bernardoaberilla-clan by xiaopangnv


									                                          Bernardo ~ Aberilla
                                                 ALEJANDRA ANGELES BERNARDO
                         BEN BERNARDO Landed Mar. 1966                               CRIS BERNARDO Landed Feb. 1966
                        Zamboanga City                                               Zamboanga City
                                                                                                    Married Gaspar Aberilla.,
   Married Isabel Rabadam , Landed Mar. 1966                                                        Landed Jun 1969, Zamboanga City
   Uwas, Albay, Children: Anthony                                                                   Children: Trisha & Troy.
   Derrick & Kevin.

                                               Mrs. Alejandra Bernardo, the Matriach of the
                                               Bernardo Clan arrived in Canada in 1968.

                                               She was the unofficial babysitter for the
                                               Bernardos, Aberillas and a few other families.
                                               She acted as treasurer for the original Senior
                                               Filipino Organization in Hamilton.

         Derrick’s |Family                     She passed away on Dec. 26, 1997, assured in
Jill Tyson, Devin, Nathan, Brandon             the knowledge that the clan will flourish in

                                                                                                         Troy ‘s Family
                                                                                                          Monica Alden,
                                                                                                         Jaden & Alden

                                                                Kevin’s Family
                                                             Leslie Speziale, Ewan

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