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    October 16, 2012            PRAYER CALENDAR

               Please pray daily for your Presiding Bishop, Katharine (Richard), the retired Presiding
Bishop, Frank (Phoebe), the Bishop, Barry (Ann), the Provisional Bishop of San Joaquin, Jerry (Jane),
the Cathedral, the Clergy of this Diocese, and the Diocese of San Joaquin.
* Denotes, "In Ordination Process".

Day of the Month
1.     St. Michael's Church, Alturas, The Rev. Tom Johnson
       St. Michael's Church, Anderson, The Rev. Royston Auelua (Judith)
       St. Andrew’s Church, Antelope, The Rev. Peter Rodgers (Kathy)
              The Rev. Diana Turner
       St. Alban's Church, Arcata, The Rev. Sara Potter (Aaron)
              The Rev. Dr. Susan J. Armstrong
              The Rev. Eric Duff, non-parochial (Betty)
       Youth Ministry, Monica Romano

2.          St. Luke's Church, Auburn, The Rev. Dan Williamson ( Diane)
                   The Rev. William Hefti, Deacon (Linda)
                   Mrs. Fred (Ann) Franklin, widow
            St. Paul's Church, Benicia, The Rev. Jeanne Forte
                   The Rev. Canon John L. Bogart (Mary Louise)
                   The Rev. Linda Clader (Robert)
                   The Rev. Arthur Holder
                   The Rev. Shep Jenks, Deacon (Nancy)
                   *Mr. Steve Yurosko (Sue)
            Young Adult Ministry, Monica Romano

3.          St. Luke's Church, Calistoga, The Rev. Lucretia Jevne (the Rev. Water Phelps)
                   The Rev. Peggy Thompson, Deacon
            Faith Church, Cameron Park, The Rev. Canon Kent McNair (Kathy)
                   The Rev. Elizabeth Armstrong (Tim)
                   The Rev. Stephen Shortes, Deacon (Leslyn)
                   Mrs. Charles (Marilyn) Karoly, widow

            St. George's Church, Carmichael, The Rev. John Mangels (Anne)
                   The Rev. Robert Olsen , Deacon (Sandra)
                   The Rev. Bob Gould, Retired Associate
                   Mrs. Charles A. (Barbara) Cooper, widow; Mr. Roger Bedigrew, widower
            Camp Noel Porter, The Rev. Jenni Liem
            Camp Living Waters, The Rev. Dr. Susan Armstrong

4.   St. Michael's Church, Carmichael, The Rev. Canon Mary Hauck (Paul)
            The Rev. George Foxworth (Doni)
            The Rev. James Straukamp
            The Rev. Rod Davis (Susan)

     St. Michael's Day School, The Rev. Jesse Vaughan
            The Rev. Canon Lynell Walker
     St. John's Church, Chico, The Rev. Richard Yale (Linda)

     Commission on Gratitude, Ms. Sara Cakebread

5.   Good Shepherd Church, Cloverdale, The Rev. Ed Howell (Terry)
            The Rev. David Powell, Retired (Margaret)
     St. Stephen’s Church, Colusa, The Rev. Delia Fay
            The Rev. John Vafis
     St. Andrew's Church, Corning, The Rev. Diana Lueckert (Bill)
     St. Paul's Church, Crescent City, The Rev. David Shewmaker (Alicia)
             The Rev. Tom Taylor, Retired
     Christian Formation Commission, The Rev. Christine Leigh-Taylor

6    St. Martin's Church, Davis, The Rev. Mark Allen (Nancy)
            The Rev. Sarah Motley (Christopher Fischer)
            The Rev. Arthur Lillicropp
            *The Rev. Ernie Lewis (Mary Ann)
            *Ms. Margaret Grayden
            *Ms. Chana Winger
     St. Mary's Church, Elk Grove, The Rev. Raymond Hess (Deborah)
            The Rev. Restituto Coloma (Erlinda)
            The Rev. Edwin T. Shackelford, Retired (Sally)
            The Rev. Raymond Potter, Jr.
     Commission on Women’s Ministries, Gaye McWade

7    Christ Church, Eureka and Sts. Martha and Mary Parochial Mission, Trinidad, The Rev.
     Ron Griffin (Charlotte)
            The Rev. Dr. Susan J. Armstrong
            Sister Alice Reid, CT
            Sister Diana Doncaster, CT
            The Rev. Doug Thompson (Hannell), Retired
            The Rev. Carol Eckstein, Deacon, Retired
     Grace Church, Fairfield, The Rev. Debra Warwick-Sabino (Robert)
            The Rev. Canon John Bogart (Mary Louise)
            The Rev. David Cavanagh
            The Rev. Susan Reeve, Deacon
            The Rev. Perry Polk (Sylvia)
            *Ms. Megan Anderson
            *Mr. David Henson

             The Rev. John Duncan, Retired (Janet)
             Mrs. Ralph (Jane) Bower widow, Mrs. Russell (Ruth) Waldron, Widow
      St. Brigid’s Parochial Mission, Rio Vista, The Rev. Susan Reeve, Deacon
             The Rev. Derek Jones, Deacon (Jane)

