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          September 18, 2012
7:30 AM - 7:50 AM    Student Council Mtg.
                                            Voice of Charger nation
                                            By Justine Clarke                                 to see and who may be on a mission from          ACT and your college search countdown to
8:30 AM - 3:30 PM    Junior Class Retreat   Editor-In-Chief                                   God.” Freshmen, you can learn this the easy      your personal list of stress. We seniors have

                                                                                              way, or Mr. Curry’s way, but you’re going to     been there, and we’re here to let you know
                                                           elcome back Chargers,              move. The next reason we highly dislike you      that your thoughts have been confirmed- it’s
          September 19, 2012
                                                             Let’s get this party started!    is because you ask questions out loud like,      a nightmare. If you need a shoulder to cry
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Chess Club                               The beginning of the year is all   “Who is Castro?” or “Has Great Britain ever      on, we’ll be here, but by appointments only;
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Key Club Meeting
                                                           about a fresh new start, a clean   fought England in a war?” Open a book and        we do have very busy lives you know.
                                            slate, turning over a new leaf, Kumbayas          read. Lastly, we highly dislike you because         “You are a strong, independent, black
                                            and Hakuna Matatas. It is going to be a great     of your insecurity. Maybe “highly dislike”       woman who don’t need no man to complete
          September 20, 2012                year. As a senior here at ACC, I would just       is the wrong phrase-we’re more saddened          you.” - Someone
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Council of                like to extend some advice to all the classes:    by it. Be an individual. Don’t lurk in the          I’ll admit, this quote has nothing to do
                  Administration               “Don’t be insecure girl. OWN that pony-        corners afraid and unsure; get involved in       with this article, but I felt like it needed to
                  Meeting                   tail! WORK that up-do!” – MadTv.                  school clubs, events, and show some school       be said. Senior-itas, we are almost there!
                                               Why is the sky blue? Was it the egg or         spirit, darn it!                                 Make sure you stay on track and watch out
          September 21, 2012                the chicken that came first? Why do people           “You better check yourself before you         for deadlines regarding colleges; a lot of
                                            hate freshmen? These are just a few of life’s     wreck yourself”- The Hangover                    Early Action deadlines for schools are due
7:30 AM - 7:50 AM    NHS Meeting            greatest mysteries, but I will try to answer         Dear sophomores, stop complaining about       November 1st, so don’t procrastinate! As
7:30 AM - 7:50 AM    Science &              the last. Students and teachers highly dislike    freshmen. You’ve been a sophomore for            you prepare for the future though, don’t
                     Outdoor Club           freshmen for three reasons. The first being       like a solid month now, you have no room         forget about the present. As a wise priest
                     Meeting                is that you constantly clog our hallways.         to talk. Wait until January, and then you can    always say, “Make sure you make Aurora
                                            It seems like you just kind of pace back          add some legitimacy to your statements.          Central better because you walked these
          September 24, 2012                and forth and then stop in the middle of          That is all.                                     hallways.” Encourage others, show leader-
                                            the hallway and say to yourself, “Well, this         “Help Me Tom Cruise! Help Me Oprah            ship in all of your actions, take healthy risks,
Start of Homecoming Week                    seems like a good spot; I think I’ll just stand   Winfrey! - Talladega Nights                      live. Do it all, because you can. Finally, have
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM NHS                      here with a group of my friends and act              Juniors, you are finally moving up in the     a fabulous year!
                   Walk-a-thon              oblivious to the death glares from passing        world. Congratulations. With this new found         With Love from your Editor-in-Chief,
                                            people who have places to go and people           freedom, you can now add the upcoming               J
          September 25, 2012

                                            Conventions take the stage
7:30 AM - 7:50 AM    Student Council

          September 26, 2012
8:15 AM - 9:15 AM    All School Mass        By Kyle Friedrich
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Chess Club                Staff Writer

                                               With the 2012 presidential election draw-
          September 27, 2012                ing near, both parties introduced the coun-
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Spirit Night             try to their candidates at their national
                                            conventions. The Republican convention,
          September 28, 2012                with its elaborately designed stage, took
                                            place during the last week of August in
End of Quarter I, Fall Term                 Tampa, Florida. The Democratic convention
1:55 PM - 2:50 PM Spirit Day/ Pep           took place the following week in Charlotte,
                  Assembly                  North Carolina.
                                               Tending to avoid talking about specific        Mitt Romney speaks at the Republican
5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Homecoming                policies that Mitt Romney would implement,
                  Football Games                                                              National Convention.
                                            there were three main themes of the Repub-
                                            lican National Convention. The first was to
          September 29, 2012                replace the image that has been generated         world, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio,
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Homecoming Dance         of Mitt Romney as an aloof businessman            who talked about the American Dream and
                                            with a more personal and caring being. The        how it’s time for a new leader who will help
                                            second, in theme with the Romney campaign         people reach it. And of course there was         Michelle Obama addresses the Demo-
                                            slogan “We believe in America”, was about         Clint Eastwood, whose speech was mainly a        cratic National Convention.
                                            American core values and how anyone can           talk with an imaginary Obama in which he
                                            make it in this country if they are willing to    said that he thinks it’s time for a new leader   tough choices every day and how he thinks
                                            work for it. The third was to talk about how      for the country.                                 Obama has done a good job taking them
                                            President Obama has failed to bring as much          The Democrats’ convention involved            on. Elizabeth Warren, who is running for
                                            recovery to the economy as was hoped for,         praising Obama’s record, criticizing Romney      the senate, talked about how the economy
                                            and to show that the Republican idea of a re-     and the Republicans, and advocating liberal      is rigged against the poor and middle class
                                            turn to more free- market enterprise is what      ideas. The parts of Obama’s record that were     and how Obama will level the playing field.
                                            this country needs. Mitt Romney’s speech          commonly praised were saving the auto            Former President Bill Clinton spoke about
                                            addressed the last two of these themes,           industry, Obamacare, and getting Bin Laden.      how America needs cooperation between
                                            while his wife, Ann talked about Mitt the         The convention had gay rights speakers and       the two parties, and said that Obama is the
                                            person. Vice presidential running mate Paul       advocates of abortion rights, such Planned       solution to the economy and healthcare, not

