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									IIA Newsletter                               June 2005                                    Page 1 of 5

                                        IIA Newsletter
                                    Institute of Internal Auditors Belgium
 June, 2005                                                                                             Issue 2005/5

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Dear Readers,

The last 2 months have been very active for IIA Belgium with the start up of 2 new round tables, the training on
Quality Assessment and our annual conference about the New Challenges for the Internal Audit.
There are other new activities planned for this autumn and you will find out about some of them in the newsletter.

In order to guarantee a service during the summer period, we have hired a student that will do her best to assist

We wish you very relaxing vacation and we are looking forward to meeting you in September.

Your Editor                                                  Your president
David Van Hauthem                                            Els Hostyn
e-mail :        
IIA Newsletter                                  June 2005                                     Page 2 of 5

                                          Upcoming Education Program :

                                      Introduction to Internal Audit
                                         Second Semester 2005
If you are interested that IIA Bel organizes this training in French, please contact :

If you would like in House Training or are interested by specific trainings, please contact :

                                         Upcoming events of IIA Belgium

□      Second meeting of the Round Table Fraud : first meeting with all sectors on June 16, meetings by sector in
       September based on the 10 priorities decided.

□      Start of the Round Table Benchmarking for Industrial companies : GAIN questionnaire under completion
       before comparison of best practices in the different domains.

□      Next meeting of the Round Table Small Audit Shops in September : ACL demonstration foreseen.

□      Publication workgroup : we look for candidates in order to prepare a publication about “ the combined
       internal assurance”- Many departments are busy with internal control, risk management but who is doing
       what ?
       Interested to join the club, looking for CPEs, please contact :

□      Book your agenda for September 14 evening. Event together with Extraordinary General Assembly : a
       good occasion to remain in the “vacation moon” while fulfilling the legal requirements and meet peers.
       IIA Bel will inform you shortly about the details but you will be able to visit the very interesting exhibition
       of “Made in Belgium”.


                                                IIA Belgium corner

□      We will offer limited services from July 8 to August 15. A student has been hired and will be available everyday
       from 9 am to 12.30 a.m. We do apologize for the inconvenient.

□      The position paper :” Internal Auditor is your essential partner in Governance, Risk and Controls” is available
       beginning July in French and Dutch. If you want some copies, please contact : .

□      Publication of the position paper in Kluwer, Banking & Finance. Advertising of the Position paper at many Belgian

□      New website under preparation. Any suggestion : send them by email at
IIA Newsletter                                June 2005                                    Page 3 of 5

                                              Membership corner


Currently + 23% compared to the end of last year. Welcome to the new members !

                                              Certification corner
The Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA) had a lot of success : …………………….. participants in May.
So far there are ……………………………….certified in Belgium

The Certification in Control Self-Assessment (CCSA®)
The Certified Financial Services Auditor (CFSA®)


                                             Interesting articles !

□      IIA First Global Technology Guide : the guide covers technology topics (security & control insurance) and risk
       management. Download the electronic version at

□      IIA Commonly requested Internal Audit Guidance : internal audit role, information technology, enterprise risk
       management, questions for directors, best practices. Download electronic version at

□      A brochure for the Head of the Audit Committee : Assurance Briefing from IIA UK and Ireland. Download at

□      “Een andere kijk op de audit van een bankkantoor met het EFQM Excellence Model” , Patrick Nuytten,
       Thesis MIA, Fortis Bank. Summary at

□      “Section 404 : Scrutinizing the Past, Prospecting the future”- Auditwire -Download at

□      Position paper of IIA NL : “De Internal Auditor in Nederland” – Brochure available at E-mail:

□      How to create a corporate culture ? A call for character and integrity. Tone at the Top, IIA Inc, June 2005.
       Download at ….

□      Resourcing alternatives for the Internal Audit function – Points to consider when evaluating outsourcing
       alternatives- IIA Inc position paper, June 2005. Download at
IIA Newsletter                                      June 2005                                          Page 4 of 5

□        Practical consideration regarding Internal Auditing expressing an opinion on Internal Controls- Different
         types of opinions-wording to be used-IIA Inc Position paper, June 2005. Download at

                                                    Interesting books !
□        Auditor's risk management Guide, integrating auditing and ERM, edition 2005 - Paul J. Sobel, CPA, CIA

This book is a practical and comprehensive guide designed to give auditors the tools to develop better risk management
techniques and perform risk management-based audits. The Auditor's Risk Management Guide is organized into two parts: risk
management-based auditing and 10 case studies. Part one provides a broad understanding of corporate governance, ERM
principles, and different auditing approaches. Part two illustrates both the risk management-based audit methodology and tools
in different audit scenarios, beginning with business risk assessment and working through common audit area's , including close
the books, inventory, procurement, accounts payable, accounts receivable, quality assurance, payroll and fixed assets. This
guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to execute the risk management-based audit methodology. I bought the book
from the IIA bookstore. Should you want to view the book or have more detailed information you can contact me on

□        Factors Affecting Corporate Governance and Audit Committees in Selected Countries (France,
         Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States) Bahram Soltani, Ph.D.

The issue of corporate governance and committees related to it and their impact on corporate performance have continued to
gain widespread prominence in the capital market economy. Strong actions have been undertaken in both the United States and
the European Union to enhance the public confidence in the area of governance. This new research study:

         Identifies significant differences in corporate governance and their impacts on corporate structures.

         Provides an overview of corporate governance and audit committees.

         Discusses the factors affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate governance and the audit committee.

         Reviews the major features of corporate governance and audit committees in the selected countries.

□        Internal Auditing: An Integrated Approach Richard Cascarino and Sandy van Esch

The internal auditing function is being scrutinized to ensure sound corporate governance practice. Internal auditors, whether
they are employed by an organization or provide outsourced internal audit assurance services, have the ability to support
management to achieve responsible, accountable and transparent governance and risk management.
This book addresses the area of professional competence required of internal auditors. It is designed primarily for
undergraduate and postgraduate students intending to pursue a career in internal auditing, as well as those with a specialist
interest in governance, risk and control issues for organizations. The basic concepts, philosophy, and principles underlying the
practice of internal auditing are covered. In addition, students will gain knowledge and understanding of the nature of an
organization, risk management, and the role of internal auditing in the public and private sectors.

                                                     Marketing corner

□        ECIIA Conference-Cyprus-October 13-15 2005
IIA Newsletter                                   June 2005                                        Page 5 of 5
The annual Pan European ECIIA Conference is a valuable experience for us all: It provides a forum, where we, the
European Internal Auditors have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas. It allows us to discuss our business
concerns and envisage solutions for practitioners, professionals and academics alike. There will be 3 tracks :
Internal Audit and Risk Management, Fraud and World Class Audit

If you want more information :

□     New Job offers on the website : visit offers :
  o    Internal Audit at Suez
  o    Internal Audit at Umicore
  o    IT Auditor for Basler
  o    Senior Internal Auditor for Ernst & Young
  o    Internal Audit Professionals via Robert Walters

□     “L’auditeur interne et le management des systèmes d’information”- Training of IFACI - more information

About IIA Newsletter – IIA Newsletter is published 4 times a year and distributed to over 850 IIA Belgium members. Its
goal is to keep you informed of what is happening in internal audit globally, provide up-to-date information on important
developments, people and events in all countries around the world.

Your input is important! Please send news items, story suggestions, your comments to
                                 This publication is provided to IIA Belgium members only.

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