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									                         POSITION OPPORTUNITY INFORMATION

Company Name                         Dunkin` Donuts
                                     5 different stores in Belmar, Bradley Beach and Asbury Park
Company Address                      all within walking/bicycle distance.
Job Title                            Crew member.
Job Description                      Customer service and food preparation in a coffee shop
Gender Required                      Females 80% or more Males 20%
Expected days from
arrival before starting work         As soon as the students apply for social security
Estimated Overtime                   Sometimes, normally everybody works around 30-40 hours/week
Required Skills / Level of English
Required                             Conversational English required , customer service skills
Pay Rate Estimate                    7.25 plus tips
Expected Schedule                    Some shifts start as early as 6am
Possible 2nd Job                     As long as the second job does not interfere with the first job
Meal Discounts                       100% on selected items, some discount on new items
                                     Shirt and hat are provided at no cost.
Uniforms                             Need to bring sneakers and khaki shorts/pants. No open toe shoes.
Nearest Airport                      EWR, JFK
Nearest Bus Station                  Asbury Park Bus Terminal
Nearest Social Security Offices      Neptune, NJ
Housing Information                  Assistance will be offered
Estimated Cost                       Average cost in the area is $90-95/week
Nearest Big City                     New York, Philadelphia
How to Get to / from Job             Sometimes walking distance, if not - bicycle
                                     The students must arrive by May 20th, unless confirmed otherwise. 30-
                                     35% of the students will be allowed to arrive in June.

                                     Location 1: 1007 Main St Belmar, NJ 07719
                                     Location 2. 1601 Ocean Ave Belmar, NJ 07719
                                     Location 3. 415 Main St Bradley Beach, NJ 07720
                                     Location 4. 20 Main St Asbury Park, NJ 07712
                                     Location 5. 1401 Main St Asbury Park, NJ 07712
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