      Check us                              Ryan’s speech also talked about making it
                                            in America and how he and Romney will
                                            succeed where Obama failed. The keynote
                                                                                              Parenthood’s Cecile Richard’s and Sandra
                                                                                              Fluke, who advocates contraceptives being
                                                                                              part of healthcare.
                                                                                                                                               the Republicans.
                                                                                                                                                  Vice President Joe Biden talked about
                                                                                                                                               how Obama is a strong leader, how he
     out online!                            speaker, New Jersey governor Chris Chris-
                                            tie, delivered a speech about what America
                                                                                                 Michelle Obama talked about how Barack
                                                                                              is a person driven by a will to do good. Key-
                                                                                                                                               saved the auto industry, and how he made
                                                                                                                                               the choice to go after Bin Laden. President
                                            needs in a president, which sounded to many       note speaker Julian Castro, mayor of San         Obama talked about creating jobs by means
  www.auroracentral.net                     people like “Chris Christie: 2016”.
                                               Other notable speakers included former
                                                                                              Antonio, talked about how Obama is trying        of stimulus, creating a fair tax code, health-
                                                                                                                                               care reform, how he will invest in alternative
                                                                                              to help people to better their station in life
                                            Senator Rick Santorum, who talked about           through things such as education, with Pell      energy, getting Bin Laden, and the need to
            Submit and                      American values, former Secretary of              grants and the Dream Act. There was a video      invest in helping our students get a qual-
                                            State Condoleezza Rice, who talked about          speech by former President Jimmy Carter,         ity education and allowing more of them to
           read articles                    our responsibility as the leader of the free      who talked about how the president faces         go to college.

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2 CENTRAL TIMES                                                                                                                                                                September, 2012

    Central times staff                           Our generation’s day to live in infamy
    Editor-in-Chief: Justine Clarke               By Leanne Hay
    Website Manager: Luke Kearby                  Staff Writer
    Layout & Design: Rebecca Price
    Photographer: Julia Wright and                   Oxford, New Jersey, September 11th,
     Lauren Wiesbrook                             2001. I was six years old sitting in math
                                                  class learning how to multiply when the
                                                  principal walked in. School was closing
    Section Editors &
                                                  for the day, there was a “plane accident” he
    Senior Staff Writers
                                                  said. When I climbed in the car with my par-
    Editorials: Leanne Hay                        ents, there were tears and a lot of explaining.
    Arts & Entertainment: Justine                 Someone had hit the World Trade Center,
     Clarke                                       less than 50 miles from my house. Living
    Local & World News: Kyle                      that close to a national tragedy, everyone
     Friedrich                                    you know is affected by it.
    School News: Jared Friedrich                     At six years old, I didn’t recognize why
    Sports: Mitch LaVoy                           there were people standing on the sides of
                                                  the road just crying. But the next night at
                                                  a candle lit vigil at my parish, I realized
    Staff Writers: Jane Acevedo,
                                                  that my tiny community of 3,500 people
     Victoria Albert, Scott Becker,               had lost 67 to the terrorist attack. Look-
     Jared Cebudski, Isabella                     ing back, I remember candles lining roads
     Chapman, Elitania Ceciliiano,                and mourning in every corner of the town;
     Chloe Craft, Megan Crabb,                    we all knew someone who had been in
     Natalie Droeske, Oscar Gomez,                those buildings.
     Miriam Guzman, Lauren                           On September 11th, 2,977 victims lost
     Heyboer, Natalie Karafiat,                   their lives. We’ve all seen the videos, the
     Viviana Maldonado, Erin Maurer,              photos, and the suffering it caused. But what
     Melissa Niemiec, Haley O’Brien,              no one seems to remember is the unity that
     Emily Perez, Lauren San Diego,               followed. My dad once told me a story of
                                                  when he was boarding a plane soon after            liberty, our lives and our country. It didn’t      loss of the many that we lost, we should also
     Claire Wiesner, and Eileen                   9/11 and the man next to him turned to him         matter if you were a Democrat or Republi-          remember and learn from the unifying of our
     Witthoff.                                    and said, “If something happens, I’m going         can, Americans everywhere came together            country that occurred afterwards. God bless
                                                  to do what I have to. Are you with me?”            to fight a common enemy: the terrorists who        those who were at Ground Zero, helping
    Advisor: Mrs. Una Goldie                      This wasn’t a solo incident; people were           came and killed so many of our loved ones.         others or fighting for their own lives. But
                                                  lining up around the nation to protect our         So although we look back and mourn the             above all, God bless America.

