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									Contact Us
Berkshire Community Dental Service HQ
                                                                                                        Berkshire Community Dental Service
St Mark’s Hospital                                                                                      Delivering safe, high quality care to clients with special needs
St Mark’s Road                                                                                          within Berkshire
Tel: 01753 638660
Fax: 01753 638661

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
2nd, 3rd and 4th Floors
Fitzwilliam House
Skimped Hill Lane
RG12 1BQ

Commissioned by NHS Berkshire East, King Edward VII Hospital, St Leonard’s Road, Windsor, SL4 3DP
and NHS Berkshire West, 57 - 59 Bath Road, Reading, RG30 2BA.

The Community Health Services of Berkshire East and Berkshire West are part of Berkshire Healthcare
NHS Foundation Trust as of 8 April 2011.

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is committed to the eight principles of the Data Protection
Act 1998. We have implemented technology and security policies, rules and measures to protect
the personal data that we have under our control from: unauthorised access, improper use,
alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction. For further information please contact the Data
Protection Officer, 2nd/3rd Floor, Fitzwilliam House, Skimped Hill Lane, Bracknell, RG12 1LD.

Ref no. L0107/V1   April 2011
                                        If we feel that you should be           Data protection and                    Zero tolerance policy
                                        treated by a general dentist, we’ll     confidentiality                        We may refuse to treat patients
                                        help you find one. This may
                                                                                Your dental records will remain        who are violent or abusive, or fail
                                        happen when we first see you or
                                                                                confidential and secure. However       to pay their bills. If this happens
                                        later after you have received care
                                                                                from time to time we may need to       we will write to you and tell you
                                        from us.
                                                                                release these to the Primary Care      why we can no longer treat you.
                                                                                Trust, or the NHS Business Services
                                        How can I be seen by the                Authority to measure the quality       Oral health advice
                                        CDS?                                    of our service.
                                                                                                                       The Oral Health Promotion team is
What does Berkshire                     You may be referred to us by your       Your rights and responsibilities       able to offer education and advice
Community Dental Service do?            own GP, dentist, health visitor or                                             in either a group or individual
                                        other healthcare / social care          You are entitled to:
Berkshire Community Dental Service                                                                                     situation to:
(CDS) provides dental care for          professional. Alternatively you can     • Be treated with dignity and care
                                        contact the service directly.                                                  • Health professionals and carers
people who have special needs                                                     by all our staff
and are unable to receive treatment     What happens when I am                                                         • Pre-schools and schools
                                                                                • A full explanation of your
in general dental practice. This is a   referred?                                 treatment options                    • Care, residential and nursing
referral service and treatment is                                                                                        homes.
by appointment only.                    When a referral is received by the      • Information about NHS charges
                                        CDS we will check if you are eligible     displayed in the waiting room        For more information please contact
                                        for dental care from us. Everyone                                              the team on 01753 638466 and
Who is the service for?                                                         • Make a complaint if you are not
                                        is assessed on an individual basis.                                            leave your details on the answer
Referrals are accepted for:                                                       happy with your treatment and
                                        You will then be sent either an                                                phone. You will be contacted as
• People with special needs             appointment for a consultation at                                              soon as possible.
                                        the nearest clinic or a letter          You are responsible for:
• People with mental health             explaining why we are unable to                                                Compliments and complaints
  problems                                                                      • Giving us at least 24 hours notice
                                        see you. If you are unhappy with                                               about our service
                                                                                  if you have to cancel or change
• Housebound people                     this decision please contact
                                                                                  an appointment                       If you would like to comment
                                        Berkshire CDS HQ on 01753
• People with complex medical                                                   • Informing our staff of any           about any aspect of our service
  problems or histories                                                           change of address or other details   please contact Berkshire CDS HQ
