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					                                      Benjamin Franklin’s Aphorisms

*Translate the aphorisms below:

                             Aphorism                                       Translation
          1.   To err is human, to repent
               divine, to persist devilish. [1742]

          2.   Buy what thou has no need of; and e'er long
               thou shalt sell thy necessaries. [1738]

          3.   He that pays for Work
               before it's done, has but
               a pennyworth for twopence.

          4. Creditors have better
             memories than debtors. [1736]

          5. He's a Fool that makes his
             Doctor his Heir. [1733]

          6. Genius without Education is
             like Silver in the Mine. [1750]

          7. Work as if you were to live
             100 Years, Pray as if you
             were to die To-morrow. [1757]

*Creating Aphorisms for Celebrities:

It seems that celebrities are constantly doing things that put them in the newspapers or in jail. They
would surely be benefitted if Benjamin Franklin was available to help ‘advise them’ about their folly.
Since he is currently unavailable, you will take his place. You and a partner will write 8 aphorisms for 8
different struggling celebrities. These aphorisms need to advise them on a current problem, while still
being witty and wise. Use today’s jargon/method of speaking and avoid reverting back to 1700’s dialect.

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