Ben_Franklin_Fil__in by xiaopangnv


									                                   Ben Franklin Fill in


Fill the blanks with the words from the box below to make the sentences true.

almanac           bifocals             diplomat              fins          Jefferson

library           postmaster           oldest                stove         volunteer

soap              lightning rod

1. Ben put two kinds of eye glasses together to make ___________.

2. In order to swim better, Ben made ___________ for his feet.

3. To help people use wood in a better way to heat their homes, Ben invented the

Franklin ___________.

4. To protect buildings from lightning hits, Ben invented the ___________ .

5. Ben’s father was a ___________ maker; he also made candles.

6. Ben started a ___________ fire department.

7. Ben wrote a book each year called “Poor Richard’s ___________ .”

8. Ben was the ___________ delegate to the Constitutional Convention.

9. Ben was the first ___________ general of the United States.

10. Ben served as a ___________ to France.

11. Ben started the first free ___________ in the nation.

12. Ben helped ___________ with the Declaration of Independence.

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