                                        Can I request a particular                                                     on: 01753 638660.
• Children with extensive untreated                                             • Following your dentist’s advice
  tooth decay                           dentist?                                  to prevent tooth decay and gum       Alternatively you can contact
                                                                                  disease                              Customer Care confidentially,
• Anxious or uncooperative children     You will usually be offered the
                                                                                                                       9.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.
                                        first available appointment at          • Providing proof at each
• Children referred for specific
                                        your nearest clinic. However you          appointment if you are entitled      NHS Berkshire East Customer Care
                                        may request a particular dentist by       to free NHS dental treatment or      Upton Hospital
The CDS is intended to complement,      phone or in writing although              help with the cost of it             Albert Street
but not duplicate, those services       there may be a longer wait for an                                              Slough
provided by local General Dental        appointment.                            • Treating our staff with courtesy     SL1 2BJ
Practitioners. We will not normally                                               and respect.                         Tel: 01753 635615
treat patients who can be treated                                                                                      Text: 07833 401255
by a general dentist.                                                                                                  E:
We are able to offer the                  Is emergency treatment                  What does the treatment                Cancellations
following services:                       available?                              cost?                                  If you are unable to keep your
Sedation                                  If you have an urgent dental            We offer the full range of NHS         appointment please let us know
Some clinics have facilities for          problem we will offer you an            treatments. Normal NHS dental          as soon as possible so that we can
inhalation sedation. We are unable        appointment for emergency               charges apply unless you are           give the appointment to
to offer intravenous sedation at          treatment at one of our clinics         eligible for free or help towards      someone else. Missed
any clinic.                               within 24 hours on weekdays if:         the cost of treatment. You must        appointments waste NHS time
                                                                                  provide proof of exemption at          and money.
                                          • You have been referred and are
Hoist                                                                             your appointments.
                                            currently receiving treatment at
Some clinics have hoists to enable
                                            a CDS clinic                                                                 What will happen when my
a patient to be transferred to the                                                Current charges can be found on
                                                                                                                         course of treatment is
dental chair.                             • You are a patient who, due to or contact Berkshire
                                            special needs , is always seen by     CDS HQ on 01753 638660. To find
Domiciliary care                            the CDS.                              out if you are exempt you may
                                                                                                                         At the end of each course of
We are, in certain circumstances,                                                 need to complete an HC1 form.
                                          Emergency treatment means                                                      treatment your dentist will assess
able to offer assessment and limited      treatment that the dentist considers                                           whether you are still eligible for
treatment in the home setting.            necessary to relieve severe pain or     What should I do if I need an          care in the Community Dental
                                          prevent your oral condition             interpreter?                           Service. If not, you will be
Hospital                                  deteriorating before you can                                                   referred back to your own dentist
It may be necessary for children                                                  If you need a language or sign
                                          make a normal appointment.              language interpreter this can be       or given help to find a dentist if
who need multiple extractions or                                                                                         you do not have one. The dentist
have severe dental infection to           Not all clinics are open every day      arranged for you. Contact the
                                                                                  Dental Clinic and let them know        will discuss with you when you
have the treatment under general          so, if you ring your usual clinic and
                                                                                  what you need.                         will need to see a dentist again.
anaesthetic in hospital. The child        there is no reply, please contact
will be seen for an initial asessment     Berkshire CDS HQ on 01753 638660                                               NHS dentists now follow
at one of our clinics to see if this is   who will be able to make an             What will happen on my                 guidelines issued by the National
the most suitable way to do the           appointment for you. However            first visit?                           Institute for Health and Clinical
extractions. We are unable to do          this may not be at your nearest                                                Excellence (NICE). This means you
                                          clinic or with your own dentist.        Normally, only a dental check-up       will attend as often as is needed
orthodontic extractions under
