Nutritional Cheat Sheet by wuzhenguang


									       Truly Healthy Foods DO NOT have Labels
Be Creative!
 • Fruit and vegetables make delicious snacks and can be fun

Read Labels!
 • Avoid foods that contain artificial food coloring, chemical preservatives and high
   fructose corn syrup
 • Don’t be mislead by box covers that claim “natural flavors;” most still contain food
   coloring and chemicals

Less is More!
 • Aim to eat packaged foods that contain 5 or less ingredients
 • If the nutritional label is a paragraph, put it down and try another brand
 • If you are choosing food because it is cheaper, you are getting what you pay for.
   Food coloring does not enhance flavor or affect taste…it is merely a preservative that
   prolongs shelf-life without color fading, which saves food companies money at the
   expense of your health.

Be Responsible!
 • Don’t send junk food to school and sporting events
 • Just serving water instead of juice drinks can greatly reduce sugar and food
   dye consumption

Encourage teachers, coaches and event organizers to help cut
out the junk!
 • Kids are often just as happy with healthy snacks and, for an activity that is only 1-2
   hours, do not really need any snack at all.

              For sources or more information go to: - Center for Science in the Public Interest - Environmental Working Group


                                                                                            Nutritional Cheat Sheet
                                                                                            i n g r e d i e n t s                                 t o           a v o i d
                                                                                             Artificial Food Coloring • Food Dyes • Chemical Preservatives • High Fructose Corn Syrup
Ingredients in Food:                                                                              Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO)
                                                                                                    • used to keep flavor oils in soft drinks in suspension
Aluminum                                                                                            • bromate, the main ingredient of BVO, is a poison. Just two ounces of a 2% solution of
  • found to adversely affect the reproductive and nervous systems in animal studies.                 BVO can severely poison a child
    Some human studies have also suggested a potential association between aluminum                 • in adults, this additive reduces immune defenses and depletes histamine, which can
    and Alzheimer’s Disease                                                                           lead to allergic reactions
  • common commercial muffins have been found to contain 28 mg of aluminum!                         • has been linked to major organ system damage, birth defects, and growth problems,
                                                                                                      and is considered unsafe by the FDA. The FDA has not taken action regarding BVO,
Artificial Coloring                                                                                   however, thus it is still lawfully used and manufacturers are not required to list BVO
  • most are derived from coal tar and can contain up to ten parts per million of lead and            on food labels
      arsenic and still be generally recognized as safe by the FDA. Artificial colors can cause     • found in: many packaged snacks
      allergic reactions, hyperactivity and ADD in children, nerve damage and may contribute
      to visual and learning disorders                                                            Diacetyl
                                                                                                    • can cause irreversible lung damage when inhaled
                                                                                                    • found in: microwave popcorn, butter-flavored anything
    Blue #1:                                       Red #3:
    • has been shown to damage the                 • Studies have linked this dye to nerve
                                                                                                  High Fructose Corn Syrup
       chromosomes in a cell’s nucleus,              damage and to thyroid cancer
                                                                                                    • can lead to obesity, fatty livers and insulin resistance
       contributing to uncontrolled cell           • found in: baked goods, ice cream,
       mutation and division that is a               canned cherry pie filling and
                                                                                                  Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
       precursor to cancer.                          maraschino cherries
                                                                                                   • can increase food toxicity, allergy susceptibility, immune suppression, resistance to
    • found in: baked goods, candy, and                                                               antibiotics and incidence of cancer
       soft drinks                                 Red #40:
                                                                                                   • due to strong lobbying, GMO’s are not required to be stated on labels. Look for
                                                   • is a suspected carcinogen
                                                                                                      “GMO-free” items
    Blue #2:                                       • found in: soda, candy, gelatin
    • may cause brain tumors                         desserts, pastry, pet food, and
                                                                                                  MSG( aka: monosodium glutamate, free glutamate, hydrolyzed proteins, autolyzed yeast,
    • found in pet food, beverages                   sausage, white frosting, chocolate
                                                                                                  yeast extract, caseinate, and natural or artificial flavors)l
       and candy                                     syrup and strawberry milk)
                                                                                                    • large amounts of MSG fed to infant mice destroyed nerve cells in the brain
                                                                                                    • Children are 4 times more sensitive to MSG than adults. Neonatal exposure to MSG can
    Citrus Red #1:                                 Yellow #5:
                                                                                                       cause a permanent reduction in the secretion of growth hormone (leading to stunted
    • this dye fractures the chromosomes           • contributes to behavioral
                                                                                                       growth and irreversible obesity)
       in a cell’s nucleus and can lead to            disturbances in children, and can
                                                                                                    • other reactions include headaches, nausea, weakness, a burning sensation in the
       cancer                                         cause allergic reactions
                                                                                                       back of neck and forearms, wheezing, changes in heart rate and difficulty breathing
    • found: sprayed on green oranges              • found in: gelatin desserts, candy,
       to make them look ripe. (FDA has               pet food, and baked goods
                                                                                                  Nitrates and Nitrites
       proposed a ban on Citrus Red #1)                                                             • preservatives that are added to processed meat products such as bacon, corned beef,
                                                   Yellow #6:
                                                                                                       ham, hot dogs, lunch meats, and sausage. They prevent the growth of bacteria and
    Green #3:                                      • can cause tumors in the adrenal
                                                                                                       give the meat a deceptively healthful-looking pink hue
    • has been implicated as a cause of               glands and kidneys
                                                                                                    • can transform into cancer-causing agents called nitrosamines in the stomach
       bladder tumors                              • found in: beverages, sausage,
                                                                                                    • Nitrates are considered dangerous by the FDA but they have not been banned due to
    • found in: candy and beverages                   baked goods, candy, and gelatin
                                                                                                       their ability to prevent botulism
                                                                                                    • noticeable side effects include headaches, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness
Artificial Sweetners                                                                                • found in: ham, hotdogs, bacon, canned meats/fish, corned beef
  • NutraSweet (Equal/Aspartame/Spoonful), Sucralose (Splenda), Tagatose, (Naturlose),
      and Neotame                                                                                 Sodium Benzoate (can also be listed on the label as E211)
                                                                                                   • breaks down to benzene which, in the presence of vitamin C, causes damage to DNA,
  Aspartame is considered toxic and may alter brain neurochemistry.                                   a known carcinogen and appears to play a role in a variety of diseases due to it’s DNA
  • NutraSweet has also been linked to epilepsy, brain tumors, and 90 other side effects              damaging capabilities
    including dizziness, hallucinations, headaches, depression, and weight gain                    • studies have shown that sodium benzoate along with artificial food colorings can cause
  • found in: gum, sugar-free drinks, desserts and kid’s vitamins                                     children with ADHD to be more hyperactive