8.    St. Francis Church, Fair Oaks, The Rev. Marcia Engblom (Dennis)
             The Rev. Aileen Aidnik, Deacon
             *Ms. Janine Schenone
             The Rev. William Sassman, Retired (Elizabeth)
      St. Mary's Church, Ferndale
             Mrs. Frances (Mary) O’Reilly, widow, Mrs. Joseph (Lois) Elliott, widow
      Campus Ministry Commission, The Rev. Michael Monnot

9.    Trinity Church, Folsom, The Rev. Michael Kerrick (Judy)
      St. Michael and All Angels Church, Fort Bragg,
             *Mr. Blake Leighton
      Search, Vocare, Cursillo Movements

10    St. Francis Church, Fortuna, The Rev. Geri Gray-Reneberg
             The Rev. Jörn Müller, widower
      St. Luke's Church, Galt, The Rev Barbara Nixon (James Wirrell)
             The Rev. James Townsend
      Emmanuel Church, Grass Valley, The Rev. Seth Kellerman (Tara)
             The Rev. Anne Powell, Deacon (Lewis Powell)
             The Rev. Lewis Powell, Deacon (Anne Powell)
             The Rev. Richard Tumilty (Joan)
             The Rev. James Sigler, Retired (Shelley)
             *Mr. Gary Brown (Page)

11.   St. Timothy’s, Gridley, The Rev. John Harris
      Shepherd by the Sea Episcopal/Lutheran Mission, Gualala,
             The Rev. Gillett Bechtel (Betty)
      St. Paul's Church, Healdsburg, The Rev. Tyler Strand
             The Rev. Duane Thebeau (Anne)
             The Rev. Canon Marvin N. Bowers, Retired (Bonnie)
      The Bishop’s Ranch, Healdsburg The Rev. Patricia Moore, Retired
      Health Ministries, Mrs. Susan Wahlstrom

12.   Little Portion Hermitage, Kelseyville, The Rev. Leo M. Joseph, O.S.F.
              The Rev. Carroll Z. Morgan, Deacon
      St. Patrick's Church, Kenwood, The Rev. Richard Hugh Stevenson (Angela)
              The Rev. Clifford Kent (Betty)
              Mrs. John (Maisie) Crowther, widow

13.   Holy Spirit, Lake Almanor, The Rev. Michael McCue
      St. John’s, Lakeport, The Rev. Leo Joseph, O.S.F.

      St. James’ Church, Lincoln, The Rev. William Rontani
             The Rev. David P. Muth, non-parochial (Deborah)
             Mrs. Alfred (Margaret) Alley, Widow
             The Rev. Carl Wright, U.S.A.F. Chaplain
      Liturgy and Music Commission, The Rev. Lucinda Ashby

14.   St. John's Church, Marysville, The Rev. Phil Reinheimer (Vicki)
             The Rev. Sara Aseltine, Deacon (Arthur)
             The Rev. Nancy B. Edwards, retired

15.   St. Barnabas’ Church, Mt. Shasta, The Rev. Larry Holben (Ken Solus)
              The Rev. Ted Ridgway (Shirley)
      St. Mary's Church, Napa, The Rev. Canon Stephen M. Carpenter (Frances)
              The Rev. Alice Ray
             *The Rev. Deacon John K. Morris (Patricia)

16.   Trinity Church, Nevada City, The Rev. Christopher Seal (Gae),
            The Rev. Deacon Davis Ferrell (Doretta)
            Mrs. Don (Louise) Royer , widow
            The Rev. J. Barrett Miller, Retired
      Native American Ministries Missioner The Rev. Deacon Lewis Powell (Ann-Margrete Powell)

17.   Good Shepherd, Orland, The Rev. Diana Lueckert (Bill)
             Mrs. Ellsworth (Jill) Wayland, widow
      St. Paul’s, Oroville, The Rev. David Englund (Susan)
      St. Nicholas’ Church, Paradise, The Rev. Ann Sullivan (Linn Brownmiller)
              The Rev. Deacon David Alves (Marianne),
              The Rev. Canon W. Barton Kendrick (Sam)
              The Rev. Lloyd Metheny, Retired.

18    St. John's Church, Petaluma, The Rev. Daniel Green
             The Rev. Harry Allagree, Retired
             *Mr. Mack Olson
             Mrs. William (Judith) George, widow
      Church of Our Saviour, Placerville, The Rev. Craig Kuehn (Suzanne)
      Christ the King, Quincy, The Rev. George Mutengu

19.   St. Clement's Church, Rancho Cordova, The Rev. Christine Leigh-Taylor (David Weber)
             The Rev. Jimi Brown Benesh (Violet)
             The Rev.Charles Rines (Amanda), Retired
             Mrs. Emerson (Saralu) Methven (widow), Mrs. Ogden (Carla) Hoffman (widow)
      St. Peter’s Church, Red Bluff, The Rev. Maryly Adair (Michael)

