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                                                         ACCOUNTING TECHNICIAN

Under direction, perform technical-level accounting work in establishing, analyzing, auditing, reconciling, and maintaining automated and
manual financial and program records; to prepare accounting, budgetary and statistical reports, statements and claims; and to perform
related work as required.

Positions in this class perform highly specialized and technical financial record keeping work. Work performed at this level requires a
thorough understanding of accounting systems and requirements. Incumbents are expected to analyze source documents, to use
judgment and initiative in questioning data and transactions which may be discrepant, to research records, to resolve discrepancies, to
prepare difficult financial reports, to answer questions and to identify improved procedures.

The tasks listed in this section are representative of duties assigned to positions in this class. This list is not intended to be an exhaustive
list of all the tasks assigned to positions in the class, and it is not expected that all of the tasks listed are necessarily assigned to all
positions in the class.

Receive, analyze, evaluate and identify potential discrepancies and special processing requirements for a variety of source documents;
contact staff to resolve questions and problems in source information or advise of necessary modifications in site program or departmental
records; receive purchase orders, expense claims, conference requests, field trip reports, and other documents; screen for appropriate
authorization, correct account coding and availability of funds in account; verify budget balances at request of staff; project income and
expenses; and research and compile information.

Set up general ledger beginning balances from source documents; post income and expenditures to general ledger and subsidiary ledgers;
make budget transfers, corrections, and revisions to general and subsidiary ledgers; reconcile District general ledger to County Office of
Education records; prepare journal entries; prepare instructions on reporting procedures for use in schools and program offices; explain
procedures and answer questions; contact County Office of Education staff to resolve journal entries and deposit problems.

Balance Food Service cash deposits to cash receipts journal; prepare bank deposits and reports; collect, compile, and report
Free/Reduced lunch program data; maintain accounts receivable ledger and follows up on collection.

Prepare and mail bids, participate in bid opening, prepare purchase orders.

Maintain records of income and expenditures on special accounts and programs such as driver education, student transportation fees;
school modernization, and building projects; enter information to spreadsheet; prepare periodic summaries; maintain contract files and
payment records, and follow-up on renewal.

Answer telephones, take messages, and transfer calls; answer a variety of questions which require a good understanding of operating
procedures and policies; greet and direct public and students; take messages for staff; present a positive image of the District to parents,
students, and guests.

Compose correspondence; keyboard, letters, memos, reports, forms, bulletins, lists, labels, and similar documents, using typewriter,
microcomputer, computer terminal, and standard office word processing software; operate office equipment such as FAX, photocopier,
laminator, calculator, and related equipment; create and maintain files; separate and mail documents.

Guide, train, inspect, and monitor the work of fiscal services clerical staff, as assigned.

Serve on assigned committees and teams; participate in District mandated training and retraining programs; perform related work as
Knowledge of:
Methods, practices, and terminology used in financial and statistical record keeping.
Automated financial and statistical record keeping practices.
Computer terminal operating methods.
Correct English usage and spelling.
Business correspondence and financial report preparation.
Modern office equipment and procedures.
Business mathematics.
Advanced functions of computer software related to financial record keeping (spreadsheets, databases, and text processing).
Customer and public relations courtesies and techniques.

Ability to:
Perform difficult and responsible specialized accounting and statistical record keeping records.
Post data and make arithmetic calculations with speed and accuracy.
Extract and summarize data and prepare comprehensive financial related reports and business correspondence.
Audit, compare numbers, and detect errors.
Operate a computer terminal; use advanced functions of standard and specialized financial related computer software with efficiency and
Operate alpha and numeric keyboards with accuracy.
Communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing, displaying tact, patience, and judgment.
Understand and carry out oral and written instructions.
Establish and maintain effective relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

Any combination of training, education, and experience which demonstrates possession of the knowledge and abilities stated above, and
the ability to perform the duties of the position. A typical qualifying entrance background is three years of advanced working-level
experience performing technical level accounting work in an automated environment performing work which is closely related to the duties
of the vacant position, or two years in the Benicia Unified School District at, or equivalent to, Accounting Specialist, where the incumbent
has gained the knowledge, skill and ability to perform the duties of the position, or completion of course work leading to a bachelor’s
degree in accounting or a closely-related field.

The Physical Abilities and Other Conditions of Continued Employment listed in this section are representative of, but are not intended to
provide an exhaustive list of Physical Abilities and Other Conditions of Continued Employment which may be required of positions in this
class. Benicia Unified School District encourages persons with disabilities who are interested in employment in this class and need
reasonable accommodation of those disabilities to contact the Personnel Department for further information.

Vision: (which may be corrected) to read small print; view a computer screen for prolonged periods.
Hearing: (which may be corrected) understand speech over a telephone.
Speech: to be understood in face-to-face communications; to speak with a level of proficiency and volume to be understood over a
telephone and in a noisy environment.
Upper Body Mobility: use hands and fingers to feel, grasp, and manipulate small objects; manipulate fingers, twist and bend at wrist and
elbow; extend arms to reach outward and upward; use hands and arms to lift objects; twist and bend at torso; turn, raise, and lower head.
Lower Body Mobility: to sit for prolonged periods of 1 hour.
Strength: to lift, push, pull and/or carry objects which weigh as much as 15 pounds on a frequent basis.
Environmental Requirements: work cooperatively with others; work independently; work indoors.
Mental Requirements: read, write, understand, interpret and apply information at a moderate level essential for successful job
performance; general business math skills; learn quickly and follow written and/or verbal procedures and standards; rank tasks in order of
importance; compare, analyze and compile information and records.

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