Letter to Applicants - Library Officer by xiaopangnv


									    July 2012

    Dear Colleague

    Thank you for expressing an interest in the post of Library Officer at Erasmus Darwin Academy.
    These are exciting times at this school; we have just completed our first year as an Academy
    which has been extremely successful.

    We have detailed plans to improve the Academy further, and the Independent Learning Centre
    (ILC) is an area which we wish to develop. Our vision is to create a centre where students can
    enjoy the best resources and the right environment for independent study. We also want to
    encourage more youngsters to use the centre at lunchtime, before and after school.

    The candidate we seek will have interest and skills in a range of resources, the ability to engage
    and extend young people in their own learning and the authority to maintain a calm, positive
    study environment in the ILC.

    The application process is a straight-forward one. If, having read the information with the
    letter and visited our website at www.erasmusdarwinacademy.co.uk you feel you would like to
    apply, please complete and return the application form by 12:00 noon on Friday 17th
    August 2012.

    If you think you have the knowledge, skills and attributes we are looking for, I encourage you
    to apply for this post.

    Yours faithfully

    Bernice Astling

    Bernice Astling


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