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Bemidji Area COA Meeting Minutes 20 JUL 2011


									                                            Bemidji Area COA Meeting Minutes

Date:                    07/20/2011
Time:                    1200 Central Time
Place:                   Teleconference
Attendees:               LCDR Bonnie LaFromboise, LCDR Verdugo, LCDR Udby, LCDR Mohr, LCDR Rose, LCDR Anderson, LT Gorz, LT Smith

         Old Business:
          Issue                                               Discussion                                     Responsible Party           Deadline
                            Meeting called to order at 1202 by LCDR LaFromboise.
    Conference Call         Dial 877-358-8686 in order to access COA meetings.                            President                    Continuous
                                                                                                              LCDR Bonnie LaFromboise
                            When prompted, the conference code is 2561416772.                             Vice President
                                                                                                              LCDR Michael Verdugo
                                                                                                              LCDR DeAnne Udby
                                                                                                              LT Dena Smith

    Approve                 Balance reported as $1242.56                                                  LCDR Udby                    Continuous
    Treasurer’s             Credit $170.19 for Water Bottle Sales
    Report                  Debit $8.96 for Conference Calls
    Retirement Gifts        None reported                                                                 NA                           Continuous

    Bemidji Area COA        Email any pictures to LT Phil Gorz,                       LT Gorz                      Continuous
    Website                 Nothing new to report. No pictures received yet.
    Water Bottles           Inventory of 20 donated to WEHC, 27 were sold and 53 remaining. Discussion    LT Kostamo not               Continuous
                             of who has the money, S& H, and deposits. LCDR Udby will send a deposit       available
                             ticket to LT Kostamo. (not discussed)
    Donations               None requested                                                                NA                           Continuous
    COF Committee           COF scholarship donations done                                                LCDR Udby                    Closed
                            LT Anderson volunteered to review and rate scholarship applications for the
                             COF Committee
    COF Symposium           In New Orleans June 20-23 2011                                                NA                           Closed
                            No one present attended Symposium
                                         Bemidji Area COA Meeting Minutes

Monthly Topic           No Topic this month as CDR Williams and Leah Dudley not available; LCDR             LCDR LaFromboise               AUG 2011
                         LaFromboise did speak with Leah Dudley and she agreed to be on the call                                            or SEP
                         today, Leah spoke with CDR Williams and she was to be on the call as well                                          2011
                        Discussed getting CDR Williams and Leah Dudley on next call
                        Discussed getting speaker/more information on “Space A” travel
Hat Sales               LT Scherling is looking for someone to take over the responsibility of the hat      LT Kostamo not                 Continuous
                         sales fund raiser, if interested, contact LT Scherling. LT Kostamo has voice that   available
                         he will assume the responsibility of this but if anyone wants to help it would be
                         accepted. (not discussed)
Fund Raising            Not discussed                                                                       NA                             Continuous
Bemidji Area COA        President LCDR Bonnie LaFromboise, 218-878-2132                                    If you are unable to           Continuous
Officer Contact                                                       attend meetings due to
Information             Vice President LCDR Michael Verdugo, 218-335-3200                                  work schedules, leave
                                                                            or deployments but
                                                                                                             would like to have
                      Treasurer LCDR DeAnne Udby, 218-983-6375                                             something discussed or
                                                                                have topics of interest
                      Secretary LCDR Dena Smith, 218-983-6375                                              please contact one of
                                                                                 the listed officers to the
                     Website Coordinator LT Philip Gorz                                                      left and they will bring it
                                                                                up at the next meeting.

     New Business:

      Issue                                             Discussion                                       Responsible Party                   Deadline
Bank Letter              LCDR LaFromboise signed letter and forwarded it on to LCDR Verdugo         LCDR LaFromboise                      AUG 2011 or
                          who signed it and forwarded it to CAPT Wyllie. LT Smith/LCDR Udby                                                SEP 2011
                          have not received letter yet.
                          Follow up with CAPT Wyllie on status.
                                     Bemidji Area COA Meeting Minutes

By Laws               LCDR Verdugo states we can get by laws approved if they are reviewed LCDR Verdugo                       AUG 2011 or
                       at least 15 days prior to a meeting                                                                     SEP 2011
                      Question on if they may be e-mailed vs. mailed to save time/money
Meeting                 Discussion on changing the meeting times to bi-monthly or                 Bemidji Area COA Officers   JUL 27 2011
Frequency                  quarterly. LT Smith sent out e-mail for officer input. Majority
                           request meetings be changed to either bi-monthly or quarterly. Will
                           make final decision at Officer meeting scheduled for JUL 27 2011 at
Social Gathering        LCDR Verdugo gathered information on Diamond Point Park in                LCDR Verdugo                JUL 27 2011
                           Bemidji, MN. It has tables/chairs, electricity, kitchen, indoors, holds
                           about 80 people, and near beach/park. $300 deposit and $200 fee.
                        Covered Pavilion in Bemidji, MN. It has tables, electricity, grills,
                           outdoors, holds 100 people, farther from beach/park. $200 deposit
                           and $100 fee.
                        Date suggested is Saturday SEP 17 2011, attendees agree Saturday
                           is better than Sunday for picnic
                        Suggestion of Itasca State Park for picnic by LCDR Rose; only $5-10
                           entry fee vs. $500 or $300. Covered with tables.
                        LCDR Verdugo to get more information on Itasca State Park

Officer Location          LCDR LaFromboise requests location of officers in Bemidji Area        LT Smith                      JUL 27 2011
                          LT Smith to follow up with numbers
Next Meeting              Next meeting will be held either Wednesday, AUG 17 2011 or SEP        LT Smith                      Continuous
                           21 2011 at 1200; LT Smith will send e-mail reminder after Officer
                           Meeting JUL 27 2011 at 0800
                          Meeting adjourned 1240 by LCDR LaFromboise

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