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									From the last Presidential debate Americans learned that Republican
Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has proposed a $5 trillion tax plan.
According to Governor Romney his proposal is a $5 trillion tax cut over
10 years without raising taxes on the middle class. According to
President Barack Obama it is mathematically impossible to achieve this
without raising taxes on the middle class and increasing the federal
deficit. Everyone has heard about his plan but there have been little
specifics from Romney concerning the details.

For details visit www.romneytaxplan.com.

Recently a website was launched by the Democratic party on behalf of
Romney called the romneytaxplan.com. It suggests that the viewer will
get a breakdown of Romney’s tax plan by simply hitting the red GET
THE DETAILS button in the middle of the screen. What visitors will
discover is the red button is unclickable. It moves around the screen
whenever you hover your mouse over it suggesting that Romney has no
details to be revealed about his $5 trillion tax cut. It is a gimmick to
poke fun at Governor Romney’s tax plan.

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