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  Ben Franklin: The
       in American History
         Whenever you use bifocals or swim fins or look at a fire

department, you should know that a great man named Ben

Franklin invented all of these things and more. What he did as

an inventor, an educator, and a politician changed the way

Americans live today. In addition to all he did with education

and politics, he also helped problems in everyday American


         Ben Franklin’s ideas and inventions helped America in

many different ways, from safety to how people read books. Did

you know that one of his greatest accomplishments was when he

founded the first fire department? Before this, when people’s

houses were on fire, they would just walk away because they

knew that they could not save it. He also did a very dangerous

experiment, but it was worth it. He took a kite and put a key on

the string. He then flew it in a lightning storm and discovered

that lightning was a form of electricity! Using this discovery, he
made the lightning rod, which was an iron rod that had wires

attached to it that would run into the ground. This invention

saved many houses from being struck by lightning. Most of his

discoveries and inventions inspired lots of things today. For

example, swim fins. He attached big wooden palettes to his

hands and started swimming. It worked! Nowadays we have

webbed flippers, which were inspired by Ben Franklin’s idea of

swim fins. This man’s list of ideas changed how we live today.

     Mr. Franklin had also changed the educational world. He

founded the Ben Franklin college of Philadelphia, which would

later be known as The University of Pennsylvania. People who

that were not that rich could afford to learn at UPenn. He

wanted this college because he thought that Harvard and Yale

only catered to the rich. Today it is rated as one of the best

colleges in the U.S.A. Before that, he had started the Poor

Richard’s Almanac, which had calculations about tides and

changes in the moon, and also contained many wise quotes.

Have you ever heard the quote “Waste makes haste,” or “Early

to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”
These are two of many famous quotes by Ben Franklin. He also

started the first public library. In the 1700’s, only rich people

could buy books, but when he created the first library, even poor

people could borrow books. His idea was the first system that

worked like everyday libraries you see today. This is how he

played a big role in the educational world, but he did not stop


         Ben Franklin went on to become a very important

politician. He was elected as one of the few members in the

newly founded Continental Congress, which led to him signing

the Declaration of Independence. He was also sent to France to

sign a treaty of alliance with the French Military to help them in

the Revolutionary War. He had also asked for millions of dollars

worth of money from the French. He was then asked to help

draft the U.S. Constitution, the document that would outline the

new America. He was part of the reason we are free today. If he

had never went to France, then America could still be a British

colony. He is one of the most important politicians in American

History. He changed the political world forever.
     This is how Ben Franklin went from helping America to

helping each American. He improved the inventing world, the

educational world, and the political world. He was a very

important man that founded and invented some very important

things that are still here today. So now, whenever you’re at a

library reading with your bifocals in the middle of a

thunderstorm, remember that Ben Franklin helped you in this

situation by keeping you safe, offering you reading material, and

helped you read and look in to the interesting and fascinating

lightning. He will be remembered forever, either as an inventor,

scientist, politician, printer, or as a man that went by the name

of Benjamin Franklin.

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