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Ojibwe Culture Final Review


									                                       Ojibwe Culture
                                   Bemidji State University
                                   Final Exam Study Guide

Essay: You will be asked to answer one essay question. It will be one of the following:

    1. In The White Earth Tragedy Melissa Meyer claims that the process of removal
       and dispossession of the land caused a transformation of Ojibwe culture for many
       people at White Earth. It that true? How so or how not? Provide as many specific
       examples as possible from the reading and lecture material to show that you know
       how Ojibwe were dispossessed at White Earth and how that affected them.
    2. Many of the elders whose stories appear in Living Our Language speak about the
       connection of language and culture and the importance of the Ojibwe language.
       Drawing specific examples from that reading as well as any relevant lecture and
       movie material, answer this question. Why is the Ojibwe language important?
    3. In Like a Hurricane, Warrior and Smith offer a scathing criticism of AIM’s
       success in their civil (and uncivil) disobedience. Drawing specific examples from
       that reading as well as relevant lecture and movie material, critique Like a
       Hurricane. Were the authors correct in their evaluations of AIM? Why or why

Terms: You will be asked to identify several terms on your exam in one or two
sentences. Put down dates where appropriate. All terms will be taken from this list:

20 Points                                         Fred Tribble
AIM Legal Rights Center                           French-Indian War
AIM Patrol                                        General Allotment Act (Dawes Act)
American Indian Movement                          Ghost Dance
American Indian Religious Freedom Act             Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife
Bartolome de Las Casas                            Commission
Battle of Sugar Point                             Heart of the Earth Survival School
Bering Straight Theory                            Hernando de Soto
BIA Circular 1665                                 Hole in the Day (Bagone-giizhig)
Bishop Henry Whipple                              Indian Act
Black Hawk War                                    Indian Appropriation Act 1871
Bug-O-Nay-Geshick School                          Indian Child Welfare Act
Burke Act                                         Indian Citizenship Act
Butterworth v. Seminole                           Indian Claims Commission
Captain Richard Henry Pratt                       Indian Gaming Regulatory Act
Carlisle Indian Industrial School                 Indian New Deal
Chippewa National Forest                          Indian Police
Clapp Riders                                      Indian Reorganization Act
Colombian Exchange                                Inkpaduta
Commodity Program                                 Iroquois Wars (Beaver Wars)
Courts of Indian Offenses                         Jay Treaty
Dick Wilson                                       John Collier
Enrique                                           John Oberly
Eugenics                                          Johnson-O’Malley Act
Ex Parte Crow Dog                                 La Vérendrye
Ex Parte Standing Bear                            Leonard Peltier
Fox Wars                                          Lief Erickson
List of Indian Offenses
Little Crow
Little Earth Housing Project
Major Crimes Act
Manifest Destiny
Marshall Trilogy
Meriam Report
Minnesota Chippewa Tribe
National Coalition on Racism in Sports and
Native American Church
Native American Graves Protection and
Repatriation Act
Navajo Code Talkers
Nelson Act
Northwest Indian Commission
Ojibwe-Dakota Entente
Peace of Utrecht
Plenary Power Doctrine
Pontiac’s War
Protect American Rights and Resources
Public Law 280
Sandy Lake Annuity Fiasco
Santee, Nebraska
Stop Treaty Abuse
Thief River Land Cession
Three Fires Confederacy
Trail of Broken Treaties
US v. Kagama
US-Dakota Conflict
Usufructary Rights
Voight Decision
White Paper
Worcester v. Georgia
Wounded Knee

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