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					      Maggio 2009

             Presidents Message
      Maggio 7, 2009.

      Dear Brothers and Sisters, Bouna Sera,

      Unfortunately, we did not participate in the Pioneer     I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day, See you at
      Day Parade this year due to rain.                        the regular meeting on May 21st.
      God knows we tried, and I thank Laurie and Michele       Respectfully,
      for spending so much of their time on the float          President, Michael (Colletti) Smith
      decorations and Rita and Patty for their wisdom. We
      will give it a try next year.

      I have often been asked what our lodge has done for
      its members. Well here it is. We are having a party.            Maggio Calendar of Events
      An Anniversary Party for our lodge. Dinner, live
      music, and just a fun time and we are only asking                    Thurs. 5/7 Officers Meeting

      $20.00 per person. We will decorate ODS Hall in
                                                                               Sun. 5/10 Mother’s Day
      50’s style. Dressing 50’s is optional.
      Show your support to your lodge and come on down                   Thurs. 5/21 Reg. Meeting/ Potluck

      for a great dinner and dancing.
                                                                               Fri. 5/29 Dine-Out

      For the record, your lodge will be donating a total of                         Printing of
      $3,000.00 in scholarships this month and from our
                                                                               “The Bellini Notes”
      Western Foundation Golf Classic, $5,384.00 went to
      local charities in Butte County.                                             Courtesy of
      Thank you to all the members that helped
                                                                         Prudential California Realty
      throughout the year to make this happen.
                                                                                180 E4th St. Chico
           Just a Reminder!                      Sunshine & Flowers
                                                   Well it’s graduation time!
         *When you attend our Regular
                                                 Many members probably have
Meetings, each Attendee;
                                                   children & grandchildren
please remember to bring a canned food
                                                     graduating this spring.
donation or $1 to donate to the
                                                        Here is a couple that we know of;
Chico Community Relief Food Locker
                                                         MaryAnn & Elmer’s grandsons,
*Want to advertize In This Newsletter?                   Brian Passantino from PV High
Send in 1 of your business cards with                    C.J. Passantino from Bidwell Jr.
$60/year Members                                   Jerry & Roseann Bradley’s daughter, Sicily,
$ 100/year Non-Members                            is completing her academic medical classes, at
                                                   St.George’s Unv. on the Island of Grenada,
          Lodge Officers                         May 14 & will begin her Clinical Rotations at an
                                                         East Coast Hospital in August.
President Michael Smith               682-5641
Vice-President John Jefsen            892-2848
                                                  When you have Sunshine Information to share,
Immed. Past President Elmer Silvera 342-1630
Orator Rocky Santulli                 895-0359         call MaryAnn Silvera @ 342-1630
Recording Secretary Jeanne Smith 898-8112                         *******
Newsletter Roseann Bradley           343-1050
Financial Secretary Debbie Rossi      345-7911
Treasurer Rita Brunelli               893-2639
Historian MaryAnn Silvera             342-1630
Trustees Don Smith                   898-8112
            Ken Mackey                895-8545
            Sal Aiello               876-0728
           Jackie Schneider          345-1461
           Cathy Lucido              566-0130
MC          Michelle Mokres          894-6049
           Dominic Chiricosta        589-5597
Guard      Bob Schneider              345-1461
Chaplain Roseanne Chiricosta          589-5597
Taste of Italy Sales Michelle Mokres 894-6049
$100 Raffle Tickets Stella Ricci     343-1071
Culture Chairman William Dantona 894-5639
Sunshine Chairman MaryAnn Silvera 342-1630
Community Events                           Have a computer?
            May 13 Wed. 7:30pm          Look up our Website!
              Tango First Century
               Laxon Auditorium
            May 20 Wed. 7:30pm
              Beauty & the Beast
                                          ~Maggio Dine-Out~
               Laxon Auditorium
  For tickets to both; call 898-6333       Friday Maggio 29, 2009 6:30pm
           May 14 Thurs. 7-8pm
            Stroke Survivor Stories
        Enloe Conference Center
                                         Gooney Bird
             June 6 Sat. 5:30pm                  Bar & Grill
     SOI 27th Annv. Dinner Dance                   3312 Esplanade, Chico
Our Devine Savior Church Social Hall
                                                Separate Checks O.K.
   For tickets 345-7911/899-2490
              June 20 Sat. 6pm          We Maybe Ordering from ltd. Menu.

              Feather Falls Casino       For Reservations Call Roseann Bradley
     Veteran’s Benefit for Vectors
        Winter Dance Party Tour
                   Tribute to
            Buddy Holly Big Bopper
                 Richie Valeris
   For tickets 345-7911/899-2490
Vincenzo Bellini Lodge #2519                       Head Trustee Ken Mackey announced that
S.O.I. Business Meeting                            himself, Jackie Schneider, and Don Smith
                                                   conducted a budget review on April 2nd. There
April 16, 2009                                     were no irregularities.

