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'My Heart Alone' - Sony BMG

Billed as "operetta's dream couple" on their 2007 German tour, the two Ks offer a programme of solos and duets
ranging from "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz", of Tauber fame, to two delectable rarities from Suppé's Boccaccio. Simon
Keenlyside, in glorious voice, is by turns dulcet and virile.
Richard Wigmore, The Daily Telegraph, August 2, 2008

Recently partnered in Pelléas et Mélisande, Austrian mezzo Kirchschlager and British baritone Keenlyside are two
of opera's hottest properties. Here, in the tradition of such greats as Schwarzkopf, Wunderlich and Herman Prey,
they team up for an adventure in the tuneful world of operetta, as symbolised by the delightful title track from
Lehar's 'The Land of Smiles'. There's more Lehar, of course, alongside lush lollipops from Kalman, Millöcker,
Strauss and Suppé.
Anthony Holden, The Observer, 20 July 2008

'Tales of Opera' - Sony BMG

Patrick O'connor posed the question "Is there anthing Simon Keenlyside can't do?" when reviewing this superlative
album. It's a fair point. Keenlyside built his reputation as a singer of Lieder and Mozart operas, and was seemingly
being groomed in the Thomas Allen mould. And that kind of voice-type is simply not supposed to be able to handle
Bellini, Verdi, Leoncavallo - or at least, not as well. Yet here, Keenlyside reminds us all that as a vocal actor he has
no peer. The way he finds new bite and darkness to beef up for the Pagliacci prologue or "Eri tu" from Verdi's Un
ballo in maschera is almost as impressive as the way he uses each short aria to suggest an entire, and unique,
Gramophone Awards 2007 Volume 85

Classical CD of the Week: Few, if any, contemporary baritones could match Simon Keenlyside's versatility and
panache in this, his belated CD opera recital debut...he ranges effortless from the virile exuberance of Rossini's
Figaro to the migled anguish and tenderness of 'Eri tu' from 'Un ballo in maschera'. Keenlyside's characterisation is
alway vivid and true, while his aristocratic elegance of style should satisfy the most demanding
connoisseur...Singing in French, Keenlyside is equally idiomatic in 'Sois immobile' from Rossini's 'Guillaume Tell'
and the despairing bravado of Hamlet's drinking song in Ambroise Thomas's opera. In Yeletsky's love song
'(Tchaikovsky's 'The Queen of Spades'), the Russian language taps a new, darker spectrum of colours, while his
Mozart encompasses an unusually thoughtful Papageno in 'Die Zauberflöte' and the most sensuously honeyed
accounts of Don Giovanni's serenade you will hear today.
Richard Wigmore, The Telegraph, 20 January 2007

The exercise is dangerous, but the result is worthy of the highest acclamation.…The voice is “one and undivisable”,
the same throughout all the repertoire, brilliantly guided throughout… this is what makes a real baritone.
Diapason, 12/2006, winner of the Diapason d'OR for December

This is the first operatic recital disc of the greatest lyric baritone of our time, indeed on of the greatest of any time.
He submerges his personality in the roles he portrays, and does it with virtually unique insight and completeness.
Everything is built, however, on superb breath control and a remarkable capacity for colouring the voice, combined
with flawless legato, the principles underlying all great singing..... I have heard very few operatic recitals that could
compare with this.
Michael Tanner, BBC Music Magazine November 2006

The amazing Simon Keenlyside embarks on a wonderful musical adventure.... He starts with a fizzing account of
Figaro's entrance from 'Il barbiere'; as he reminds us 'it's pyrotechnical difficulties can never be taken for granted'.
This and Papageno's 'Ein Mädchen' are two light-hearted moments; for the rest it is a question of balancing moods

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between yearning, anger and despair. On the quieter side are lovely accounts of 'Vision fugitive' from Massenet's
'Hérodiade' and Wolfram's song to the evening star from Tannhäuser.
Patrick O'Connor, Gramophone November 2006 (Disc of the Month - Editor's Choice)

Keenlyside's biggest gift is for telling a story and creating a character. his King Herod smoulders with passion for the
teenage Salome in the Massenet and his William Tell is noble and stirring in 'Sois Immobile', a Rossini aria that
couldn't be more different from the Barber's Largo al Factotum, which Keenlyside expertly dispatches with unusual
virility and bravado...Yet it's the Mozart that takes us straight to the heart of Keenlsyide's skill. On one side, the
seductive Don Giovanni, suave and silky in his Act II serenade, and on the other, Keenlyside's greatest creation,
Papageno from 'The Magic Flute' - a funny man, yes, but also a real one.
Neil Fisher, The Times 'The Knowledge' October 7 -13 2006

CD Review - Mozart, 'Le Nozze di Figaro' - Harmonia, Mundi

Of the cast, Keenlyside’s Count is most interesting: properly threatening and pleasingly unpredictable.
Anna Picard, The Independent on Sunday, 28 March, 2004

Simon Keenlyside’s genuinely scary but suave when the occasion demands
Andrew Clements, The Guardian, 2 April 2004

Simon Keenlyside’s Count - truly formidable, yet capable of honeyed suavity - is as charismatic as any on disc.
Richard Wigmore, The Telegraph, 24 April 2004

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