                                                                                  will take place on your first visit.   to keep your teeth and gums
general anaesthetic .                     For details of the nearest emergency    This may include some questions        healthy and may no longer need
In certain circumstances, we are          dentist outside normal working          about your medical health and          a check-up every six months.
able to provide a limited range of        hours, please contact:                  your dental history. X-rays may
treatment, including fillings and         Berkshire East Out of Hours Service     also be taken. The dentist will tell
extractions, under general                on 0118 9365390                         you if you need any treatment,
anaesthetic for                                                                   explain what the treatment options
patients with                             Berkshire West Out of Hours Service
                                                                                  are and the cost involved. You can
special needs who                         on 0845 6020701
                                                                                  then make a decision about the
are unable to                             NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or              treatment after discussion with
cooperate for                                       the dentist.
treatment in the
dental surgery.                                                                   Further appointments will be
                                                                                  made to carry out the treatment.
Where is the service provided?                                                                                    Polly Muir LDS BDS
Clinics                                                                                                           Dental Officer
Our teams work from clinics in         Newbury & Thatcham                                                         Jane Helen Pailthorpe BDS
Berkshire including Slough,            Community Dental Clinic                                                    DDPH MSc
Maidenhead, Bracknell, Reading         West Berkshire Community Hospital                                          Senior Dental Officer
and Newbury. Most clinics are          Benham Hill                                                                Specialist in Special Care Dentistry
open 9am – 12.30pm and 1.30pm          London Road
– 5pm but please note that not all     Thatcham, RG18 3AS.                                                        Alison Rouse BDS
clinics are open every day. There is   Telephone: 01635 273428                                                    Dental Officer
disabled access at all clinics.        Slough & Langley
                                       Community Dental Clinic                                                    Ian Royle BDS DDPH
To enquire about your nearest                                              Community Dental Service
                                       Langley Health Centre                                                      Senior Dental Officer
clinic and for general enquiries                                           Dentists
please contact:                        Common Road                                                                Sally Sewell-Alger BDS
                                       Langley, SL3 8LE.                   Kuna Aiyyasamy BDS                     Dental Officer
Berkshire CDS HQ
                                       Telephone: 01753 484341             Senior Dental Officer
St Mark’s Hospital                                                                                                Lisa Taylor BDS MPhil DDPH MSc
St Mark’s Road                         Reading - Southcote                 Elizabeth Bate BDS                     Dental Officer
Maidenhead                             Community Dental Clinic             Dental Officer                         Specialist in Special Care Dentistry
SL6 6DU                                Southcote Health Clinic
Tel: 01753 638660                      Coronation Square                   Frederick Philip Beavers BChD
                                       Reading, RG30 3QP.                  LDS MGDS MSc                           Community Dental Service
Fax: 01753 638661
                                       Telephone: 0118 9507021             Senior Dental Officer                  Therapists
                                       Reading - Tilehurst                 Specialist in Special Care Dentistry   Gillian Mather LHMC BSc
Bracknell                              Community Dental Clinic             & Prosthodontics
                                                                                                                  Jane Lewis
Community Dental Clinic                Health Clinic                       Saadia Butt BDS                        C of M Dental Auxiliary Cert
Skimped Hill Health Centre             Corwen Road                         Dental Officer
Skimped Hill Lane                      Reading, RG30 4SH.                                                         Dental therapists carry out routine
Bracknell, RG12 1LH.                   Telephone: 0118 9422250             Tamsin Devon-Lowe BDS                  dental treatment under the
Telephone: 01344 458115                                                    Senior Dental Officer
                                       Reading - Whitley                                                          direction of a dentist. They may
Henley                                 Community Dental Clinic             Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry     also offer oral hygiene advice to
Community Dental Clinic                Health & Social Services Centre     Rohini Ghosh BDS                       patients with disabilities and assist
Townlands Hospital, York Road          268 Northumberland Avenue           Dental Officer                         in providing oral care plans for
Henley, RG9 2DR.                       Reading, RG2 7PJ.                                                          these patients and their carers.
Telephone: 01491 637422                Telephone: 0118 9207529             Angela Green BDS
Maidenhead                             Wokingham                           Dental Officer
Community Dental Clinic                Community Dental Clinic             Pamela Heavyside BDS
St Mark's Hospital                     Wokingham Hospital                  Dental Officer
St Mark's Road                         41 Barkham Road
Maidenhead, SL6 6DU.                   Wokingham, RG41 2RE.                Andrew McCagie BDS
Telephone: 01753 638464                Telephone: 0118 9785106             Dental Officer

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