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									                                          ALON BEN-GAL

Plant response to environmental stress conditions. Irrigation of crops. Agricultural utilization of saline
water and of recycled wastewater. Optimization of water under irrigation in arid regions. Flow and
transport of water and solutes in the vadose zone.
        Ph.D. Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences
        The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rehovot, Israel 2003
        M.Sc. Soil, Environmental Science, Cum Laude
        The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel 1994
        B.Sc. Agrarian Studies: Soil and Water Science, Cum Laude
        The University of California, Davis, CA. 1985
        2007 -           Senior Research Scientist. Agricultural Research Organization, Gilat
                         Research Center. Department of Environmental Physics and Irrigation,
                         Institute of Soil Water and Environmental Sciences.
        2004 - 2007      Research Scientist (Environmental Physics and Irrigation). Gilat Research
                         Center. Agricultural Research Organization, Israel
        2002 - 2004      Research Scientist (Agricultural Water Use Efficiency). Arava Research and
                         Development, Yotvata, Israel
        2001- 2002       Post-doctoral fellowship (Soil Science). Utah State University. Logan, UT
        1994 - 2001      Research Assistant. Arava Research and Development
        1992 - 1994      Research Assistant. National Center for Mariculture. Eilat, Israel
        1990 - 1991      Research Technician. Arava Research and Development
        1987 - 1990      Irrigation Manager. Kibbutz Ketura, Israel
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  c.v. Alon Ben-Gal                                   1
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   c.v. Alon Ben-Gal                                   2

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