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       My name is Grant Brugger. I graduated from Slinger High School with high honors,

attended Ripon College for one year, am currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Stout

working on my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I got the honor of being a

Scholar Athlete for the WIAC Conference in the spring of 2011. Being a business major gives

me a great advantage of having a wide range of career opportunities I can pursue. The finance

area of business has always excited me most and I have the most experience with finance

including six semesters of accounting in high school and two semesters in college. My other

business experience comes during the summer of 2011 when I worked as part of the Special

Investigations Unit at West Bend Mutual Insurance. Through this internship, I gained valuable

experience in what the business world is like, and it also opened up my mind to possible careers

that I did not know existed.

       A business or finance career fits my lifestyle and personality perfectly. I see myself as a

very analytical person who is always looking at every detail. This helps in the business and

finance world as every detail counts, especially when it comes to numbers. It intrigues me to

learn about finance as everything new I learn can be applied to my own personal finance and

build me toward my potential career. With one real-life business experience down, I am now

looking forward to the next; it could be my future career.
West Bend Mutual SIU Referral:

       During my summer 2011 internship with the Special Investigations Unit at West Bend

Mutual Insurance, I was assigned many investigation referrals. Late in the summer when I

accumulated the most experience, I was assigned an advanced worker’s compensation case

which needed pre-surveillance work on an individual who was claiming injuries, but West Bend

was tipped off that the individual conducted water-ski lessons at a day camp. My responsibilities

for the case were much more important than any other case in which I have had. The pre-

surveillance work involved spending hours looking up the camp information and searching to

find the activities and dates of the camp. Once I found all of the details of the camp, I needed to

look up the easiest way in which a field investigator could film the area. I ended up finding out

that the area was heavily wooded and access from a state park boat launch was the only way to

access the area. Any detail I found that could help, I reported. When I finished my written

report, with supporting documents, maps, and pictures, I reported it to the investigators and claim

representative. SIU’s senior investigator reviewed the file as he would be handling it and gave

me feedback on my work. He stated I put together the pre-surveillance perfectly and if it was

escalated for surveillance, half of the vendor’s work would be completed thanks to all the detail

in my report. I am proud of this case, as it demonstrates my problem solving skills, analytics,

and attention to detail were used to the utmost of my abilities.
Business Financial Analysis:

       During my senior year of high school, I was enrolled in the first ever Independent Study

Accounting class at my school. Throughout the year I worked on analyzing financials and doing

corporate and managerial accounting. The end of the year project was to obtain the complete

financial report of a corporation of my choice, and do financial analyses of it including profit

ratios. I chose Under Armour as my company to research. I wrote a letter to the company

requesting a copy of the financial report. This was my first real world business writing exercise.

After obtaining the report, I went on to look at the trends, strategies, and ratios of the business

and its history. After completing my research, I put together a presentation showing what I

learned and what aspects of Under Armour I analyzed. This independent study class first

exposed me to large financial world by utilizing all the knowledge I acquired from the prior three

years of accounting. This project opened my eyes to business and finance.

Book Report:

       During my one year at Ripon College, I was enrolled in a class called Love in the

Western World. It is a literature and history classed revolved around Renaissance France. As I

explained, I am a very business, analytics, and number person and was dreading this class and

especially a book we had to read and do a paper on. At the time I did not realize that this class,

and specific book report, would be a turning point in my academic life. Before this project we

had a similar one in which I procrastinated and received a barely passing grade. On this one, I

was required to write specifically about a knight and over-all knighthood from that time. As I

could not afford another bad grade, I decided to push myself and work hard on this even though

it was something I just am not interested in. I read the book, and wrote the paper extra early to
have the teacher help me understand the literature. Working with her and other student editors, I

received an almost perfect score and earned an A on the report. The feeling was something I

never felt before because I realized what I could do as a student. It forever changed my view on

assignments and projects. Now I know that if I apply myself and work hard, I can accomplish

any task put in front of me.

                               Summary of Qualifications


          8 Semesters of accounting experience through class work
          Applied use of financial skills
          Strong analytical and problem solving skills
          Acute attention to detail
          Valuable work experience with West Bend Mutual Insurance
          Spring 2011 Scholar Athlete- WIAC Conference
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      Finance
      Leadership Skills
      Competitive Analysis
      Pricing Strategies
      Broad Business Perspective
      Problem Solving
      Superior Performance

Cover Letter on next page-
1021 Wilson Ave
Menomonie WI, 54751
September 23, 2011

General Mills, Inc.
P.O. Box 9452
Minneapolis, MN 55440

Hiring Manager,

Your careers tab located on the General Mills’ website led me to the “Financial Analyst Intern”
job posting. If you are looking for a driven leader with proven problem solving skills, then I
would be perfect for this job. With my summer of business experience and past studies in
accounting, I would adapt and prove myself to be a great addition to the General Mills team.

Now through my sophomore year of college and into my junior year, I have completed eight
total semesters worth of accounting classes. During my senior year of high school, after three
years of accounting study, I did a financial analysis project on a company’s financial report
which applied all my prior knowledge to break down corporate finance and gave me valuable
experience. In addition to the accounting background, I have experience in the business world in
being a part of the Special Investigations Unit at West Bend Mutual Insurance. On a daily basis
I analyzed the financials of certain individuals and business through online databases. This
experience will help me adapt greatly into the responsibilities I would have in the job you have

If given the opportunity to explain my skills in person, I know I could prove myself to be what
you are looking for in the Financial Analyst Intern position. I can be reached at any time
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday along with any time after 1:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays
at the number (262) 623-1980 to schedule an interview. I look forward to speaking with you.


Grant Brugger

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