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The Story of Andy Hopkins

     Andy Hopkins

  Intro to Teaching 111

    Professor Eastman

     January 4, 2008
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       This paper will contain the life of Andy Hopkins. It will tell you where and when he was

born, where he grew up, and how he came to be at Manchester College. It will tell you what he

struggled with in life and what he was most memorable victories are.
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                                   The Story of Andy Hopkins

  This will be a brief paper on my life, where I grew up, what my joys and concerns are, and

how I got to Manchester College. My life, overall, would be a joyous one. There were good

times and bad times. I hope my future will turn out just as well as my life has already.

  I was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana to Perry and Jacquie Hopkins on November 18, 1988. It

was 9:30 at night before I was brought onto this earth. I was told that we moved to Michigan

before I was one and while my mom was pregnant with my younger brother Nate. Once Nate

was born, we moved back to Fort Wayne. We went to live with my grandmother, Alice, in her

house because my mom and dad got a divorce. A few years later my dad came back and my

mom and he started to date again. After a while my mom was pregnant with my little sister


  My mother and father didn’t end up getting back together. We stayed in Fort Wayne and went

to elementary school at Queen of Angles Catholic School and Church. When I was six my mom

met my stepdad Brian. They started dating and we eventually moved to Wolf Lake with him,

where we went to Wolf Lake Elementary.

  My stepdad has two children, Ben and Jessica. Ben was in high school when we moved in. He

treated my siblings and me like we were his actual siblings. Jessica was in middle school, she did

the same as Ben when it came to us. They gave my mom a hard time sometimes but it wasn’t too


  My school was a small one. There were at the most 120 people in my class. When we

graduated, there were 97 in my class. I was in the Central Noble School district. Central Noble is

in Noble County, Indiana, in Albion. The high school has around 450 people total in it. This was
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good and bad because you knew everyone, but everyone knew what you were doing it all the

time. In high school I did my best to get good grades. At the end of my senior year I had a 3.59

GPA and was 16th in my class. My time at Central Noble will never be forgotten.

  I actually didn’t have a lot of big joys in my life but the ones I did have were amazing to me.

When I was in elementary school I won the spelling bee. The funny thing was that I didn’t even

know that I won until the librarian told me that I did. Then in middle school I was involved in

something called the Spell Bowl and Mathcounts. They really boosted my confidence in my

studies. Then in high school I got involved in sports and choir and excelled in both very well. I

went to something called ISSMA in choir. It is a very big singing and instrument playing

competition that I obtained two gold medals in the division II category and was a half a point off

from going to state with the song “I Attempt from Love’s Sickness to Fly” in the division I


  My sports career is one of two main joys that I experienced in high school. I originally went

out for football my sophomore year but decided it wasn’t for me and joined cross country my

junior year. I received All-Conference during both my junior and senior year and qualified for

regional in my senior year. I was also in track and field from sophomore to senior year in which I

placed 8th in the 800 my sophomore year and placed 5th in the 800 and in the 4x400 relay in my

junior year.

  My senior year in track was one of the most memorable times of my life. In the regular season

of track I was undefeated in the mile and was 11-1 in the 800. I won the conference mile with a

time of 4:28 and beat two of the most prestigious runners in the area. I also got 3rd in the 800 at

conference. Then I placed 2nd in the mile and 4th in the 800 at sectional to qualify for regional.

Then at regional I placed 3rd in the mile with a time of 4:27 to qualify for state, which I never
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thought that I would be able to do. The state meet was so amazing even though I didn’t do as

good as I wanted to.

  The other main joy that I had in high school would be my girlfriend Brandy. She is the

brightest girl in her class and she is very good to me. We are currently dating and have been for

13 months.

  I’ve never had many big disappointments in my life. There were more sorrows in my life. My

grandmother passed away when I was a sophomore and my stepbrother Ben passed away when I

was a junior. They were both a huge part of my life and it is very hard to deal with them being

gone. I am disappointed that they didn’t get to see all of my great accomplishments and to see

me graduate.

  Some of my biggest victories are getting my Academic Honors diploma and my conference

championship in the mile. I’ve never been so happier then when those two events happened.

With victories come struggles to get there. I struggled through some of my classes in high school

and through the track meets that I ran. I also struggled with the deaths of my close family


  I am a very picky person. I would most likely be considered a meat and potatoes person when

it comes to food. I also am a big NASCAR fan and a big Tennessee Titans fan. I dislike cats and

most vegetables. There are so many things that I like and don’t like but those are some of the

main items.

  As I said I am a picky person and my cousin knew that. She said that I should go to

Manchester because they have a cross country and track program. I thought about it and asked

her how big the campus was. She said that Manchester was also very prestigious for teaching. At

one of my cross country meets my coaches now came to see me and told me that I would be very
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good at Manchester. I came for a visit and talked about financial aid, which both had a huge

factor on my decision to come to Manchester. Track and field was my deciding factor. I love to

run. I’m glad that I am here.

  This is a lot of the main points of my life. I feel that this paper would help anyone to get to

know me better. As I said, my life was a happy one, but it definitely had its ups and downs.

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