS website to help you learn more
     about the vertical nature of standards in your content area?
         a. Intent: get teachers exploring the ‘Vertical Viewer’
  2. You are a brand new teacher in Pennsylvania. Your are curious to
     see a sample ‘model’ curriculum to help you get a sense of what a
     standards-aligned year of instruction might look like for your content
     area and grade level. What information is available in the SAS website
     to help you with this?
         a. Intent: get teachers exploring the Curriculum Framework.
3.   You are teaching a course that will soon include a Keystone Exam as
     the end-of-course final exam. You are curious how much of your
     current instructional plan you will need to change in order to align to
     the new Keystone Exam. What information is available in the SAS
     website to help you with this?
         a. Intent: 1) Get teachers to select a specific course and view the
            Curriculum, 2) Get teachers to locate the Keystone Exam
            blueprint for their selected course.
4.   You are a [content ___, grade level ___] teacher with an increasing
     number of English Language Learners in your class. Where might
     you look for help to support your English Language Learners in terms
     of instruction and assessment in your content area?
         a. Intent: for teachers to locate and explore the ELL Overlays for
            Math and Language Arts.
5.   You are a middle school social studies teacher and your students will
     be learning about the great depression. Where might you find ideas
     on assessment and possible questions for a test?
         a. Intent: for teachers to explore the fair assessments section and
            use the assessment creator.
6.   You are a teacher of French, Italian, German or Spanish.
     Pennsylvania has not approved standards for world languages, but
     you would like to know what web-based resources are
     recommended for use in learning a world language.
         a. Intent: for teachers to browse standards and locate a web-
            based resource.
7.   You are a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher and your
     curriculum framework and materials need revision. As part of your
     preparation, you would like to have an overview of state standards.
     Which of these features of the SAS website would be most helpful to
     you: Browsing the standards, accessing the Vertical Viewer, or
     Viewing the Standards?
         a. Intent: for teachers to compare/ contrast the different
8.   Your middle school has not made AYP for two years, due to the
     number of students scoring at basic and below basic levels in
mathematics. How do you know what will and will not be tested in
the 6th/ 7th/ 8th grade PSSA?
   a. Intent: for teachers to explore assessment anchors and eligible

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