BHA and BHT                                                                                       Trans Fats (aka: Partially Hydrogenated Oil or Vegetable Oil)
 • block the process of oil rancidity, which occurs when oils age, are exposed to light,            • associated with heart disease, breast and colon cancer, atherosclerosis and
    or have repeated exposure to air                                                                  elevated cholesterol
 • affect sleep and appetite, and have been associated with liver and kidney damage,                • found in: fried food, restaurant food, microwave popcorn, margarine, crackers,
    baldness, behavioral problems, cancer, fetal abnormalities, and growth retardation                chips, packaged cookies and cakes

Cotton Seed Oil                                                                                   Refined Sugar (aka: dextrose, glucose, fructose, lactose, corn syrup, high fructose corn
 • derived from cotton seeds that contain naturally occurring poison Gossypol                     syrup, maple sugar, honey, maltose, diastase, sorbitol, caramel, date sugar, dextran, fruit
 • develops fungus in storage (which caused allergic reaction in 20% of US and                    juice, fruit juice concentrate, ethyl maltol, maltodextrin, sorghum syrup)
     has shown to decrease sperm viability in men), and is heavily sprayed with                     • high consumption of sugar can cause weight gain, bloating, fatigue, arthritis,
     mercury-based fungicide                                                                            migraines, lowered immune function, gallstones, obesity, breast cancer, gum disease
 • used as cheap oil in french fries and packaged food                                                  and cavities, and cardiovascular disease
                                                                                                    • can also disrupt absorption of many required nutrients in the body, leading to
                                                                                                        osteoporosis, depression, PMS and increased stress

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