           Enough                                                            Chick-fil-a,                                                                      Attention
          is enough                                                        a happy place                                                                       freshies!
By Chloe Craft
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                         By Leanne Hay
                                                              By Oscar Gomez
                                                                                                                                                     Staff Writer
                                                              Staff Writer

I  s it really possible to be sick of the holiday’s
   month before the actual day? The fact of the
matter is it’s probably not the merriment and                 E    verything always starts with
                                                                   one person, in this case it was
                                                                                                                                                     S   o you’re finally out of that awkward state
                                                                                                                                                         that we call middle school, and now you’ve
togetherness that makes us shudder, but the                                                                                                          entered into the mature halls of high school,
                                                              Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy.
nauseatingly crude commercialism shoved down                                                                                                         (or at least that’s what we strive for). There are
                                                              A couple months ago, Mr. Cathy
our throats. Jack-O-Lanterns illuminate the isles                                                    and support for both sides of the               a lot of lessons you’re going to learn over the
                                                              said in an interview that his com-
as we bid farewell to the dog days of summer, and                                                    same-sex marriage issue. So did                 next four years that will shape you in many
                                                              pany backs the traditional family
before we can dry the tears, Santa’s rosy-cheeked                                                    any of the sides come out “on                   ways. You’ll learn academic lessons, such
                                                              unit. This statement was said
elves infiltrate the store fronts. In order for Jolly                                                top”?                                           as converting moles and other stoichiometry
                                                              while speaking about a ministry
Ol’ Saint Nick to escape from the endless faux,                                                         It doesn’t seem as though                    problems (thanks, Mrs. Elgar!). From making
                                                              program called Winshape, which
pre-lit Christmas tree jungle, he has to follow a                                                    anyone came out on top. In fact,                lifetime friends to acquiring skills you’ll use
                                                              helps kids find scholarships and
plastic egg trail. Luckily, Valentine’s Day cards                                                    both sides came off as slightly                 in everyday life, high school will allow you
                                                              also helps foster children. It
litter the pastel-colored path, or somebody would                                                    foolish for their actions. Hun-                 to grow and make some of the best memories
                                                              was during this interview about
not be making Mrs. Claus’ nice list. The question                                                    dreds of people went out of their               you’ll ever have. However, there’s some wis-
                                                              the importance of family that
is, is it all truly necessary?                                                                       way to eat at this one fast food                dom you should be imparted with before you
                                                              eventually led Mr. Cathy to say
   Along with every holiday comes an absurd                                                          establishment in order to feel                  get too far along on that journey.
                                                              that his company was pro-family.
amount of shopping, and of course, how can we                 “I think we are inviting God’s         that their opinions were voiced,                   As every upperclassman knows by now, five
not get swept up in it all? The commercial indus-             judgment on our nation when we         and they were. I hope this means                minutes isn’t a lot of time. Because of that,
try begins advertising holidays far in advance to             shake our fist at Him and say ‘we      those same people will go out of                you need to know how to navigate the halls.
get people in a buying frenzy as soon as possible.            know better than you as to what        their way and propose some sort                 Always walk on the right side, don’t ever stop
If holiday décor is in plain sight, it is hard to             constitutes a marriage’ and I pray     of legislation that would prevent               in the middle, and pay attention. Unless you
resist. Holidays and special occasions are excit-             God’s mercy on our generation          same-sex marriage, or, maybe                    and your friends are convening on how to end
ing, and the excitement boils and bubbles for an              that has such a prideful, arrogant     these same people will sit down                 world hunger don’t hang out in the center of
entire 365 days. Companies all across the nation              attitude to think that we have the     and write passionate letters to                 the hallway. Also, be respectful of those around
realize this. It’s the perfect opportunity for stores         audacity to define what marriage       their congressmen asking him or                 you. If you see someone rushing to class trying
to peddle as much product as possible to the                  is about” was his quote. It was        her to please strike down any leg-              to get around you, let them pass. We all want to
eager crowd.                                                  this statement that people held on     islation that would make same-                  be courteous to each other.
   Target, Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Ulta, JCPenney,                  to on either side of the issue of      sex marriage possible.                             Secondly, respect the uniform. I know it’s
Kohl’s, American Eagle, Hollister, even grocery               same-sex marriage.                        So how did the supporters of                 not fashionable to have a knee-length skirt,
stores such as Dominick’s, and Meijer’s (basically               Whether or not those people         same-sex marriage do? They                      but after a detention or two, you won’t mind
any retailer or franchise under the sun) bombard              truly understood the context of        made their voices heard as well.                as much, (I speak from experience here). Also,
consumers with goods sporting festive ribbons,                the quote is still unknown. Then       They showed up with their                       keep your phone in the locker; it’s not worth
tassels, and ties months ahead of time. The goal?             not too many days later, mas-          partners and kissed. At this point,             $50 and a Saturday.
To distract customers from setting down their                 sive lines were seen circling          I have to take a step back and                     Try to make new friends besides just your old
checkbooks and realizing the true value behind                Chick-fil-a restaurants, all filled    ask myself what brought these                   junior high buddies. Get to know your teachers
holidays. We all experience the same circus act               with those who supported Dan           people here? Did it honestly take               (Hint: Mr. Scarbeary is ten times smarter than
year after year.                                              Cathy’s view on the topic of           the opinion of one man to fire                  you think and Mr. Curry isn’t quite as intimi-
   Enough is enough. The petty aspects stores                 same-sex marriage. The impor-          up these supporters of same-sex                 dating as he seems). Get involved; try out for
force us to digest even months in advance takes               tant fact here is that it’s Dan        marriage? Not only did these                    basketball, go to Science and Outdoor club,
away from the uniqueness of each holiday. A new               Cathy’s point of view. Sure, he’s      supporters of same-sex marriage                 or sign up to be a Central Times writer! Go to
holiday is nestled within a new season; it is a               the president of the company, but      act on the opinion of one man,                  homecoming and our football games, just try
special day to celebrate the fascinating beauty of            is he representing every single        but they also seemed to assume                  to keep busy. However, keep your priorities
each time of year- not the latest and greatest trend          one of his employee’s views? A         that all who worked at this fast                straight and keep what Mr. Krebs said in the
that is sweeping the nation. We need to relinquish            few days after this great support      food establishment shared the                   back of your mind.
the credit cards and appreciate the changing                  for Chick-fil-a occurred, a na-        same views as the company’s                        Above all, try to have fun. And if you ever
seasons and each day as they come, which is what              tional “Same-Sex Kiss Day” was         president. After the fire settles,              find yourself lost, with an unanswered question,
holidays represent, not the hottest sales. We each            organized by several LGBTQ             let’s all go eat a nice chicken                 or a genius idea, never hesitate to speak up!
would appreciate the holidays just the same with-             groups. So in the course of a few      sandwich at which ever fast food                Take every opportunity as a chance to learn and
out the boxes and bags weighing us down.                      days you had kissing, protesting       establishment we choose.                        grow. And of course, make this your year!
September, 2012                                                                                                                                                  CENTRAL TIMES 3

