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About Rental Car Companies


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									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                           Rental Car Companies
                                                             By Brenda Williams

    Automobiles are key to the transportation of people throughout the world. They also cause
congestion problems on the roadways and can be dangerous if not driven properly. Automobiles must
be taken care of; serviced when needed and should always have enough full in the tank in the event of
inclement weather. People need automobiles wherever they go. So, when people travel across country
it is helpful to be able to use a car, even if it isn’t their own. That is where car rental companies come
into play. The car rental industry is a booming one within the United States and continues to grow as
business travel grows.

 Car rental companies can be found all across the country, easily in every major city, and sometimes
even in the smallest of towns. Renting cars is a lucrative business. Car rentals are needed for travel
involved with vacation or business and car rentals are needed when one puts their car in the shop and
needs a rental to go about their business without missing a beat. There are a handful of car rental
companies across the country that are nationwide companies and there are companies that operate
only in certain areas.

 There are four well known nationwide car rental companies. There are Hertz, Avis, Enterprise and
Budget. Budget is more so known for its moving van and moving truck rentals than its car rentals. The
most known moving truck rental company is U-Haul. U-Haul is the orange colored truck used by most
people moving cross country or even just down the street to a new house. Their prices are reasonable
and they also sell boxes and packing materials. U-Haul offices are a one stop shop for moving needs.

 Cars can be rented for one day or for as much as a handful of weeks. Most car rental companies offer
online reservations on their websites or reservations can also be made via phone. Most car companies
charge a daily fee between $18-$25 for renting their vehicles. The prices vary depending on the make
and model of the vehicle too. For example, renting a minivan will cost more per day than renting a
compact or economy car.

 Most car companies, like Hertz and Enterprise, have certain rules and regulations when it comes to
how old a driver must be when renting a car. One of the most popular and known rules among car
rental companies is that the driver of the rented vehicle must be 25 years or older. This has become an
unpopular rule amongst drivers because states administer driver’s licenses to drivers who pass the test
at ages as young as 16. Many people argue that since they already have a driver’s license they should

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

be allowed to drive a rental car even though they are not 25 years old.

 Car rental companies are usually located in large, bustling cities near an airport or even in the parking
lot of an airport. They are also located across the country in small towns wherever cars are needed.

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                         How Car Rental Agencies Can Make Your Trip That Much Easier
                                               By Mike Yeager

How Car Rental Agencies Can Make Your Trip That Much Easier
 by: Mike Yeager

Car rental agencies, along with many other factors, have played a vital role in increasing the easiness
of travelling by providing a service through which travelers can easily rent a car of their choice. One
can rent a car of any color, shape and model at reasonable prices from these car rental agencies. A
rented car, which has been rented from an office sited in one city, can be easily dropped at another
office situated in a different city. Besides manual reservations, most car rental companies have
developed interactive websites to assist in making online reservations and helping travelers.

Being able to rent a car is a service as the number of companies providing car rental services has
greatly increased in the last few years. National car rental, Enterprise car rental, Budget car rental,
Thrifty car rental, Alamo car rental, Cheap car rental and many others are all recognized for providing
admirable amenities and services to their customers. Initially, many of these intended to capture the
American market only, but now almost all have open sub-offices in many different countries of the

It really doesn’t matter where in the world you’re traveling to or from. You can easily rent a car to take
care of your transportation needs. People even rent cars from the local car rental agency in their home
town. Why? Possibly because their car isn’t as late model as they would like, yet they still want to take
some time and get away.

Be aware that some car rental companies have geographic restrictions on their cars. You’ll need to
know where you intend to go and make sure that your rental agreement allows that. Once you’ve
dotted all the I’s and crossed all the t’s you can hit the road and really enjoy yourself.

Mike Yeager

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