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									                                                  Advisory Panel

                     Jori Frahler                                                        Josep A Planell
                     Director of Federal Affairs for the Medical                         Vice President, European Society for
                     Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA)                             Biomaterials

                      Jori Frahler is the Director of Federal                            Professor Dr Josep A Planell is Vice
                      Affairs for the Medical Device                                     President of the European Society for
Manufacturers Association. Before joining the MDMA, she            Biomaterials. He has been working in the field of biomaterials
worked for two years at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid       since 1984. He is the Director of the Centre of Reference in
Services. She also spent three years on Capitol Hill, where she    Bioengineering of Catalonia and is member-elect of the Spanish
worked for Congressman John Edward Porter, former                  Royal Academy of Doctors. He has also obtained the
Chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor,              Distinction to the promotion of Science. In 1985 he obtained his
Health, Human Services and Education, and for Senator Bill         tenure at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Frist as a member of his health care legislative staff. s          of the Technical University of Catalonia in Barcelona. s

                     Mark B Leahey                                                       Joachim M Schmitt
                     Executive Director for the Medical Device                           Director General, BVMed
                     Manufacturers Association (MDMA)

                     Mark B Leahey is the Executive Director                              Joachim M Schmitt has been Director
                     for the Medical Device Manufacturers                                 General of the Berlin-based German
Association. His responsibilities include advocating on behalf     Medical Technology Association since 1990 and member of its
of the entrepreneurial sector of the medical device industry to    Board since 2002. He is Director General of MedInform, a
Congress, the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for        Conference and Seminar Service for the Medical Devices
Medicare and Medicaid Services, and other agencies. He             Industry. He was a scientific staff member at Deutscher Industrie-
currently sits on the Editorial Advisory Board of Medical          und Handelstag and at the German-Swiss Chamber of Industry.
Product Outsourcing and on the Medical Devices Committee           He was also a member of the management of the German-
for the Food and Drug Law Institute. s                             Tunisian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. s

                     Kevin Higgins                                                       Randall Schunk
                     Past board member, Medical Devices                                  President, International Society of Coating
                     Canada (MEDEC)                                                      Science and Technology (ISCST)

                   Kevin Higgins is Chair of the Board for                               Randall Schunk is President of the
                   Medical Devices Canada), a line                                       International Society of Coating Science
business executive with 3M Canada Company and Vice-                and Technology. He is a distinguished member of technical staff
President of the Healthcare Markets Business. He is the            at Sandia National Laboratories, where technical work includes
senior Canadian executive for the Group’s business units           computational mechanics with applications to micromechanical
including Dental Products and Surgical Products. He is a           systems, fluid micro-positioning, polymer processing, fluid-
member of the Executive Steering Committee of the                  structural interactions and most recently to nanoparticle
Ontario Health Care CQI network and an Editorial Board             suspension flows. He is the founder of the Coating and Related
Member of the Hospital Quarterly Journal. s                        Manufacturing Processes Consortium. s

                     Benny Ons                                                           Christine Tarrajat
                     Director, Biosciences Europe, BD                                    Director General, European Diagnostic
                                                                                         Manufacturers Association (EDMA)

                      Benny Ons is Director of Regulatory                                Christine Tarrajat is Director General
                      Affairs, Regulatory Compliance and                                 of     the    European      Diagnostic
Quality Management at BD Biosciences Europe. He is a               Manufacturers Association in Brussels, which represents the
member of the EDMA Executive Committee and chairman of             in vitro diagnostics industry in Europe. She joined
its Regulatory Affairs Committee and its Labelling Taskforce.      the EDMA in 1997 as Director with responsibility
He is on the Board of the IVD Trade Association in Belgium         for regulatory affairs. She had previously worked with
and a member of the Global Harmonisation Task Force. He is         Wellcome Diagnostics and, after its acquisition with Murex,
also an expert on the ISO TC 212 WG3 Labelling standards for       holding positions of responsibility in the commercial and
IVD devices. s                                                     strategic planning fields at European level. s

 6                                                                       MEDICAL DEVICE MANUFACTURING & TECHNOLOGY 2006

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