Cannon pirate by alicejenny


         Pirate Humor
Why did the pirate go to the Apple store?
To buy an Ipatch

Where did the one-legged pirate go for
        What did pirates want?
• Gold and other riches
• Supplies
• Ships
                 Pirate Vocabulary
• “Ye Scurvy Dogs”:
  derogatory towards crew
• “Arr!”: an exclamation
• “Avast”: stop and pay
• “Dance the Hempen Jig”: to
  be hanged
• “Hornswaggle”: to cheat
• “Scallywag”: a
  villainous/mischievous person
         More Pirate Humor
What happened to Bluebeard the pirate
 when he fell into the Red Sea?
He got marooned!
What kind of ships do pirates have
 problems with?
        Pirate Sloops & Schooners
•   Single Mast
•   Fast
•   Agile
•   Shallow Draft
•   75 Pirates
•   10-14 Cannons
•   Hit & Run Tactics
Pirate Schooner
               Pirate Brigantine
•   80 Feet Long
•   Fast
•   Deeper Draft
•   100 Pirates
•   10-20 Cannons
•   Best Choice for
           Pirates & Me Flags
• Intimidate the
• Cause Fear and
• Design was associated
  with a specific Pirate
                  Jolly Roger
• Original Pirate Flag
French term: “jolie
  rouge” meaning “pretty
This represented a
  RED flag meaning “no
  quarter” or fight to the
  death/no prisoners.
           Who was Blackbeard?
• Edward “Blackbeard”
• Infamous Pirate
• Only killed if confronted
• Queen Anne’s Revenge
• Killed by the Royal Navy
  on November 22, 1718
• Spear = violent death
• Dripping blood =
  tortuous death
• Hour Glass = time was
  running out
• Horns and cloven feet
  = paired w/Devil
     John Rackham (Calico Jack)
• English
• Wore light colored clothes
  from Calcutta, India:
  Calico Jack
• Ships Name: The Kingston
• Crew: Anne Bonny &
  Mary Reade
• Bahamian Islands
                  Anne Bonny
•   Irish
•   Plunderer
•   Cutthroat
•   Wife of Calico Jack
               Jack Rackham

• Skull = impending
• Crossed Cutlass =
  swift death
                 Stede Bonnet
• English
• Ship’s Name:
  Revenge/Royal James
• Virginia and Carolina
           Stede Bonnet
• Skull and Bone =
• Dagger/Heart =
  slow painful
              Pirate Humor
How could a pirate acquire a ship so cheaply?
It was on sail.

What’s it called when a pirate goes looking
 for treasure?
Booty Call!
               Pirate Weapons
• The short barrel of the
  Musketoon limited its
  accuracy, so it was
  only used at close
               Pirate Weapons
• Light and portable, the
  Pistol was the pirate's
  favorite weapon for
  boarding. Reloading
  was so slow that pirates
  often didn't bother,
  preferring to use the
  gun's hard butt as a
               Pirate Weapons
• The Cutlass’s short,
  broad blade was the
  ideal weapon for hand
  to hand fighting on
  board a ship.
               Pirate Weapons
• The Cannon originally
  made from Brass
• 1700’s made from
• Used to destroy a
  ship’s mast or sink the
           The Pirate’s Booty
• 1 Spanish Doubloon was
  equal to $120
• 1 English Pound was
  equal to $160
• 1 English Shilling was
  equal to $8
                 Pirate Math
• If Blackbeard was alive today, and wanted to
  buy $400 worth of pirate clothing and
  accessories at Pirate Booty “arr!” Us, how
  many Spanish Doubloons would he need?
Answer: 4
What would his change be?
Answer: 10 English Shillings
              Pirate Humor
What’s it called when a pirate’s sloop runs
It’s ship out of luck!
What does a pirate put on his peanut butter
Jelly Roger!
            Pirate Humor
What is a pirate’s worst nightmare?
A sunken chest with no booty!
What does a pirate and a pimp have in
They both say “yo ho, yo ho.”

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