                                                    sChool news
   “Homecoming and all things related- help?”-Anon-
   It’s almost that time! Homecoming week is ap-
proaching fast and for the 200 new freshmen and
transfers out there, you may have a few questions about
how we do it here at ACC. Monday kicks off with
Walk-a-thon, which is one of my personal favorite days
because it gives me basically an extra day to finish my
homework. As Freshmen, you start the race after all the
other classes and when you begin, chances are you will
see Mrs. Remke finishing. Don’t be fooled though, the
course is long! Mrs. Remke just finishes early because
she has some mad, super-human running skills. Another
day that is celebrated is dress-up day and the rule is to
wear something church/ funeral appropriate- but not too
dressy like prom. Also, I don’t know what it is about
ACC, but there is some unwritten rule that girl students
don’t wear pants. Friday is the class colors day, and for
the freshmen, my apologies are extended. There is just
no way anyone can look attractive in all brown. Home-
coming week is all about showing school pride and
getting pumped about the big game and dance so make
sure you get involved and go all out for the themed
dress days such as super-hero/ neon day and events like
Mr. ACC and Powderpuff. Because just like the Hannah                                                Photo by Julia Wright                                              Photo by Julia Wright
Montana song, life’s what you make it. Go Chargers!                                Mr. Beiterman                                                       Mrs. Buckley
-The Boss

                                                             School changes bring
   And the big day is finally here. You’ve had an awe-
some week (at least if you’ve followed the advice from
above) and now you’re ready to get your groove-thang
on. But you have to make sure to be prepared so your
night doesn’t hit a snag.

                                                               new faces to ACC
   At this point, you’re pretty much locked in with the
date or group you’re going with. And we all have that
story about how you’re date pretty much sabotaged
your night; they just won’t dance, they ignore you for
someone else, etc. First of all, don’t be that person.
And secondly, don’t let it get to you. Dance with your
friends and even try to talk to people you normally          By Vivania Maldonado                       benefit of the third lunch is that the       his time there. He was also at Driscoll
wouldn’t; just have fun!                                     Staff Writer                               lunch lines are much shorter. Seating        High School in Addison for seven
   Make sure you’re making the right decisions, both                                                    for Mass and schedule changes are to         years where he taught social studies
before and at the dance, but also afterwards. You don’t         New school year, new changes, and       accommodate the larger student body.         and was the head baseball coach. A
want to wake up Sunday morning regretting anything.          new freshmen, oh my!                       The new computer login was made              message Mr. Beiterman would like
We all need to be held responsible for our actions not          Congrats fellow Chargers, by            especially to maintain the privacy and       to share: He is excited to be here,
only during school, but also outside of it.                  the time you read this you will have       security of students’ work. Prior to this    and hopes to build a quality athletic
    If nothing else, just try to make it a fun and memo-     survived the following: a month of         year, a student could save the work          program and continue the tradition of
rable night. For some, it might be your first high school    third lunch period, the bombardment        on the computer where it would be            academic excellence.
dance, and for others, it’s our last Homecoming. But         of freshmen, and 90 minute classes in      exposed to others. This eliminates the         We also welcome a new guidance
either way, it’s bound to be a great night!                  85 degree weather, nothing a Charger       possibility of other students copying or     counselor, Mrs. Buckley, who mostly
-Miss KnowItAll                                              cannot do. This new school year brings     alternating other students’ work. Now        works with juniors and seniors. She’s
                                                             more to the meaning of ‘new’ than any      students’ documents are saved in their       essentially your go to girl regarding
  Need advice? Drop it off in the library mail box for       other year. ACC welcomes a freshman        accounts versus open or needing a USB        the ACT, college, and career planning.
Central Times or find Justine Clarke or Leanne Hay           class of 180 students, three lunch pe-     stick in class.                              Seniors especially should try and meet
(anonymity guaranteed)                                       riods, 12 new staff members, and new          Two of the new staff members add          with her if they have no clue as to
                                                             courses. These are all things we know;     changes to the administration. If you        what they’re going to study as she can
                                                             we’re going through these changes as       love baseball you, and Mr. Beiterman         help them direct their focus. Walk-ins
                                                             you read this! But what’s the rea-         will get along just fine – only if you’re    are welcome and her door is always
                                                             sons behind the changes and who are        a White Sox fan though. The new              open. On a more personal level,
Summer is not just for snoozing                              some of the new staff?                     athletic director and dean of students       which you may not have known, Mrs.
                                                                 We have all attempted to go to         is a baseball fanatic-no wonder he’s         Buckley is no stranger to ACC; back
By Lauren Heyboer                                            class up the stairs and be on time but     the new head baseball coach. Prior to        in 2010, she was an intern. She also is
Staff Writer                                                 have been delayed because there are        working at ACC, Mr. Beiterman was            an Aurora native who attended Holy
                                                             so many more students in the build-        the assistant athletic director and taught   Angels and West Aurora High School.
   Ask any teacher what you should do over the sum-          ing. In total there are actually 200 new   driver’s education at Lincoln-Way            Thus far, Mrs. Buckley has experienced
mer, and they will tell you to read a book. This is where    students, hence the reason for more        High School in New Lenox. In fact,           nothing but great things-welcoming
ACC’s Summer of Adventurous Reading Program, or              courses, larger classes and the infa-      it’s safe to say he’s spent about 3,000      and polite students. We will continue to
SOAR, comes in.                                              mous addition of the third lunch. One      hours’ worth of practice throughout          contribute to her great stay.
   All students at ACC must pick a book from the va-
riety of titles selected by teachers and students to read
for SOAR. October 4th you need to be ready to discuss
the novel you have read. You should also have picked a
passage from the story that interested you in some way
and have prepared some questions that you had about
                                                             New coordinator for beloved club
the book, you will be discussing your book in a group        By Jared Cebulski                                                                          The club plans to continue their
with the teacher who sponsored the novel.                    Staff Writer                                                                            Christmas lights trip to Brookfield Zoo
   There are numerous genres to choose from, classics                                                                                                this December as well.
like Jane Eyre and The Murder on the Orient Express             Science and Outdoor Club bids                                                           Mrs. Brown, along with the Sci-
to more recent novels such as Miss Peregrine’s Home          farewell to long time coordinator Mrs.                                                  ence and Outdoor Club, welcomes all
for Peculiar Children and the third installment of the       Elgar. Mrs. Elgar has been the coordi-                                                  new members. The club meets every
popular Hunger Games Trilogy, Mockingjay. There              nator for Science and Outdoor Club for                                                  other Friday morning in the library at
was a book for everyone to enjoy. Some book discus-          over a decade. Last year, she decided                                                   7:30. Ordinarily, the club plans one trip
sion groups filled up quickly. The Help and Mockingjay       that she would like to pass on the be-                                                  per month.
were among the first groups to close since so many           loved club to a new coordinator. Mrs.                                                      These trips include paintball, swim-
students wanted to read them. If you haven’t picked          Brown, a new teacher that instructs                                                     ming, laser tag, trips to Navy Pier, mu-
your book yet, a list of the books still available for       science and theology, has stepped up to                                                 seums, trampoline adventures, nature
discussion is posted by the library door.                    the challenge. Mrs. Brown is very ex-                                                   walks, and much, much more.
   The main goals of SOAR are to keep students aware         cited and ready for the new adventures                                                     All club members have a say in what
of all the different genres of literature there are and to   of the upcoming year.                                                                   activities the club will participate in,
help readers really think about what they are read-             While some trips may change, such                     Photo by Julia Wright          and are encouraged to suggest new
ing. By urging students to read over the summer, SOAR        as supporting local businesses instead                 Mrs. Brown                       trip ideas. All students are welcome
will encourage them to read outside of school and help       of Chicago establishments, many will                                                    to come on the trips, but must fill out
students find books they enjoy that are not mandatory        remain the same. Mrs. Brown has            and the Science and Outdoor Club             and return the permission slip to Mrs.
for school. Asking questions and discussing the novels       promised to continue the annual trip       board have released their first activi-      Brown. Science and Outdoor Club,
makes each SOAR experience meaningful. Find a book           to Chula Vista water park in Wiscon-       ties/adventures such as canoeing in          along with Mrs. Brown, is looking
that interests you and someone to discuss it with, and       sin around Presidents day in February      September followed by a corn maze in         forward to an exciting and adventur-
you will really soar.                                        along with Mrs. Elgar. Mrs. Brown          October.                                     ous year.
4 CENTRAL TIMES                                                                                                                                                            September, 2012