20.   All Saints' Church, Redding, The Rev. Jeffrey Frost (Ellen)
             The Rev. Gregg Churchill (Jo)
             The Rev. Bill Griffin
             The Rev. Charles Poole (Evelyn)
      St. Augustine's of Canterbury, Rocklin, The Rev. Dori Torrey
      Holy Family Church, Rohnert Park, The Rev. Gail Cafferata (Robert)
      River City Community Services, Mrs. Eileen Thomas

21.   St. John’s Church, Roseville, The Rev. Clifford Haggenjos (Babette)
             The Rev. Paul Hancock (Cynthia)
             The Rev. John Schively
             The Rev. Bettye Reynolds, Deacon
             The Ven. Malcolm McClenaghan, Retired (Elaine)
      All Saints' Church, Sacramento, The Revs. Michael and Betsy Monnot
             The Rev. Virginia Hummel

22.   St. Matthew's Church, Sacramento, The Rev. Lucinda Ashby (Robert McEvilly)
             The Rev. Cindy Long, Deacon (Mark)
             Mrs. Howard (Dorothy) Park, widow
             Mrs. Gordon (Lenore) Cross, widow
      Four Winds Native Ministry
      St. Paul's Church, Sacramento, The Rev. Canon Lynell Walker (Pat Park)
             The Rev. Dr. Michael Backlund
             The Rev. Eric Symons, Retired (Hallie)
             *Mr. Rik Rasmussen

23    Trinity Cathedral Church, Sacramento, The Very Rev. Brian Baker (Andrea), Dean
             The Rev. Canon Lynell Walker (Pat Park)
             The Rev. Canon Winifred Gaines (Robert)
             The Rev. Canon Grant Carey
             The Rev. Anne McKeever (Casey)
             The Rev. Canon Ernestina R. Campbell, Deacon (Brian), Retired
             The Rev. Amy Lawrence (Mary Moran)
             Mrs. Roger (Nancy) Wilkowski, widow
             The Rev. Andrea Baker (Brian)
             *Ms. Virginia McNeely
      Grace Church, St. Helena The Rev. William McIlmoyl (Sandra)

24.   The Church of the Incarnation, Santa Rosa, The Rev. Matthew Lawrence (Rose)
            The Rev. Pamela Moore, Deacon
            The Rev. Dr. Richard Swanson (Janice)

            The Rev. Jamie Knutsen, non-parochial
            *Ms. Susan Lee Vick
            Mrs. Dominic (Margaret) Sarubbi, widow, Mrs. Gordon (Natalie) Griffith, widow
            Parochial Mission, St. Andrew's, Monte Rio, The Rev. Linda Moore

      St. Stephen's Church, Sebastopol, The Rev. Christie Laborda
             The Rev. Rod McAulay (Mary), Retired
             The Rev. David Steadman, Deacon (Kathleen), Retired
             Mrs. J. Peter (Beva) Farmer, widow

25.   Trinity Church, Sonoma, The Rt. Rev. George Hunt (Barbara)
      Good Shepherd, Susanville, The Rev. Michael McCue
             The Rev. Carol Walton
      Trinity Church, Sutter Creek, The Rev. Karen Siegfriedt (Steph Sherman)
             Mrs. William (Emily) Bohn, widow

26    St. Nicholas’ Church, Tahoe City, The Rev. Jenni Liem
             Noel Porter Camp and Conference Center, Tahoe City, The Rev. Jenni Liem
             Ms. Tammie Ewers , Ms. Sarah Currer
      Holy Trinity, Ukiah, The Rev. Bill Adams (Kathy)
      Epiphany Church, Vacaville, The Rev. Stephen Leonetti (Judith)
             The Ven. Beatryce Clark, Archdeacon

27.   Ascension Church, Vallejo, The Rev. Bayani Rico (Bethsaida)
             The Rev. Richard von Grabow, Deacon (Joan)
      Valley Episcopal Ministries:
             St. Stephen’s, Colusa; St. James of Jerusalem, Yuba City
              The Rev. S. Delia Fay, The Rev. John Vafis (Patricia)
             *Mr. Rick Laughman

28.   Grace Church, Wheatland, The Rev. Paul Hancock (Cynthia)
      St. Francis’ in the Redwoods, Willits, The Rev. Betsy Bruneau (William)
             The Rev. Deacon Phina Borgeson
             The Rev. Mary Fisher, Retired
             *Dr. Donnalee Hart

29.   Holy Trinity Church, Willows, The Rev. Gregg Nolta, Transitional Deacon (Vicki)
      Episcopal Community Services in the Diocese of Northern California ,
            Ms. Susan Swift
            The Rev. Will McClain (Sally) The Rev. John Bingham (Barbara)

30.   St. Luke's Church, Woodland, The Rev. Wendy Watson
             The Rev. Frank Chacon, Deacon (Susan)
             Mrs. James Brice (Dixiana) Clark, widow

The Diocesan Staff: The Rev . Canon Britt Olson (Bryon), Rick Harrison Smith (Betty), Canon Bobbi
Yeo (David), Jenifer Campo, Monica Romano, Keri Lopez (Jason), Thea Mangels, Stephanie Moulton,
Cassie Bangerter (Riley)


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