Bruce Lee by deathadderprateek


									Subject: Bruce Lee is a Malaya Lee

Bruce Lee is actually a Malayalee, but he left Kerala,
the land of MaveLee because he didn't have Jo lee or Koo Lee.
He was not happy to be a Thozhila Lee or Vazhakkaa Lee
and decided that he wants to become a
Muthala Lee by being a Pora Lee. Actually, he invented
his most popular film titles from the Malayalam word Vyaa Lee (Dragon).
His favorite goddess was Ka Lee and he enjoyed Adipo Lee a lot.

What is Bruce Lee's favorite weapon?
Kodaa Lee

According to Bruce Lee, which is the Venomous snake?
Ana Lee

Place where Bruce Lee stays when he is in Kerala
Adima Lee

Bruce Lee's Favourite Malayalam Channel
Kaira Lee

Bruce Lee favorite vegetable?
Thakkaa Lee

What sound does Bruce Lee make when some one hits him?
Nilavi Lee

What is Bruce Lee's pet
Chunde Lee

What kind of water does Bruce Lee prefer with his lunch?
Karingaa Lee

What is Bruce Lee's Girl Friend's name?
Anaarka Lee

What is Bruce Lee's nick name?
Neeraa Lee

While in kerala he likes to be known as a Malaya Lee
Love Lee


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