ACC football has high hopes
By Emily Perez                                   September 7th. On Saturday, September 1st,       there is more unity. The football team is         against them,” said junior Tony Hizo.
Staff Writer                                     the Chargers headed out to Oostburg, Wis-        expecting a lot of success for this season.         Just like all the football players, Jacob
                                                 consin to play against the Flying Dutchmen.      “I define success for this team by the end        Holzer is excited for the turnout for this sea-
   ACC football looking to move the pro-         Just like many, junior Karlo Valenzuela was      results on and off the field, great work in the   son. “I’m excited for this season because it’s
gram further this year.                          excited to go and put his football skills on     class and the community. The work will pay-       fun being with my teammates because we
   This is a new year and a new season for       the field. “I’m excited to go play in Wiscon-    off in the field and we’re hungry for the work    bond really well. I’m excited to win some
the ACC football program. With a new             sin because we get to go to a different state    to pay off Friday night,” stated Coach Casey.     more games.”
season come new opportunities to experi-         to represent our state and school. It’s a new       The Marmion game will probably be the            With the expectation of going to the
ence new things right? That is in fact true      experience to see how we play against a          most anticipated game for this season. “For       playoffs, varsity has been working harder
for the football team which is off to a 3-1      team from another state.”                        me the Marmion game will be the most              than ever to step up their game. Success to
start after the 59-19 victory over Chicago          Even with the loss of great players from      exciting because were crosstown rivals and        get to the playoffs is right around the corner.
Christian Friday night. That was an impor-       last year’s team the juniors and seniors have    it’s the first time that my class gets to play    With their hardworking senior leaders: Izzy
tant win because it followed the Chargers’       stepped up a lot. According to Coach Casey       against this year. I have a few old team-         Rosa, Steven Amoni, and Joe Cisnerios, this
rough game against Immaculate Conception         this season’s team is a lot closer group and     mates on that team so it would be fun to play     season should be interesting.

                                                                                                                                                                      Photo by Lauren Wiesbrook
                                                           The ACC golf team is looking very impressive.

