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Newsletter Aug Sept 2011


									             Washington Libertarian                                                        Aug/Sept 2011

Longtime Libertarian activist Ralph Edwards works the booth Independence Day, July 4th, for the Clark County
Libertarian Party in Vancouver Washington at Ft. Vancouver’s celebration. Photo; J. Elkins

Coming Events: The 2012 Libertarian            
national convention is scheduled for May 4-6 at the      -1364.
Red Rock casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. As more                    You can help get the bill moving. Two of
details become available they will be covered in the     Washington’s House members sit on that
news letter.                                             committee, Rep. Jay Inslee, of the 1st district, and
                                                         Rep Cathy McMorris Rodgers, of the 5th district,
                                                         may be in a position to help move the bill along.
HR 1364, The Free Speech about Science Act of
                                                                 The bill has been assigned to the
                                                         Subcommittee on Health. While the information on
        At the suggestion of Dr. Jonathan Wright,
                                                         the website was not up to date as to who is on this
our featured speaker, at the May convention the
                                                         subcommittee that should not stop us from
LPWA passed a resolution in support of HR 1364
                                                         contacting either of these two representatives and
the Free Speech about Science Act of 2011
                                                         politely asking for an update while reminding their
legislation submitted by Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-UT.
                                                         offices of the need for this legislation to be passed.
The bill was sent to the House Committee on Energy
and Commerce and referred to the Subcommittee on
Health.                                                  The Reason Foundation comes to Seattle
        As the bill progresses through the process       for two days. More information on page 3.
you can follow it at
Washington Libertarian Aug/Sept 2011                    alternatives to the seemingly political duopoly that
                                                        plagues our nation. Visibility of the Libertarian
    The JSA (Junior State of America) Student           Party shows individuals, like these students, that
        Activism Fair by Graham Giesen                  there are other options out there. It also puts faces to
                                                        the label, which could be good; or bad—I
        The Washington State Libertarian Party was      guess…depending on the face.
invited to represent Libertarians at the Pacific                All-in-all, it was a great event. We sowed
Northwest Junior State of America’s Student             some seed that can only be evidenced over time.
Activism Fair. Over 300 students in the Pacific         Events and organizations like these are a great way
Northwest gathered on April 9th to hold debates         to show the next generations that there are
about past and present controversial political topics   alternatives to “traditional” political parties. I
such as: the war in Iraq; social programs and their     encourage you to find a way to spread the word in
effect on America; and, should gay marriage be          your neck-of-the-woods!
legalized.                                              “In a Free Country, Who Decides?”
        The mission of the JSA is to inspire youth
through knowledge, engage society through action,               The Fund for Personal Liberty is in the
and to empower communities through democracy.           courts seeking to remove the barriers that have been
They are a non-profit, non-partisan organization for    erected by the government at all levels that deny us
high school students. This convention is held           the right to seek the kind of health care we want for
annually and is also when the student organization      ourselves. In 2008 a lawsuit, Hall v Sebelius, was
holds votes for the Governor, Lieutenant Governor,      filed by the organization seeking to allow
and Mayors for the various regions. More                individuals to opt out of Medicare. By July 26th a
information about the organization can be found at:     thirty page brief to support their case was filed with                                            the Court of Appeals. The goals of the group are:
        The fair was represented by: the Progressive
Party; Industrial Workers of the World (IWW);               1   To take all legitimate action to further the
Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Club;                defense of the rights of individuals who are
the League of Women Voters; and The Washington                  suffering from legal injustice as a result of
Bus. The students visited the representative tables             denials and restrictions of their fundamental
between the debates, for about three hours.                     rights to obtain health care of their choice
        I was asked questions like, “what is a                  and to assist such individuals in protecting
Libertarian? how are you different from                         rights guaranteed to them under the
