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									Example / Template Warning Letter Format to Marketing Manager for not
achieving his sales target in word/ .doc

Ref: RSL/2013-14/016
Date : February 15, 2014

Mr Arun Raj
Manager (Mktg.)
RSL- New Delhi

Dear Mr Arun Raj

Please refer our Letter dtd.15.01.2014 whereby we have advised our concern regarding
the target in New Delhi vis-à-vis sales achieved which was subsequently below 50%
during the 3rd quarter of 2013.

You were also advised to explore good business prospect in Haryana under CST sales and
we expected business worth of Rs.200.00 lacs per month. However, no business has
been generated from Haryana in last two months which is disturbing.

In view of above you are once again advised to put every kind of efforts sincerely to make
New Delhi Office profitable centre and not simply expense centre.

Hope you will understand the concern of the management and will try to put all your
best efforts. Your performance will be reviewed for next 2 months which please note.

                                                                        (NEETU SINGH)

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