                                                           Boys’ golf tees off for season
                                                           By Mitch LaVoy                                 al golfers like Harreld, Danny Miller, and   key to golf is practice and passion, and
                                                           Staff Writer                                   senior Travis Exline. These golfers have     this year’s team showed no lack of it.
                    Photo by Lauren Wiesbrook                                                             been playing great and look forward to       They hit the greens almost every day
ACC’s tennis team is off to a great start.                    The golf team has been more than            the possibility to advance down state to     over the summer, playing 18 holes even
                                                           impressive this year. The team won first       compete for a state championship.            through the 100 degree heat, working

Tennis team
                                                           place at both the Newark and Sandwich             This year’s team is more than just in-    on everything from a 300 yd drive to a 2
                                                           invite tournaments. Not many squads out        dividuals, though; they also have a pleth-   ft. putt.
                                                           there could do that. They are 7-2 in their     ora of new freshmen, the most freshmen          I asked Coach Parker about the team,
                                                           matches this year and look like they will      in Coach Parker’s eight year tenure as       and he said, “Everybody worked hard

 starting off
                                                           be adding even more wins to that. There        the golf coach here. It goes to show that    over the summer. The team showed great
                                                           have also been some highlight moments          the program has an even brighter future      improvement, and we have a great fresh-
                                                           like the 125 yard eagle recently made by       ahead. They also have some other golfers     man class to look forward to.” Every-

                                                           Sean Harreld , a once in a lifetime shot.      that are steadily improving and honing       thing looks to be on the up and up for
                                                           This team is lead by some great individu-      more skills by the day. It shows that the    boys’ golf.

                                                           Queens of the court
By Natalie Karafiat
Staff Writer

   This year’s girls’ tennis team has had a great
start to the season. With a record of 3-3, the team        By Lauren San Diego                            Watkins; sophomore trans-
looks to be heading in the right direction. Coach          Staff Writer                                   feree Annie Krogulski;
Cowen said, “The difference from last season                                                              freshman Maddy Trinka;
to this season is that the girls are overall better          Never give up- that’s exactly what this      and senior captains Amber
tennis players, are much more athletic, and way            year’s ACC volleyball team plans to do.        Konen, Ally Kane, and
more committed.”                                           “This year’s girls seem more capable of        Sam Chielewski. “The
   This year’s tennis team is the largest we’ve            bouncing back,” says head coach Jeanne         team has a good work
had, with a total of 28 players. Everyone on               Czipri. “Our goal is to celebrate the little   ethic as a whole; everyone
the team has been working hard to reach their              things.” For her fourth year at ACC,           wants to get better,” com-
goals and compete with the best of the best.               Coach Jeanne is joined by returning            ments the head coach.
Some new team members who look promising                   assistant coach Betty Chandler, and new           With strong volleyball                                Photo by Lauren Wiesbrook
are Jen Alderman, Isabel Saltijeral, and Mary              coaches Gabby Long for sophomores              programs like St. Francis, ACC’s volleyball team is making great strides.
Beth Lillwitz. The season will be a tough one,             and Brittany Cerevic and Scott Radke for       Chicago Christian, and
with ACC’s hardest competition being against               the two freshmen teams. The program            Rosary in their confer-                    verance!
St. Francis. Coach Cowen believes the most                 has made great strides in the past three       ence, the Lady Chargers are up to the        Some of their upcoming home games
valuable players, Shelby Banks and Alex Horton,            years, and plans to keep improving.            challenge. The volleyball team has been are against Rosary on September 20, Im-
will play up to their full potential and beat the            This year’s varsity volleyball team          putting in some intense practices since    maculate Conception on October 3, and
Spartans. The season looks promising with the              consists of seniors: Gail Koziol, Kelsey       the beginning of August, focusing on       the Dig for the Cure fundraiser against
odds in our favor. Hopefully, the Lady Chargers            Talkington, and Katlin Blackwell; ju-          tough serves, a fast offense, and a resil- Guerin Prep on September 24. Come
will play up to par and exceed everyone’s expec-           niors: Clare Tack, Kirbie Hager, Lauren        ient defense. Opponents should watch       out and support your Charger volleyball
tations.                                                   San Diego, Gabbie Gutierrez, and Hailey        out for this team’s tenacity and perse-    team this season!
September, 2012                                                                                                                                                 CENTRAL TIMES 5

