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					My Little Big Brother

By Steam Train ( )

Hi I'm Kate Charles and this is how I managed to get my brother Ben back
with the ultimate embarrassing moment and I didn't even plan it.

On Xmas day here in Australia (summer time) it's a family affair and this
year the family were at out house for Xmas dinner. As the family arrive
the usual comments are made, my how you have grown Kate etc etc. When my
Aunt Marilyn and her family arrive she says the same, "well Kate haven't
you grown, why your taller than your brother". This was true, as in the
last 3 months I had shot past Ben in height and had begun tormenting him
a bit about the fact as any "good" sister would do. I was 12 1/2 and Ben
was 14 1/2 at the time

Mum was at the door greeting my Aunt this time too and replied " yes
hasn't she grown, she's really started puberty unlike Ben who's still
waiting' well I blushed a bit at my "secrets' being talked about but I
noticed Ben going far redder blushing.

A few days later I was at my friend Sarah's place with another friend
Rachelle and they were talking about Ben who they thought "hot" so I
couldn't miss the chance to tell them what my mum had said about Ben. I
didn't know Sarah's brother Daniel (a friend of Ben's) was listening. He
buts in " so you mean he's still got a 'pin dick' ( the local saying for
a small penis). I had to confess I didn't know any more than mums comment
'that Ben's still waiting to start puberty'. Daniel then comes up with
the idea to find out for sure about Ben, which my friends all think is so
funny and they urge him on.

Daniel will get the group that he and Ben belong to to 'dack' (our term
for pantsing) Ben when they next have a swim at Daniel and Sarah's pool.
So I really had nothing to do with Ben's ultimate embarrassment except
gossiping to my best friends, however it went from there out of my hands.

About a week later just into the new year the opportunity came and Ben
and 6 other friends were there at the pool along with Sarah, Rachelle and
myself as we knew what was going to happen. Sarah even had their digital
camera all ready in her pool bag. I think the plan was to 'dack' Ben in
the pool but he got out of the pool earlier than expected and was lying
on a lay back chair in the screen enclosure, next to the pool with his t
shirt back on and a towel around his board shorts,chatting up Rachelle.
I saw Daniel signal to Sarah to be ready and the guys got out of the poll
one by one so as not to make it notable and came over to where Ben was
chatting up Rachelle. A couple grabbed him then the others raced over.
With 6 of them he had no hope of struggling loose though he tried.

4 of them held is arms and feet and lifted him up off the lay-back seat a
bit whilst the other 2 removed his towel and his t shirt without too much
trouble. Luke who was holding one of his arms and Rachelle joked about
the lack of pit hairs which made Ben start to blush real bad. His board
shorts though were a problem, still being wet and tightly tied at the
waist they wouldn't slip down when Jono, Dean and Alex tried to lower
them. Eventually Daniel undid the waist cord and then the guys jerked
hard and his board shorts started to come down.

I think even before Alex and Dean had his board shorts off Ben's feet,
Jono had reached up and was pulling down Ben's black speedos he was
wearing under the board shorts.

Ben squirmed and tried to kick loose but too late he was revealed. Ben
was so red in the face with embarrassment and the guys who didn't know
what to expect except Daniel all burst out laughing cause, yep, mum was
right he hadn't started puberty at all. No pubes and having not long come
from the pool Ben was shrunken even smaller than his privates actually
were which was nothing much.

The guys lifted Ben and stood him on his feet and Sarah took a picture
and ran off with camera to hide it so Ben couldn't get it and delete the
picture. They them carried him to the pool, chucked him in and hung his
swimmers up a light pole next to the pool. I guess he couldn't get any
more embarrassed so he got straight out got a chair and reached up and
got his swimmers back. My friends all the time were studying hard.

Thus I managed the ultimate 'get back' at my brother without really
trying, for all those years he's tormented me as my big brother. For a
while after that he was definitely my little brother!

The End

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