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Benjamin-Franklin-Web-Search by xiaopangnv


									Benjamin Franklin Web
 Task: Upon completion of this Web Search, you will write a
report on Ben Franklin. Your report will give information on his
life, his accomplishments, and on how his contributions affect
our country today.

Procedure: Complete each section. Record your
responses/findings on the Ben Franklin Worksheet.

I. Watch this short video about Benjamin Franklin.

On the assignment paper, write three facts you learned from
this short video.
II. Read the article and answer these questions. Write your
answers on the assignment paper that was provided.

1. In what year was Benjamin Franklin born?

2. Where was he born?

3. How many brothers and sisters did he have?

4. How old was he when he started working?

5. What was his first job? Did he like it?

6. He ran away to Philadelphia. What did he do there?
III. Ben Franklin invented many things. Here are some of
Ben’s inventions:

Which 2 inventions do you believe are Ben Franklin’s greatest
inventions? Why? Write your explanations in complete

IV. The armonica was Ben Franklin’s favorite invention.

Click here to play it.

Read the article about the Armonica and answer the following

  1. When did Franklin invent the armonica?
  2. How did he come up with the idea to create it?
  3. Why did he create it?
  4. Where did he get the name “armonica?”
V. Franklin was also famous for his writings. Use the following
link to answer these questions.

  1. What was Poor Richard’s Almanac?
  2. What was the first year it was published?
  3. What was Ben Franklin’s pseudonym? Why did he use a
  4. Why did Ben Franklin write Poor Richard’s Almanac?

VI. Ben Franklin wrote many aphorisms or wise sayings in Poor
Richard’s Almanac. Choose one of your favorite aphorisms and
explain what it means. Write your explanation in complete
VII. Write any other interesting facts you have learned about
Ben Franklin that you would like to include in your
informational report.

VIII. Now use the information you have learned to create a
paper that includes three paragraphs. Your paper should
include information about his life and accomplishments. The
last paragraph should explain how Ben Franklin shaped the
world we live in today.

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