                                                       world news
Man on the moon
By Erin Maurer
Staff Writer

   He was the man that made “one
giant leap for mankind.” Neil
Armstrong passed away last month
on August 25th. The official cause
of his passing was from compli-
cations of a heart bypass surgery
that he had undergone just two
days after his birthday on August
5th. Armstrong was a strong man.
His “steps” will live on forever,
literally. Not only is his achieve-
ment documented in the history                   Neil Armstrong
books, but his actual footsteps on
the moon will not be wiped off for      signed American flag into the lunar
thousands of years.                     soil right in front of the television
   On July 20, 1969, Neil Arm-          cameras to capture the momentous
strong made the first human steps       time. This moment in time was the
on the moon. Realizing how              result of President John F. Ken-
important that moment was, he           nedy’s early 1960’s mandate that
stated, “That’s one small step for      by the end of the decade America
man, one giant leap for mankind”        would have a man on the moon.
which still resonates around the        This was a promise that was ful-
world. He and his fellow astro-         filled at the last possible moment,
nauts were aware of the excite-         which made it even more special
ment on earth over the televised        and memorable.
landing and steps. Globally,               Neil Armstrong, in the Apollo 11
people were glued to any televi-        mission, went above and beyond
sion set around. History was being      what any other astronaut did, and
set before their very eyes. The         forever will be, the first human to
astronauts stuck a specially de-        walk the face of the moon.
                                                                                                                                                                              IStock Photo
                                                                                Hurricane Isaac hit the coast of Mississippi and Louisiana.
Not curious about Curiosity?
By Melissa Niemiec
Staff Writer
                                        within ten feet of it. Now imagine
                                        the relief when it’s graded and you     Hurricane Isaac strikes on
                                                                                the anniversary of Katrina
                                        can get rid of the cursed thing.
   One day your dad drags you to        That’s kind of how the scientists
the computer talking about this         of NASA felt with Curiosity, only
awesome NASA project aiming to          they’ve been working on this rover
find life on Mars, and you think        for a decade, and while your proj-      By Claire Wiesner                    While Isaac caused much dam-         concentrated population, etc.
“Sweet, aliens!”. So you watch this     ect cost twenty bucks-max, $2.5         Staff Writer                         age due to flooding the dam-         Since 2005, New Orleans has
little video and you see the rover      billion was spent in the making                                              age barely compares to that of       installed a $13 billion hur-
Curiosity (which looks like some        of this rover. Also, you know that         On August 29, 2005, Hur-          Katrina. However, outside of the     ricane protection system, and
kind of mechanical spider) coming       cute little parachute? Yeah, it could   ricane Katrina ravaged through       shadow of Katrina’s destruction,     the city was minimally affected
closer and closer. Oh, there’s its      fail to deploy, turn inside out, or     the Gulf Coast states of Mis-        Isaac could hardly be called         by hurricane Isaac. This is just
cute little parachute! And even         even blow up. Oh and that would         sissippi and Louisiana, leaving      mild, especially by those who        one example of how much more
closer until finally it lands! The      be just lovely considering Curios-      the area completely devastated.      experienced it first-hand. Count-    prepared the southeastern states
clock ticks…a few crickets start        ity is carrying 10.6 lbs. of radio-     Seven years later, on the infa-      less people lost their homes,        were for this storm as compared
chirping…and you’re thinking            active plutonium, the fuel being        mous anniversary of Katrina,         many for a second time, the first    to Katrina.
“that’s it?” What, no sonic boom?       used to power the rover. What’s         Hurricane Isaac threatened           of which was during Katrina             The people of the affected ar-
Where’s the Power Rangers’ style        more is Curiosity weighs a ton, the     to do the same. Residents of         in 2005. Days after the storm,       eas are still dealing with the af-
explosion? Where are the little         weight of a car, and it had to be       southeastern states, especially      thousands of people in Louisi-       termath of this storm, and many
green Martian people who come           landed between a mountain and a         those living near the coast and      ana still had no power, making       of them will be for months, or
and take us to their leader? Then       crater wall.                            in lowlands, were warned about       the recovery and cleanup of the      even years. That is something
you see all these NASA scientists          So in conclusion, NASA isn’t         the threat of Isaac, and many ar-    storm even more difficult in the     that people from the Midwest
celebrating like they’ve solved         just celebrating because they           eas were mandatorily evacuated.      intense heat that is common in       really can’t understand. We
world hunger and you’re left            landed a mechanical spider looking      So what are the big differences      that area.                           complain when we lose power
wondering if they got to see some       thing. They’re celebrating because      between Katrina and Isaac?              Another major difference be-      for a few hours; think for a
special deleted scenes or some-         they just landed a huge, expensive,        First and foremost is power.      tween the 2005 and 2012 storms       moment what you would do
thing. Believe it or not, they saw      radioactive mechanical spider           Katrina was a level 3 hurricane      is preparation. By far the most      without power for days on end,
what you did, but it bares much         looking thing that they’ve been         (level 5 while still in the Gulf),   horribly affected area of Katrina    meanwhile trying to clean up
more meaning for them.                  working on for 10 years in a 100        with wind speeds of up to 125        was New Orleans, with a good         the remains of your home, or
   To put things in perspective,        mile wide crater without anything       mph and 15 inches of rain in         percentage of the deaths and         even your city.
imagine you’ve been working on a        going wrong. And all the while,         some areas. There were also          loss of jobs/homes occurring            Overall, Hurricane Isaac was
really hard school project for three    they knew that if anything did go       28 foot surges of water coming       in that city alone. This was due     much less devastating than
months and it can make or break         wrong, anyone who owned a com-          from the Gulf, which were a          mainly to the failure of the flood   Katrina in almost every way, but
your grade. You carry it through        puter, smart phone or TV would          major cause of the devastating       levees in New Orleans, with          that doesn’t mean it wasn’t de-
school like it’s explosive, and         know about it. I think you would        levee failures in New Orleans.       other causes being ill-prepared,     structive.
jump every time someone comes           celebrate too.

Many firsts at 2012 Olympics                                                    BP’s bad gas causes thousands trouble
By Jane Acevedo                         Latynina, who had 18 medals. For        By Oscar Gomez                                                   but BP officials confirmed on Wednes-
Staff Writer                            gymnastics, in the individual all       Staff Writer                                                     day that all 3 grades of fuel are now safe
                                        around, Gabby Douglas of team                                                                            to use.
   Every country wants to make          USA became the first ever African          BP has now released specific                                     “People shouldn’t have problems find-
history at the Olympics by being        American to receive a gold medal        information regarding which of its                               ing high-quality gas in all three grades
the first team or first country to do   in the event.                           service stations were affected by a                              this week,” spokesman Scott Dean said.
something, right? Well, this year         For the first time, there were        batch of tainted gasoline. The tainted                           More than likely if you were going to
at the Olympics, there were many        female athletes from every partici-     gasoline has affected thousands                                  have problems with your vehicle you
firsts. For the first time, London is   pating country! Who said that only      of motorists across the states of                                would have had them by now, but if you
the first city to have hosted three     men can box? At the 2012 Olym-          Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.                                feel you have been affected by BP’s bad
modern Olympic Games. Every-            pics, women’s boxing became an          The tainted formula has led to about                             gas a hot lines have been set up and can
body knows that Michael Phelps          event. For the first time in Mexican    9,600 claims by mortises that range                              be reached by calling 800-333-3991 or
is a gold-medal swimmer on team         history, Mexico received a gold         anywhere from $300 to $1,200                                     800-599-9040. A list of specific station
USA.                                    medal in soccer. There are more         (draining the fuel tank and cleaning the fuel sys-     is also available on line, here are the locations
   At these summer Olympics,            and more Olympic firsts as well.        tem varies from vehicle to vehicle).                   in Aurora that have been affected: BP on 1395
he became the most decorated            Maybe in the 2016 Olympics, you            The error with the gasoline began two weeks         Butterfield Rd. in Aurora, BP on 999 W Illinois in
Olympian in history with 22             or I will be the ones making his-       ago but wasn’t detected till just last week. Over      Aurora, BP on 2595 Ogden Ave. in Aurora, and
medals. He beat gymnast Larisa          tory.                                   all 4.7 million gallons of gasoline were affected,     BP on 2200 Galena Blvd. in Aurora.
6 CENTRAL TIMES                                                                                                                                                      September, 2012

