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Veteran Hockey Players Meet in Hospital Benefit Saturday
     by Jonathan Weaver               up of several Pittsburgh-area          right wing for the Belmont         Holdcroft, remembered those
   It may not be televised or         high schools that play at the          Boys and recalled getting into     days since he had to receive
sold-out, but county residents        Ice Connection on Route 8 -            a lot of on-ice battles with the   16 stitches in his forehead
have the opportunity to see           holds the edge in series play          All-Stars.                         and broke his hand 12 years
a rivalry hockey game this            17-15.                                     “We played against these       ago in the charity game. He
weekend.                                 Gary said neither the series        guys back in high school in        expects a full squad to travel
   The Belmont Boys and the           record nor the current three-          the mid-to-early `70’s and         into Kittanning this week-
Lakeview All Stars will meet          game losing streak affects             used to get in a lot of fights     end, with roughly 80 percent
in the 33rd Annual Children’s         the Belmont Boys or dona-              with them and became friends       of the team comprised of the
Hospital Benefit Game Satur-          tions.                                 – you get respect for people       original rivalry players.
day in Kittanning.                       “We just play because we            when you fight with them a             He expects his team to
     Complex Director Gary            like playing,” Gary said.              little bit,” Larry said. “When     be prepared after playing in
Montebell credits his father,         “Everyone contributes mon-             we first started this, it was      weekly pick-up games at the
Hugo, for organizing the              ey. We take donations at the           full-contact.”                     Ice Connection.
event.                                door. We generally raise $4-               Larry won’t be playing in         “We love coming up every
      “My father and I were           600 a year.”                           the game this weekend due          year,” Holdcroft said.
talking about it at the time             Gary’s cousin, Larry Mon-           to refereeing at the Cambria          Game time is set at 6PM
and Dad was like ‘Well, why           tebell of Worthington, also            County War Memorial for the        and is expected to last an
don’t you guys do a benefit           plays mainly for the thrill            University of Pittsburgh at        hour and 15 minutes. Con-
game for Children’s Hospi-            of the game. It was decided            Johnstown Ice Cats.                cession stand foods will also
tal?’” Gary said. “When we            eight years ago that the series           Lakeview Defenseman Bob         be available.
started in the early `70’s, the       would be declared tied, when
ice wasn’t as busy because we         Larry said the series became
didn’t have as many teams, so         more lopsided.
we had blocks of time if we               “We did until about five
didn’t have a public session,         years ago when they started
so from a programming and             getting younger players and
charity standpoint, that was          we kept the original guys that
brought up and we were like           played,” Larry said. “We’re
‘Hey, good idea.’                     still active on the ice, but our
    That first game was held          hockey skills have dwindled.
in 1977 against the Royal             You get these young guys out
Travelers, but later became           there that can just outright-
a yearly game between the             fly and you can’t catch them
Belmont Boys - made up of             – it’s just that simple. But,
mostly-Armstrong Arrows -             it’s for a good cause and we
and Lakeview All-Stars, who           all have fun.
knew each other as players                “At mid-50, its fun to be          The ice at Belmont Complex will be filled with veteran
played in high school or ama-         able to still skate,” Larry            hockey players from the area during the 33rd Annu-
teur programs.                        said.                                  al Childrens Hospital Benefit Game this Saturday at
   Lakeview – which is made                  Larry regularly played          6PM.

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