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                     (Hours of Operation for Cardrooms)

      AGENCY          RESPONDENT     CITY OR       HOURS         Ordinance                COMMENTS
                                     COUNTY                       YES/NO
                                                                             Cardroom may operate 24 hours a day,
                                                                             seven days a week. Hours of operation
Benicia P.D.       Margie Chavis       City    24 Hours            Yes
                                                                             shall be clearly posted to give adequate
                                                                             notice of hours.

                                                                             Recent public hearing to increase to 25
                                               24 Hours
Delano P.D.        Mark DeRosia        City                        Yes       tables and go to 24/7 operation. Council
                                               7 days
                                                                             approved. Ordinance pending.
                                                                             One cardroom since late 70s. Hours of
Emeryville P.D.    Ken James           City    24 Hours            Yes       operation may be 24 hrs. per day 7 days
                                                                             a week.
                                                                             Have a GMC section that allows only
Gilroy P.D.        Kurt Ashley                 24 Hours            Yes
                                                                             one permitted cardroom within city.
                                                                             State of California BGC has a
Hollister P.D.     Jeff Miller         City    6 a.m to 2 a.m.     Yes
                                                                             moratorium on granting licenses.
                                                                             Marina Club doors open 10:00 a.m. &
Marina             Anita Shepard       City    24 Hours            Yes       closes when game breaks. Mortimers is
                                                                             open 24 hours.
                                                                             Each gaming club shall adopt a
                                                                             schedule specifying its hours of
Marysville P.D.    John Osbourn        City    Up to 24 hrs.       Yes       operation. Must clearly post a schedule
                                                                             specifying it hours to give adequate
                                                                             notice of the hours of operation.

                                                                             Contac DOJ Field Representative Dina
Paso Robles P.D.   Robert Burton       City    No Set Hours        Yes
                                                                             Kenney for any info.
                                       24 Hours
Salinas P.D.   Manuel Perrien   City                      Yes     Council voted against P.D.'s advise.
                                       7 days

                                                                  Licensee may set hours of operation up
Turlock P.D.   Robert Jackson   City   Unknown            Yes     to 24 hours a day but consistantly daily.
                                                                  Must be clearly posted.

                                                                  In no event shall City Council authorize
                                                                  any cardroom to operate more than 148
Ventura        David Wilson     City   9 a.m to 2 a.m     Yes     total hours during any one week period.
                                                                  In addition they cannot operate between
                                                                  0200 hrs. and 0900 hrs. daily.

Visalia P.D.   Colleen Mestas   City   Unknown          Unknown   Check with Clovis

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