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									Belfast – Titanic City

     The International Dimension
               Gillian Stewart
         Languages/International Team
                  Did you Know?
The Evening Herald Travel Awards (2003) chose Belfast as
 the “Best City Break Destination

The Guardian/Observer Travel Awards have ranked Belfast
 among the top five UK cities

There were 5.3 million visitor trips to Belfast in 2003 worth
 £232 million to the city’s economy

 Since 1999 43 luxury cruise liners have docked in Belfast
  with nearly 36,000 visitors – 23 more cruise ships will have
  visited Belfast by the end of Summer 2006 making the city
  an established international port of call

                   The International Dimension
   What do you think of Belfast?
“Belfast has a warmth and friendliness that completely
upended my prejudices. I have been a regular visitor to
the city for the last 20 years, drawn back by the
audiences, the life of the city itself and the beauty of
the scenery that surrounds it."
                Michael Palin, Comedian/Actor/Author/Travel Writer

“It’s always great coming back to Belfast because it’s
like a second home for me and the people are just like I
remembered them when I first moved there – kind,
great and enthusiastic.”
                                   Katie Melua, Singer/Songwriter

                 The International Dimension
    What do you think of Belfast?
"I love the place and it is so much nicer than D… - you
don't get harassed by people as much. People in Belfast
know how to have a good time and they don't have any
ego with them."
                         Shane Filan, Singer with pop group Westlife

"I came to Belfast to see if it was a cool place to spend
a couple of days, and I’ve had as much fun here as any
city I’ve been to. I’ve also learnt some stuff and there’s
fantastic scenery really close by, so for me, it’s a really
well rounded place to spend a few days in.”
                    Rajesh Mirchandani, BBC One Holiday Programme

                  The International Dimension
              Out and About in Belfast
  Lagan Lookout
                                                              Ulster Museum

                    St Anne’s Cathedral
                                          Titanic Memorial
Belfast Telegraph

                     The Odyssey Arena

                        The                             The Palm House
                     Waterfront                        Botanical Gardens

                         The International Dimension
                          Historic Belfast
   Belfast Castle                                            Grand Opera House

                          Linen Hall Library       Clock

The Crown Liquor Saloon                                      Queen’s University
                                      City Hall

                            The International Dimension
                 Shopping in Belfast
                                       Castle Court Shopping Centre
Queen’s Arcade

                    Royal Avenue

                                                      St George’s

                    The International Dimension
                      famous for …                  AEROSPACE

Harland and Wolff

                           RMS Titanic

                     Titanic leaving Belfast on
                            2 April 1912
                    The International Dimension
   famous for …

   Irish Linen

The International Dimension
                                Belfast                  Bernard MacLaverty
 Seamus Heaney, Poet          famous for …                     Author
Nobel Prize Winner, 1995

                         Literature and Art
                               C S Lewis, Author

                                                         Sir John Lavery,Artist

 “for works of lyrical
  beauty and ethical
  depth, which exalt
everyday miracles and
   the living past. ”

                           The International Dimension
   Famous for …


The International Dimension
   Famous for …

 Wall Murals

The International Dimension
    famous for …

Music and Drama

The International Dimension
                                                               “Belfast Giants”
                                                                 British Ice
                                                              Hockey Champions

        Ballet in the concert hall
                                     famous for …

                            Super Entertainment!

                                     Live Music

     “Good craic” in
                                                    The Ulster Orchestra
the Crown Liquor Saloon,
  Belfast’s oldest pub

                             The International Dimension
Barry Douglas, Pianist                         Kenneth Branagh,
                                                    Actor          Brian Kennedy, Singer

   James Galway,          George Best,
      Flautist             Footballer

                               Famous People                             Van Morrison,
                                from Belfast
                           Chaim Herzog,
                         President of Israel

   John Dunlop,
   Tyre Inventor

                                                   Derek Bell, Harpist
                                                     “The Chieftains”

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