Called to order at 7:30PM                          Recipients of funds raised by the Golf
by President Michael Smith                         Tournament last September were at the meeting
                                                   to say “Thank you” to our members and briefly
Roll call of Officers: excused absences were       talk about what their respective organizations do
Master of Ceremonies Dominic Chiracosta, and       for our community.
Chaplain Rosanne Chiracosta                        Janell from the Peg Taylor Center told us how
                                                   the center provides adult day care so that
March Meeting Minutes were approved as             caregivers of elderly or disabled persons can
published.                                         have a break. They provide nursing care, speech
                                                   therapy, as well as other activities.
Communications:                                    Steve Longoria, Diane Meyers and Tom Bergie
1.Convention package received from Grand           from Vectors explained that all money raised
Lodge of California.                               goes directly to the care of Veterans. He said that
2. Request from Skyway house for a donation to     most of the Veterans they see are from the Viet
help them purchase uniform bedspreads at the       Nam Era, that it often takes many years for
cost of $35.00 each                                former soldiers to recognize that their problems
3. Thank you note from Jolene Francis, President   are related to the time spent serving their
of the Chamber of Commerce for renewing our        country. He expects that there will be many more
membership.                                        soldiers in the future from the War in Iraq.
4. Thank you note from the Catholic Ladies         Other donations made from the funds raised by
Relief Society for our donation in March of 32     the Golf Tournament were to the Enloe
lbs. of food.                                      Foundation Hospice Program and the Chico
                                                   High School Boosters Club.
Guests: Janell from the Peg Taylor Center, and
Steve Longoria, Diane Meyers, and Tom Bergie       Sunshine: Mary Ann Silvera told us that Henry
from Vectors.                                      Pasquinelli was doing great, in fact he was
                                                   actually at the meeting!
Michael announced that the Sons of Italy           Mary Ann told us that she herself is doing well,
Western Foundation working with the Italian        and was able to walk all over Disneyland with
Embassy has requested that each Sons of Italy      her family!
Lodge donate $100.00 to help in the aftermath of
the recent Earthquake near Rome. Roy Vanoni        Spaghetti Feed: Chairman John Jefsen thanked
made a motion to go forward with the donation      everyone who pitched in on the Spaghetti Feed.
and Bob Schneider seconded it, the motion was      He said net proceeds for the Spaghetti Feed are
passed.                                            $6650.00. On May 11th there will be a meeting to
                                                   discuss what went well and ways to improve on
Treasurer’s Report: Rita Brunelli presented the    things that didn’t. Please write down any
following bills that were approved for payment:    comments and give to John for discussion at the
1. Enterprise Record for Spaghetti Feed ad         meeting. Rocky Santulli also wished to thank his
     $296.00                                       kitchen help Pat Hallin and Jim Lamana. He
2. Roseann Bradley for Newsletter expenses         mentioned that our schedule change forced us to
     $21.52.                                       do things differently and in fact improved the
3. Debbie Rossi stamps for the newsletter          flow of things.
4. Michael Smith for meeting expenses $64.41       Summer Picnic: Scheduled for Yvonne
5. Grand Lodge per capita $2013.49                 Noerenberg and Yvette Sanfilippo will chair
                                                   August 16th.
Financial Secretary’s Report: Account balances
Checking Account: $13794.70                        Scholarships: We have seven applicants this
Savings Account: $ 14015.29                        year. The scholarship for Theresa Lucido is at
Certificates of Deposit: $11503.21                 $445.00 A motion was made by Frank Scotella
for the Lodge to contribute another $550.00 to         Mary Ann Silvera asked who won the beautiful
make the one time Scholarship be $1000.00. The         basket she put together for the Spaghetti Feed
motion was seconded by Yvonne Vanoni and               raffle. It was Yolanda Holt who was delighted.
passed by the membership.
                                                       State Deputy Jim Lamana said that he applauds
Dinner Dance: Scheduled for June 6th, the band         any organization where people help people. He
will be the De Leones, catered by Spiteri’s and        said that the Redding Rodeo Parade was having
the cost to members and their guests is $20.00         one person from each branch of the military to be
each.                                                  the Grand Marshals this year, and that Cool
                                                       April Nights is this weekend. He said he was
Membership Committee: President Michael                glad to see that Henry Pasquinelli has recovered
Smith has some ideas to work out with Bob and          nicely.
Jackie Schneider. One involves the Sicilian Café
and the other Chocolate Mystique Café. Dates           50/50 Drawing: $25.00 to Frank Scotella and
and details will be announced as plans are             $25.00 to Bob Girolamo
                                                       Stella Ricci’s $100.00 Drawing winner is Tyler
Pioneer Day Parade: Chairperson Laurie Smith           Keerans
will need help with our float.
                                                       Meeting Adjourned at 8:50PM
Several members voiced their desire to see more
of our money donated to worthy causes in our           Respectfully Submitted by
community. President Michael Smith said                Jeanne Smith, Recording Secretary
anyone who would like to see the Lodge make a
donation to a particular cause should approach
him first with the idea and then he would present
it to the Officers of the Lodge to make a
determination before it is presented to the

