LD 28 DUI SFST Instructions 2009

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                                              POSITIONING THE SUBJECT
Stand facing me with your feet together and with your arms down to your sides; heels and toes together.
I am going to check your sobriety.
It is very important that you listen to, and follow, my instructions exactly as I give them to you.
Part of your evaluation is your ability to follow my instructions.
When I am done I will ask you if you understand.
If you say you understand, I will tell you to begin and only then do you start.
Do you understand?

                                            GAZE NYSTAGMUS
I am going to look at your eyes.
Keep your head still and follow this with your eyes. (Show stimulus)

                                                   ONE LEG STAND
Stand with your heels & toes together and with your arms down to your sides, like this. (Demonstrate for the subject).
When I tell you to, raise one foot off the ground and hold it that way for 30 seconds.
You’ll know when 30 seconds is up because I am going to time it.
You’ll do it just like this. (Assume the position and demonstrate).
Raise one foot with the heel 6 inches off the ground, keep your hands down to your sides, look at your foot, and
at the same time count out loud: 1001 1002 1003 etc… (They do NOT count to 30; they count for 30 seconds)
If, for some reason you lose your balance or put your foot down, just pick it back up and continue with the count.
Do not stop; do not start over; do not stop until I tell you to stop.
You may raise either your left foot or your right foot.
Do you understand?
                                                    WALK & TURN
Put your left foot on this line and put your right foot in front of it like this. (Demonstrate the heel to toe position)
Stand like that with your arms down to your sides. (Demonstrate for the subject after he assumes this position)
When I tell you to, but not before, take 9 heel to toe steps down this line.
The heel of your front foot is to touch the toe of your back foot.
When you reach the 9th step, whichever foot is out front, leave it on the line and turn around, taking small steps.
[The subject should always turn counterclockwise (to the left)]
Then, take 9 steps back along the line, touching heel to toe.
(Demonstrate by walking partway down, turning, and walking partway back)
Keep your hands down to your sides; watch your feet at all times; and count your steps out loud.
Do you understand?
                                          STANDING / ALPHABET / COUNT
Stand with your heels together and with your arms down to your sides. (Demonstrate for the subject)
When I tell you to, tilt your head back and look up at the sky, then shut your eyes.
Hold that position for 30 seconds.
Estimate 30 seconds any way other than by counting out loud.
When 30 seconds are up to you, open your eyes, look forward, and say the word “Stop”.
Do you understand?
Tilt your head back. Close your eyes. Begin.

Do not move from the standing position, but look forward.
Recite the alphabet from A to Z.
Start at A and stop when you say Z.
Do not sing or rhyme the alphabet; pronounce each letter clearly and distinctly.
Do you understand?

Do not move from the standing position.
Count backwards from 75 to 55.
Start at 75 and stop when you say 55.
Do you understand?
                                                                                Mark Hodges
                                                                                Police Academy SFST Instructor
                                                                                SDPD-Traffic 09/2009

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