Republicans and Democrats? why advocate for a                   Constitution and laws of the United States.
free market, isn’t America proof that capitalism            2   To prepare educational materials dealing
doesn’t work?”                                                  with human and civil rights and
        One student declared, “I love how your                  constitutional privacy concerns in relation to
group is always representing here each year. When I             individuals’ abilities to obtain medical care
look around, I don’t see the Democrats or                       free from governmental interference.
Republicans; it shows that your group is more               3   To undertake studies and research and to
interested in getting your message out to the youth             collect, compile, and publish full and fair
by being here year-after-year.”                                 presentation of facts, information, and
        I provided students with handouts from the              statistics concerning governmental
Libertarian Party of Washington State, the world’s              interference with access to health care of an
smallest political quiz, Reason Magazines, and                  individual’s choice.
informational pamphlets provided by the Cato                4   To engage in other charitable activities as
Institute, the Free State Project, and Students for             determined by the Board of Directors.
                                                            More information can be found at their website:
The event was a great opportunity to show our     
youth in the Pacific Northwest that there are
Washington Libertarian Aug/Sept 2011
                                                       REASON in SEATTLE
Introducing Vicki Kirkland Region 2
Representative to the LNC                              On August 22-23, you are cordially invited to get to
        My name is Vicki Kirkland and I became         know Reason Foundation
Region 2 Rep to the LNC                                at two events in Bellevue :
last April 27th. I had been serving as Rachel
Hawkridge's duly eclected                              On Monday, August 22 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00
Alternate, and when she was unable to continue she     p.m., Reason's Nick Gillespie
graciously endorsed me to move up to Rep. I have       and Matt Welch will be discussing their new book
been a Libertarian for many years                      The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian
having been an activist for the LP in New York and     Politics Can Fix What's Wrong With America.
currently in Florida.                                  Please join Reason for a no-host dinner at:
        While living in New York I served on the
New York State Committee as an                         Azteca Mexican Restaurant
At Large Rep and a Vice Chair. I also served           150 112th Ave. NE
several years as Chair of the New York City Party      Bellevue, WA 98004
and was Regional Rep to the LNC from the former        Map:
New York/New England Region.
Since moving to Florida, I've served as Chair and      Twenty-first-century American politics are tied to
Vice Chair of my County affiliate and Chair and        an 18th-century system dominated by two political
Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida. I've   parties, whose ever more polarized rhetorical
also been a Regional Rep and an At Large Director      positions mask a mutual interest in maintaining a
on the Florida State                                   stranglehold on power.
Committee. David Blau, State Chair of                  The Declaration of Independents is a manifesto on
Massachusetts was chosen as the new Region 2           behalf of a system better suited to a future
Alternate. David and I work very well together amd     structured by the libertarian principles of free minds
we make a good team. I believe in outreach and         and free markets. To find out more about The
Communication, and as your new Regional                Declaration of Independents,
Representative I plan to keep the states in our        visit for reviews,
Region informed as to what is happening on the         commentary, media appearances, and other details.
National Committee. I also plan to keep the
National Committee informed as to what is going                 Drug Policy Reform in the States
on with the states. Our next LNC meeting
will be in Columbus, Ohio August 20 and 21. On         Reason is hosting a half day event featuring drug
August 19 there will be a reorganizational meeting     policy experts debating the merits of drug policy
of the LSLA. Our 2012 National Convention will         reform and discussing the state-level impact of the
be in Las Vegas starting May 3.                        war on drugs. This event will take place
Please don't hesitate to phone or email me if you      immediately before the State Policy Network Annual
have any questions or                                  Meeting in Seattle, August 23 - 26, 2011.
Vicki Kirkland                                         August 23, 2011 - 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
(407) 841-LP12                                         Hyatt Regency Bellevue, Seattle, WA
                                                       The event is free, and registration is required. Seats
                                                       are limited, so register today by emailing Mary
                                                       Toledo at, or call Reason
                                                       at 310-391-2245.

