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									• Overview
• Feature Sessions
  – Interaction techniques
  – Clustering & clutter reduction
  – Variants of parallel coordinates
  – Applications
• Trends and Future Works
• Discussion Section
Overview of parallel coordinates
                 1985 1990 Inselberg

Definition of Parallel Coordinates   Duality
Five-Dimensional Hyper sphere
                  1990 Wegman ASA

Points VS Lines             Application
   1996 Wong VISUAL
Multiresolution Multidimensional Wavelet Brushing
             1997 Wegenkittl VISUAL
Extruded Parallel Coordinates

Three-dimensional Parallel Coordinates
1997 Wong Vis

 Metric Scaling
                         1999 Fua VISUAL

Hierarchical Clustering Tree   Hierarchical Parallel Coordinates
                  2000 Theisel l VMV

Higher Order Parallel Coordinates
2002 Hauser INFVIS
     Angular Brushing
2003 Berthold TFS
    Fuzzy Points
2003 Graham IV
2003 Wang INFVIS
  Hierarchical Dimension
         2003 Wong INFVIS

Bubble      Spline
                2004 Andrienko CMV
Transparent colour bands, or envelopes
2004 Artero INFVIS
    IPC Density Plot
2004 Barlow IV
2004 Peng INFVIS
2005 2006 Bendix Kosara
       Parallel Sets
2005 Bertini CMV
 Radviz and Parallel Coordinates
2005 2006 Ellis TVCG
     Sampling Lens
2005 Ericson CMV
   Tracked Statistical Measures
2005 Fanea INFVIS
     Star Glyphs
2005 Johansson INFVIS
2005 Johansson IV
2007 Ellis TVCG
A Taxonomy of Clutter Reduction
2008 Blaas TVCG
            2008 Johansson eurovis
The Screen Space Quality Method
2008 zhou eurovis
 Visual Clustering
  2009 Animation for Clutter
Reduction in Parallel Coordinates
2009 Zhou VGTC
 Splatting the Lines
  2009 Yuan INFVIS
Scattering Points in Parallel Coordinates

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