                      arts & entertainment

      ‘The Maze Runner’
By Eileen Witthoff                              night; they hide many dangers and secrets
Staff Writer                                    that the boys in the glade can’t even begin
                                                to describe. As Thomas spends his days in
  Imagine waking up in a place you have         the glade, he tries to get used to the way of
no recollection of; the area that you find      life there, but he can’t stop thinking about
yourself in is surrounded by a wall. When       his possible past and has more trouble ad-
you finally get up, you see about 20 other      justing than any other boy there. The boys
boys watching you and crowding around           also take a disliking to him, not because he
you. You have no idea who they are. To          is new, but because the day after he arrived,
make it worse, your name is the only thing      they received another person. This time, it
from your past that you can remember.           was a girl.
That is what happened to Thomas. When              The first girl to ever come to the Glade.
Thomas finally gets up and meets the leader     She wasn’t conscious and she was holding
of the group, Alby, he tells him all about      a note that changed their lives forever. After
the Glade, the place where they all find        she came they didn’t get any more food
themselves trapped. Alby tells him how          supplies that usually came every week.
every 30 days a boy is sent up to the glade,    Thomas is blamed by some of the boys
and how Thomas is one of them. Alby was         because he feels a link to her, and somehow
the first boy sent up and he has been there     knows her name. He can’t explain from
for two years.                                  where, or how, but he feels a connection he
  He also explains how the walls around         had never remembered feeling before and
them close every night and open every           he sets out figuring why. He also wants to
morning, and it is crucial that Thomas          figure a way out of this place; he owes it to
never go beyond the walls, especially at        the boys and the girl, Theresa.

                                                                                                    ‘Walking Dead:
                                                                                                      Season 3’
                                                                                                 By Jared Friedrich                             the Governor. It’s to this haven that Andrea
                                                                                                 Staff Writer                                   and her mysterious sword wielding, hooded
                                                                                                                                                savior from Season Two end up going. The
                                                                                                    AMC’s The Walking Dead: Season              hooded figure is called Michonne, and she
                                                                                                 Three is set to premiere October 14,           and Andrea develop a friendship that will
                                                                                                 and it is coming back with some major          be tested as Andrea sees Woodbury as a
                                                                                                 changes. When the show left off dur-           peaceful place, but Michonne senses that
                                                                                                 ing Season Two, the group had just been        something is wrong, which there is. One
                                                                                                 forced off Hershel’s farm by a huge horde      clue is that the Governor’s right hand man

     ‘The Possession’
                                                                                                 of walkers, during which several not very      is Merle, Daryl’s big brother who lost his
                                                                                                 important side characters like Patricia        hand and now has a bayonet appendage in
                                                                                                 and Jimmy, who nobody really seemed            its place. The Governor is definitely going
                                                                                                 to care about anyway, died. Two deaths         to be a bad guy, but in what form is un-
                                                                                                 that were shocking were the deaths of          known.
By Haley O’Brien                                house, she finds that the box cannot be          Dale, the group pacifist, and Shane, both         Rick and the Governor are surely go-
Staff Writer                                    opened. One night while by herself, she          of which occurred before the battle even       ing to be clashing for most of the season,
                                                opens the box and finds very odd items in-       started. After the rest of the group escaped   because the Governor will eventually see
   “The Possession,” based on a true story,     side: a moth, a ring, a toy dog, and a tooth.    the farm, Rick, the leader of the group,       the prison as something he wants, and he’s
takes place in a small, quiet town. Emily       Emily’s parents start to notice her obsession    declared he was in charge, and there was       not the only one. The prison will become a
(Natasha Calis), the main character, and her    over the box, and how strange and demonic        no more democracy.                             target for multiple groups, and this con-
sister go to spend the weekend with their       things happen around Emily. Both the par-           Season Three will pick up several           frontation could lead to scrambling among
father (Emily and her sister’s parents, Clyde   ents fear a malevolent force has occurred        months later, when the group discovers a       the characters. Will reunited brothers
and Susan, are divorced). While spending        within their daughter, and discover that         prison. They have to find somewhere safe,      Merle and Daryl fight with or against each
the weekend with their father, Emily comes      the box was created to contain a dibbuk, a       and the prison sounds like a good idea to      other? Will Andrea feel abandoned by her
across a strange, wooden antique box at a       malicious spirit that inhabits humans, most      them, so they decide to take it from the       previous group and fight for the Gover-
garage sale. Her father tells her she can get   likely children, and demolishes them. The        undead. Meanwhile, not too far away, there     nor? While much is uncertain, you can be
anything she wants, so naturally, she picks     family, even though separated, must learn        is a nice town called Woodbury, where          sure that the biggest threat this season for
out this peculiar box.                          to come together as one again to help Emily      everything seems perfect. The town is like     Rick and his crew isn’t the zombies, it’s
   Once she arrives at her father’s             come back to them.                               the perfect oasis run by someone known as      other people.

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