Rita Brunelli and Michael Smith met with the
two consulting professors for CIAO, Chico
Italian Academic Organization at CSUC to find
ways that our two organization could enrich one
another. They are currently looking for a Bocci
Ball court to use; they also show Italian subtitled
movies as well as language seminars.
One important thing that they came away from
this meeting was that young people are very
interested in the current culture of Italy, not just
the old traditions. Something we should think
about when attempting to attract younger

Chico Grange hall is still available to rent. Only
$25.00 an hour.

No new business.

Good of the Order:

Unsung Heroes: President Michael Smith
recognized Ken Mackey for his years of
dedication to the Lodge.
                                    Vincenzo Bellini Lodge No. 2519
                                                           P.O. Box 736
                                                   Chico, California 95927-0736

                          Our 27th Anniversary Dinner-Dance

                      “Back to the Fifties”
                                    June 6, 2009
                 Our Divine Savior Church Social Hall

                                 566 E. Lassen Av~Chico                      No Host Social Hour 5:30-6:30

                 LIVE music by                                   Dress Attire~50’sStyle!

                 The De Leons                                  Raffle & Best Costume Prizes

                                                 Catered By Spiteri’s Deli
             Menu: Chicken & Tri-tip, Rigatoni, Garlic Bread, Salad & Tiramisu for Dessert
                                                       $20.00 per person
                                         Tickets will not be sold at the door.             Friends & Family Welcome!

                                                  RSVP by June 1, 2009
                                                 For Further Info contact:
                                   Debbie Rossi 345-7911 H or 899-2490 W
Clip & return with check to purchase tickets..

Name________________________________# of tickets______$Amount Enclosed_________
Debbie Rossi
3024 Calistoga Dr.
Chico, Calif. 95973
Update: Driving Italian-American?
Earlier this year, an new chapter in Italian-American (automotive/business) culture was presented in
this part of our SOI newsletter when I featured the Fiat-Chrysler merger—Paul Eisenstein reported from
Detroit the struggling U.S. automaker announced plans to form a global alliance with the Italian
automaker. As this story has continued, here’s an update on the latest for this edition of the SOI Culture
Piece as reported in this excerpt from The Post Courier on May 3, 2009.

The history of Chrysler is like one of those old movie serials where the heroine gets tied
to the railroad tracks by the villain at the end of one episode, only to be rescued by the
hero in the next, until, oops! She's in trouble again. The latest rescue came Thursday.
On the whole it was a good one. The Obama administration's auto industry team seems
to have used the government's leverage wisely to keep the company together through
bankruptcy and hand it over to new managers and investors with a fighting chance for

                              By making a union health plan a 55 percent owner, the
                              deal creates incentives for the company's workforce to
                              make it a success. Fiat, the Italian automaker, will own 35
                              percent. U.S. taxpayers will own 8 percent of the new
                              structure and Canadian taxpayers will own 2 percent —
                              shares small enough to prevent politicians from calling
                              the shots but large enough to eventually earn back
taxpayer subsidies that will keep the enterprise afloat while it goes through bankruptcy
and restructuring.

Not everyone is pleased. Grumbling is heard from some on Wall Street who feel the
Obama administration cut a deal that favored Chrysler's union over its creditors.
Doubts are expressed about the Fiat-Chrysler marriage, given Chrysler's recent
disastrous divorce from Daimler Benz and the question of whether any European
partner is right for the maker of typically larger American cars and trucks.

Some think the Obama administration may be tipping its hand in pushing the Fiat
merger. Fiat, which was itself on the verge of collapse only five years ago, will invest in
Chrysler by converting an American plant to make Fiat cars here.

Fiat's models are generally small, light, fuel-efficient vehicles of a sort that haven't been
popular on the American market when fuel prices were low. In pushing the Fiat merger,
some think, the Obama administration is showing its preference for fuel-efficient cars.

Meanwhile, the administration plans to accelerate the implementation of new auto fuel-
efficiency standards mandated by Congress. Mr. Obama may be stepping out of his
direct role in managing the rescue of Chrysler, but he will still have a lot to say about
the company's future success.

The perils of Chrysler ... to be continued.


Guglielmo D’Antonio
              News of the

   Vincenzo Bellini Lodge #2519

   Order sons of Italy in America
               P.O. Box 736

           Chico, CA 95927-0736

                                  rd                                            th
Vincenzo Bellini Lodge meets every 3 Thursday of the month @ St. John’s Church @5 & Chestnut Sts. Chico

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