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					                                   Ben W. Ansell
                                  Curriculum Vitae

Address: Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, 1737
Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02138

Phone: 617 495 0545


Home Page:


PhD: Government, Harvard University, 2003 to 2006. PhD expected Summer 2006.

          Dissertation: From the Ballot to the Blackboard: The Political Determinants
           of Education Expenditure. Committee comprised of Professor Beth Simmons
           (Chair), Torben Iversen, and Michael Hiscox.
          General Exams: Completed in May 2003. Sub-field - International Relations,
           Focus field – International Political Economy. Awarded Excellent-Minus.

MA: Political Science, University of California, Berkeley, 2000 to 2002.

          Completed PhD general exams in Comparative Politics and International
           Relations (awarded Distinction). Completed ten graduate courses in political
           science and economics with a GPA of 3.97.

MA: History, University of Manchester, 1999.

BA (Hons): History, University of Manchester, 1998.

Papers under Review

Ansell, Ben, ‘Teachers, Traders, and Tyrants: Democracy, Globalization and Education
Spending’. In revison for resubmission to International Organization and forthcoming as
a Weatherhead Center Working Paper. August 2005.

Ansell, Ben, ‘From the Ballot to the Blackboard: Partisan and Institutional Effects on
Human Capital Policy in the OECD’, under review at American Journal of Political
Science, August 2005.
BEN ANSELL                                                      CURRICULUM VITAE

Papers Presented at Conferences
‘Do the Educated Prefer Education? Partisan Effects on Education Spending’, presented
for Education, Skills, and Social Policy Preferences at APSA 2005, September 1st, 2005,
Washington, DC. Panel Participant and Organizer.

‘Trades, Voters and Teachers: How Openness and Democracy Affect Education
Expenditure’, presented for Domestic Politics, Integrated Markets at APSA 2005,
September 3rd, 2005, Washington, DC. Discussant: Mark Andreas Kayser.

‘Capturing Creativity: The Diffusion of Human Capital Policy’, presented at APSA 2004,
September 2004, Chicago, IL. Discussant: Torben Iversen.

‘Comments on “Does Inequality Create Institutions?” ’. Discussant on presentation by
Ronald Rogowski at CES Workshop on Inequality, October, 2003.

‘Human Capital and Globalization’, presented at APSA 2003, September 2003,
Philadelphia, PA. Discussant: David Lake.

Working Papers
Ansell, Ben and Nathan Paxton, ‘The Case of the Vanishing Region: Simultaneity Bias in
Explaining Diffusion’, Working Paper. May 2003

Ansell, Ben, ‘Asset Composition, Insurance and Political Competition’, Working Paper.
May 2002.

Ansell, Ben ‘Institutions and Incentives: The Strange Death of the Productivity Paradox’,
Working Paper. May 2002.

Research Grants, Affiliations, and Awards

Center for European Studies, Harvard University, Dissertation Completion Fellowship,

Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, Graduate Research
Grant, December 2004.

Center for European Studies, Harvard University, Graduate Associate, 2004 / 2005.

Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, Graduate Associate,
2004 / 2006.
BEN ANSELL                                                       CURRICULUM VITAE

CUE Teaching Award for GOV1735 Arms and Arms Control, Fall 2004.

Center for European Studies, Harvard University, Graduate Summer Grant, June 2004.

Visiting Scholar, Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics,
Spring 2004.

CUE Teaching Award for GOV1140, Politics of Social Justice, Fall 2003.

Multi-Year Fellowship, Harvard University, 2003 / 2006.

National Science Foundation, Honorable Mention, November 2000.

Tuition Scholarship, University of California, Berkeley, 2000 / 2001.

British Academy Award for Masters Study in History, 1998 / 1999.

Thomas Brown Memorial Prize for top student in History, Manchester University, July

Multi-Year University Scholarship, Manchester University, 1995 / 1998.

Teaching Experience

Instructor, Contemporary Puzzles in Politics and Economics, Junior Tutorial, Fall 2004.

Instructor, Math Prefresher for Graduate Students, Fall 2004.

Head Teaching Fellow, Arms and Arms Control for Professor Andrew Kydd, Fall 2004.

Head Teaching Fellow, Politics of Social Justice for Instructor Edward Miliband, Fall

Teaching Fellow, Math Prefresher for Graduate Students, Fall 2003.

Teaching Fellow, International Relations, for Professor Steven Weber, UC Berkeley,
Fall 2002.

Teaching Fellow, International Law, for Professor Beth Simmons, UC Berkeley, Spring

Teaching Fellow, Political Economy of Development, for Professor Kiren Chaudhry, UC
Berkeley, Fall 2001.
BEN ANSELL                                                      CURRICULUM VITAE

Teaching Fellow, Comparative Politics, for Instructor Darren Zook, UC Berkeley,
Summer 2001.

Research Experience

Research Assistant, for Professor Pepper D. Culpepper, Kennedy School of
Government, 2003 to present. Focus on European corporate governance, labor relations.
Research published in ‘Institutional Change in Contemporary Capitalism: Coordinated
Financial Systems since 1990’, World Politics, 57:2, 2005.

Research Assistant, for Professor Monica Duffy Toft, Kennedy School of Government,
2003 / 2004. Focus on statistical analysis for ‘Peace through Victory? The Durable
Settlement of Civil Wars’, Working Paper.

Research Assistant, for Professor Cathy Jo Martin, Boston University, 2003. Statistical
work, published in ‘Corporatism from the Firm Perspective’, British Journal of Political
Science, 35:1, 2005.

Research Assistant, for Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy, contributed
papers on telecommunication regulation and technology policy, 2000 / 2002.

Professional Experience

Policy Analyst: Her Majesty’s Treasury, Productivity Team. Author of ‘The Next
Generation of Skills in the UK’ education policy forecast for Gordon Brown, Chancellor
of the Exchequer, July 2004. This paper resulted in the Leitch Review of Skills, an
independent review established under Lord Sandy Leitch to examine British skills policy
to 2020. I have advised the Leitch Review since January 2005.

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