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									                               Ben Franklin
        Adapted from and Summer Productions, Inc.

                                   By Dawn Pyle

Goal/Aim/Purpose: To have a better understanding of Benjamin Franklin and his
accomplishments during his lifetime.

Play “Who Am I?” game
                             Ask the class to listen to clues and to raise their
                              hands when they know the answer
                             Call on the student for the answer

Instructional Objectives: The students will understand the following:
1) Ben Franklin is known, among other things, for his wit and wisdom.
2) Franklin published an almanac annually for 25 years.
3) He scattered proverbs, short sayings that spoke the truth, throughout the
4) Ben Franklin invented many things and never prospered from his inventions.
5) Franklin sought ways to improve the quality of life (by creating a fire
department, post office, hospital, schools)

Apprentice           indentured           proverb
Inventor             prosper

Materials: Copies of handouts, rubbing alcohol, water, drinking straws, water
bottles, modeling clay, food coloring

   1) Review vocabulary
   2) Pass out timeline of Ben Franklin’s life. (Handout) (Timeline taken from Ben
      Franklin’s Almanac)
   3) Discuss that Franklin was fascinated by many different things and was
      always looking how to improve the quality of life.
   4) Franklin didn’t like how fire was dangerous and damaging to people and
      things, so he created a fire department in Philadelphia.
   5) Discuss that Ben Franklin invented things to help improve the quality of life.
       For example, the Franklin stove to help save wood and to heat the room
   6) Franklin had a fascination with weather. He always looked for answers for
       his weather questions. For example, is lightning really electricity? He flew a
       kite with a key on it to get an answer for his question.
   7) Today we are going to be inventors and create a thermometer.
   8) I need for you to move into groups of 4. One person needs to get the supplies
       needed for the experiment.
   9) Look at the board for the directions of how to put the experiment together.
   10) After your group is done, answer the questions. (Handout)

Application: The students will research a different aspect of Ben Franklin’s life and
write a journal entry of their findings.

In Their Own Words, Benjamin Franklin by Peter and Connie Roop

The Ben Franklin Book of Easy and Incredible Experiments by Franklin Institute
Science Museum Book

B. Franklin, Printer by David A. Adler

Ben Franklin’s Almanac by Candace Fleming

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