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    Ginsborg Can Win Seat on Water Board
                                           August 7, 2012

                                                            Knies now is supporting David
                                                            Ginsborg, deputy county assessor
                                                            and longtime community
Ginsborg understands the                                    volunteer. Ginsborg also is a very
ecological issues and serves                                good candidate, and he has been
on the district’s bond                                      working toward this campaign
oversight committee. But                                    for well over a year, winning
perhaps more important                                      support from many valley leaders
at this time are Ginsborg’s                                 across the political spectrum.
combination of financial
expertise, government
experience and record of
high ethical standards in
public service. Reform is
his campaign theme.                                But if the goal this year is to replace Joe
                                                   Judge, then a single opponent with both
                                                   a good-government record and strong
                                                   political backing is needed. Ginsborg is
                                                   that candidate.

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