Washington Libertarian            Aug/Sept 2011                suggested, and former UW President, William
                                                               Gerberding suggested in 1989.
University of Washington, and its sports, should be                     Professionalizing college football and basketball
privatized                                                     would mean outright paying the athletes, rather than
By JEFF JARED                                                  exploiting them now for the university’s gain, and
Kirkland Reporter Contributor                                  subsidizing the NFL and NBA by training the
reprinted by permission                                        organization's athletes for free. Colleges also subsidize
                                                               scientific and academic research by using
         So the University of Washington is favoring           undergraduates.
higher-paying out-of-state students over locals. But                    The post World War II period model of
shouldn’t UW be for local talent?                              socialized-college-for-all is outdated. Our state is not
         Out-of-staters pay $25,000 per year versus locals     doing a stellar job with K-12, much less college.
who only pay $9,000 (complemented by the state's                        Privatizing could start at UW with the Cornell
$7,000, totaling $16,000 per year). Like any business, it      University (Ithaca, N.Y.) model of part public, part
makes sense to sell to those who are willing to pay more.      private. Start with UW’s business and engineering
In this way, UW is already profit seeking and semi-            colleges splitting off. Sell off, sign up corporate
privatized. I say let’s privatize it even further.             sponsors and seek for-profit investors. Or merge with or
         Please don’t get me wrong, I’m a big proponent        be bought out by currently existing private schools like
of college, adult and continuing education of all types;       Seattle University, Seattle Pacific, UPS and PLU
that is not the issue here. The issue is funding, and more     (Tacoma), Gonzaga and Whitworth (Spokane),
basically, economic structure of our state’s colleges.         Northwest College (Kirkland), St. Martin’s (Lacey), or
         But let’s back up a bit, to basics. Tell me where     Whitman (Walla Walla).
in the Washington State Constitution (1889) does it                     And don’t forget for-profit and online schools
mention funding college? Granted, UW was in existence          like the University of Phoenix (Tukwila).
(1861) when the Constitution was approved, but still, we                Then UW could spin off the social work and
must ask the basic question: is it even a proper state         pharmacy schools and the law and medical schools after
function to subsidize higher education beyond land             that. And so on, until 100 percent privatization is
grants?                                                        reached and UW, or the remainder thereof, would be
         Article IX, Section 1, the Education part of our      funded independently of taxation. With true competition
Constitution, doesn’t mention the words “higher,”              and open markets in education, tuition would likely
“college,” or “university.” It only mentions “education        come down in the future, meaning more access to higher
of children” and “common schools." Colleges are not            education.
“common schools,” or what we call today “K–12.”                         Our state’s founding fathers in 1889 did not feel
         So does this mean UW, Washington State                state-tax funding of higher education was right. So until
University, Bellevue, Western, Eastern, Central and            we amend our state’s constitution, that’s the way it
Washington’s 33 other community colleges should not            should be. K–12, common school education tax funding
get tax funding? Yes. To change this would require an          is a proper function of the state, but tax funding of adult
amendment to the state’s Constitution.                         and higher education is not.
         The “paramount” duty of the state is K–12
education, per Article IX, Section 1, but not college.         Jeff E. Jared is an attorney and political writer in
College is not the state's duty, and is not mentioned in       Kirkland who writes from a libertarian and law-and-
Article IX. There is no constitutional grant of power to       economics perspective.
have government universities. That’s the cold, hard,           Washington Libertarian is published by the
constitutional truth. Colleges are obliquely referred to in    Libertarian Party of Washington State. LPWA
the state Constitution in a couple of places, but not the      10522 Lake City Way NE, Suite C-103, Seattle,
tax funding of them.                                           WA 98125
         “University” is mentioned in Article XVI,             Chair: Larry Nicholas,Vice Chair; Michael
Section 2, referring to “the sale of . . . university land.”
                                                               Donahue, Secretary: Miles Holden
And there is reference to “any other state education
fund” in art. But this shouldn’t be taken as a basis for the
                                                               Treasurer: Jim Culbertson
tax funding of higher education. Land grants, maybe, but       At Large Representatives:Tom Spanos,
not taxes.                                                     Stan Lippman, Sarah Rittenhouse, Gene Hawkridge
         Big time college sports should similarly be           Michael Wilson; editor
privatized and professionalized like Ralph Nader has

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